Living in the Flow of Grace: Seashells in the Desert

Living in the Flow of Grace: Seashells in the Desert

I am astonished and delighted at how the universe works. I am learning more and more about how to live in what I call “The Flow of Grace.” For me, this is learning to allow, rather than push; to accept and receive, rather than hold myself closed out of fear; to expand, rather than contract; and to remain open to the miracles that surround me, every moment of every day.

I had an incredible example of this that I want to share with you.

I have a deep and profound relationship with the cetaceans, and a particular love for the Atlantic Humpback Whales. The first time I was with the whales “in person” was in Iceland, in 2006, and I heard them say, as clearly as if it had been unfurled on a banner in the sky, “Welcome home…welcome to the family.”

For three years in a row after that, I had the great privilege of being able to join the whales in their ocean home in the Caribbean, in the Silver Bank Sanctuary for Marine Mammals of the Dominican Republic. This is the winter calving and breeding grounds for the Atlantic Humpbacks, their annual migration destination. It is one of the few places in the world where it is legal for people to join wild whales in the water, under strict regulation. Being in the water with these incredible beings is an experience that is completely indescribable in human language. It is life-changing at the deepest levels.

When I was last with the whales in 2009, they said to me, “You are done for now…you don’t need to come back. Go into the world, and BE OUR VOICE. If we want you to come back, we will call you.”

And so that is what I have done. I’ve been translating communications from the whales, speaking for them whenever I am called (you can read some of those communications in the Cetaceans category of my Blog), and staying in close, daily telepathic connection with them. They guide my work, they guide my life, and there is a particular Mama Humpback who gave her name to me as “Kaiya” who has been a particularly close friend and teacher.

Evolutionary Leaders, Teachers, and Guides

The whales are our evolutionary leaders, our teachers, our guides. They have chosen to remain here on this earth for many reasons, including assisting humans by the transmission of their huge, benevolent wisdom and love. The whales are the record-keepers of the planet….they maintain the balance in midst of chaos…and they open their great hearts to us so willingly if we simply ask and are willing to receive their gifts. The whales’ love rearranges the structure of our bodies and accelerates the evolution of our souls.

Staying in full telepathic connection with the whales makes me feel that I am with them all the time. So, to be honest, I haven’t thought too much about going back to the D.R. When my friend and colleague told me that she was getting a group together to go in March 2013, I said, “sounds great, but I haven’t been called.”

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Until that week. The whales called me–so clearly and loudly and insistently that it shot me straight up out of a deep sleep. Their call is unmistakable. I don’t say no when the whales call me. I know that I need to be there next season.

However, I’m still human…and sometimes I need to double check things, just to be sure that I’ve heard clearly. That Friday, I finished work and went down to the creek for a swim. As I stepped onto the desert trail that leads to the “swimming hole”–a magical fairyland of lush green and waterfalls– I looked up at the clouds and asked the whales, “Did I hear you accurately? Do I really need to physically come..? We are together all of the time…” And the answer came just as clearly and loudly, like a thunderbolt: “YES.”

So I said, “OK, I’ll be there. I trust you.” As I started to walk, I glanced down at the ground….and there, in the middle of the trail, was a SEASHELL. It took me a second to realize–and then I burst out laughing, my heart so filled with joy, and I said “OK, OK, OK, I got it, I got it!!” And the whales said, “Look again”, and nearby was a beautiful small quartz crystal cluster.

What is even more miraculous about this…is that I live in the DESERT. Yes, there was once a sea here, a few gazillion years ago. The Cetacean energy here around Sedona and the Verde Valley is very strong, and I have always known that this is one of the reasons I was sent here. It is not completely unheard-of to find a seashell here in the desert–but it’s not exactly routine, either.

I carried the shell and the crystal to the creek, and jumped in and laughed out loud again, playing with the dragonflies, fish, and great blue herons who make it their home, feeling my heart so full of gratitude for this gift, this grace.

Living in the Flow of Grace

Living in the flow of grace is remaining open and available to these kinds of miracles, this deep communication from the “unseen” worlds, and being willing to be surprised, astonished, and humbled by the Divine within and without, realizing that it is constantly present, continually available to us.

Sometimes we miss the miracles because we are so preoccupied with our mental chatter that we don’t open our eyes and look down at the trail.

Living in the flow of grace means stepping into the stream and letting it carry us, without hanging on to the branches at the side for safety and security. Sometimes we are carried over the rapids…we have no idea of what is around the next bend…but if we stay in the flow, and let Grace carry us….



…we find seashells in the desert.

This article was reprinted with permission
from Nancy's blog.

About the Author

Nancy WindheartNancy Windheart is an internationally-respected animal communicator, animal communication teacher, and Reiki Master-Teacher. Her life’s work is to create deeper harmony between species and on our planet through telepathic animal communication, and to facilitate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and growth for both people and animals through her healing services, classes, workshops, and retreats. For more info, visit

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