A Day in the Life with Your Spirit Guides

A Day in the Life with Your Spirit Guides

There’s a phrase we use a lot around our house: “Thank you to the guides.” When Bob comes home from a building project and tells me about a near miss with a power tool, my immediate response is, “Thank you to the guides.”

When our rental van is sideswiped on vacation, no one is hurt, and I remember that Spirit can turn a potential headache into a minor inconvenience: “Thank you to the guides.”

When I have a meeting scheduled but feel pinched for time and the other party texts me to reschedule: “Thank you to the guides.”

I think it’s worth mentioning again that this is how it looks and sounds for me. You may express gratitude to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, an archangel, or another divine being. Or you may feel blessed by a nameless positive energy that flows through you and gives you a heightened sense of awareness.

This energy all flows from the same Source, so no matter what it looks and feels like to you, the point is to be mindful of it daily, and to work with it intentionally.

This means sitting down, letting your breathing slow, and paying attention. There is no secret or magic to this. It begins by aligning your thoughts with love and guidance, whatever form that will take for you.

Sometimes, though, it helps to get a concrete picture. With that in mind, here are some specific ways that you can spend your day with your own guidance.

√ Before you get out of bed, acknowledge your guid­ance and give thanks for it. Reflect on the kind of day you’d like to have. Detach from anything that might induce anxiety, and ask for a day of peace and purpose.

√ Ask what you can do for the guides today.

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√ Ask them to remind you of anything you need to remember throughout the day, and to give you the words to say that will serve the highest good in any situation.

√ In the first ten minutes that you’re up, look for three beautiful things in your environment and the other people in your household. With each one, take at least twenty seconds to notice, admire, and give thanks.

√ As you get everyone up and out the door for the morning, add a few mindfulness rituals to your routine. While you’re brushing your teeth, ask your guides a question. As you’re drying your hair, ask for your fear-based thoughts to be healed. As you’re packing the kids’ lunches, give thanks once again.

√ When you get in the car, thank the guides for safe travels.

√ Sometime during your morning, spend five minutes in prayer or meditation. Ask your guides a specific question that’s on your mind.

√ Whenever you need to make a decision, ask your guides what will serve the highest good of all. When your ego resists their answer, ask for your fear-based thoughts to be healed.

√ During your lunch hour, spend five minutes noting or writing about the abundance you experience in your life. Document something different each day: an abundance of joy, creativity, fun, love, family, money, freedom, adventure, etc.

√ Whenever a challenge or something worrisome comes up, turn first to your guides and ask for their help so you can feel an immediate comfort. This will help prevent your ego from ramping up and making the situation worse out of fear.

√ All day long, notice serendipitous events and thank your guides for orchestrating your life with so much creativity and loving attention to detail.

√ Before you go to bed, look back over your day and notice or write about three things that gave you special joy or satisfaction. Thank the guides for their role in making those things possible.

√ Before you go to sleep, pose a question to your guides and ask for them to communicate with you in your dreams. If you want to wake up with an answer to a specific question, let them know.

As you can see, these kinds of communications can happen with no disruption to your routine and without any special preparation. Over time, you’ll find yourself conversing with your guides constantly through the day.

Having A Deeper Conversation

Sometimes, though, you’ll want an even deeper conversa­tion, especially if you’re wrestling with an issue in your life or you’re confused about why something is happening. At those times, I highly recommend setting aside twenty to thirty minutes and sitting quietly with a pen and paper so you can jot down key insights or record your guidance directly.

Then, simply ask questions that will get to the heart of whatever is on your mind.

√ What would help me grow right now?

√ What do I need to focus on?

√ What do I need to know in this moment?

√ What’s holding me back?

√ What do I need to let go of?

√ How can I find the love I’m looking for?

√ How can I have a more loving relationship with my partner?

√ What are my strengths as a parent? How can I be a better parent?

√ How can I talk with the people in my life so we can come to greater understanding?

√ How can I be more forgiving?

√ Who do I need to forgive?

√ Why am I having such a hard time loving myself?

√ How can I take better care of myself?

√ How can I be more compassionate?

√ How can I disagree without getting angry?

√ What am I here for?

√ What do I really want?

√ What fears are standing in my way right now?

√ Why do I make things hard?

√ How can I stop fighting myself?

Approach these conversations exactly the way you would if there were another being sitting next to you, because there is. You have no idea how rich, fulfilling, growthful, and life-changing these conversations will be — and not just for you. Your guides will celebrate this growing relationship right along with you.

As soon as you have an aha moment in these conversations — and you will — know that you’ve experienced a miracle. You’re forever changed. The shift in you has already happened.

At that point, you can bet your ego is going to march into your line of sight, stamp its foot, say Enough!, and try to distract you with a rerun of America’s Got Talent or a plate of lemon bars. But you can’t go back. You can never not know what you now know about yourself.

These regular conversations will fortify you. They’ll help you stand taller in the grandeur of your spiritual strength. They’ll allow you to pat the ego on the head, give it a pop­sicle, and send it off to play.

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Let Your Spirit Guides Speak: A Simple Guide for a Life of Purpose, Abundance, and Joy
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Let Your Spirit Guides Speak: A Simple Guide for a Life of Purpose, Abundance, and Joy by Debra Landwehr Engle.This is a clear and thoughtful introduction to building relationships with your spirit guides. It shows readers how helpful spirit guides and angels can be in everything from the simplest to the most challenging of life decisions and how easy they are to connect with, too.

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