Bringing Back the True Meaning of the Holidays and the New Year

Bringing Back the True Meaning of the Holidays and the New Year

The problem
Horrendous news events day after day. Anger and fear abound. People are worried about the future concerned that we are more divided than ever.

What do we do about it?
It is time to focus on helping others in small ways.

Small Acts of Generosity Can Have a Huge Impact

Each of us is encouraged to become our own Elijah by simply doing something nice for someone else. Elijah is a Biblical prophet who appears throughout history to spread light in the midst of darkness. He is the person who comes into your life and makes your day!

A seemingly minor act of generosity can change a life. Every person can be an Elijah...Not to get anything out of it. Not for recognition (although that may come), but just because it will make them (and you) feel good.

Simple Ideas To Help Someone In Need

Here are ideas you can use anytime, anywhere to become an Elijah to someone in need:

1. If someone runs out of money at the grocery store in front of you, pay the difference. Better still, just buy all their groceries.

2. Give the clerk at the coffee stand an extra ten bucks and say they should pay for the next person. In fact, give them a twenty and say for the next four people!

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3. At a restaurant, ask the waiter or waitress to give you the bill of one of the other patrons and then pay for them without letting them know it was you.

4. Pay the bridge toll of the person behind you.

5. Instead of ignoring the panhandler on the corner, give them 5 bucks.

6. Go through your home and put together a package of clothes, phones, tools, appliances, and furniture you don’t need or want any more, and drop it off at the Salvation Army or another bona-fide charity organization.

7. Got a collection of old cars on your property? Donate a car to NPR.

8. Call up your rabbi or pastor and offer to buy or sponsor toys and dinners for needy families.

9. Go to the local woman’s or children’s shelter and donate money to help needy families improve their holidays.

10. Make a donation to a local community organization that works with the poor.

11. Give some money to a local school, church, synagogue or club and ask that it be used to help the needy.

Small gestures are not insignificant. Sometimes even the smallest gestures are the most impactful, so don't underestimate the power of these deeds to transform our entire world and make it a better place for everyone.

©2018 by Rabbi Daniel Cohen. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted from the author's blog, with permission.

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