Can Your Mind Help You Find Peace?

Can Your Mind Help You Find Peace?

We all desire peace, but most people look for it in the wrong place. We often think of the saying “peace of mind,” but we can’t rely on the mind to give us the peace that is desired from our Souls. Peace is not found in your mind. The mind begs for our attention, but there is no stability or peace if we react to every thought from the mind.

True peace is possible by connecting to your Soul. Peace is a profound emotion that acts as the stepping stone to enlightenment. Lasting peace does not dwell in the body or mind, or in our hearts. True peace comes from the connection to the Soul and divine energy.

Peace Is Not Passive

It’s not possible to just decide to be at peace; you must find and nurture it. This kind of peace takes effort. There is nothing passive about peace. It requires practice, awareness, and commitment to shepherd in the experience of real peace.

Peace is not about seeking, but about doing. Peace comes as a result of staying fully connected to your experiences, your emotions, your Soul. Peace allows you to find space within to negotiate each breath of life and decide what you will do with the energy of that breath.

There’s nothing lazy about peace. It’s hard work. It’s a supremely courageous move. You must be brave to say what you feel, stay vulnerable in your heart, and trust in the unknown while carrying your pain along for the ride.

Peace requires that you stay connected to your Soul and divine purpose. It asks you to be accountable for your feelings and not to place blame. Peace relies on a faith in the greater plan and the work of the Creator. We find encouragement in our quest for peace to put compassion, empathy, and forgiveness to work. Peace is our incentive for emotional healing.

Our spirit craves peace. Once you realize that your peace comes from a connection to your Soul, you will not be controlled by your mind. You will experience more and more peace by aligning your heart to your Soul, and you do that by processing emotions.

There is nothing neutral about peace; it’s a radical way to live. To seek this way of life is courageous and gives your life a new dimension. It’s the energy of confidence, the beauty of strength, and the glow of awakening.

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There is no path to peace. Peace is the path.

Prayer and Meditation

Your Soul has a voice, an energy, and a commitment to the greater good. Prayer and meditation are the keys to opening and maintaining a healthy relationship to your higher power and to the responsibility of the collective consciousness. When you sit in prayer, reflection, or meditation you become more in tune with the voice of your Soul, to the connection with others and to the Creator.

We pray and meditate to honor and connect with our true nature and to the Creator. It is not an act to judge ourselves or others. I hear people classify others by their spiritual works. They say things like, “She’s the best Christian I know” or, “He’s so spiritual; he meditates every day” or people qualify one’s good deeds or suggest their way of life as being better or worse than others. There’s nothing more antithetical than judging spirituality. Prayer and meditation are very personal and Soulful experiences. Only you know the path to self-love.

Faith in Divine Order

There are many things in divine order that we cannot understand or control. Faith in this divine order comes in surrendering to a Higher Power. That doesn’t mean we should be passive. To believe in divine order, one must be a participant in life and not just expect “the universe” to hand over our next job, relationship, or financial downfall. While trusting in the divine order, we accept every life experience as it comes, positive or negative. As we do this, we stay connected to something greater than ourselves.

People who view life from a mystical perspective often have greater trust in intuition or psychic abilities, and perhaps expect miracles to be part of their daily lives. Being intuitive and open to your highest spiritual wisdom should not be antithetical to any belief. This misconception is another means to block our connectivity to the divine. This is not to say that we each hold the power of God, but we do have the power to use our senses bestowed on us by the Creator. That includes spiritual wisdom.

Emotional Workout

Prayer: Challenge yourself to the humble exercise of prayer. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, allow yourself to bow down to the greater energy of creation.

There’s no secret formula to prayer. Just open your heart and share. Open your mind to listen. Speak from the deepest place of your being and trust that you are heard and loved. Sit in quiet contemplation, being aware of your thoughts and feelings, and trust that you are being divinely guided. Try to connect to the shared energy of your higher consciousness and have a dialogue from your heart. What do you need or desire? What is troubling your mind or body? Share this with gratitude and acknowledgement that your needs are being met.

Taking Responsibility for our Inner Turmoil

If we fear the gifts of guidance, we have an excuse not to heal our inner turmoil. In other words, we continue blaming the world, or God, or thanking the world, or God, for signs of relief or prosperity or good fortune. We externalize our inner experience into a higher power rather than taking responsibility for the suffering or problems in our lives.

For example, if we believe all things happen for a reason, or if we surrender our lives to God’s will, we then have a back-up system to excuse the unwanted areas of life. This prohibits us from our work of healing, self-love, and spiritual evolution.

There is a divine order to all things, but part of that divine order is providing what you need in order to fully reconnect with your Soul. God’s will is not for you to suffer. I believe God’s will asks you to process the suffering in a way that leads you closer to your divine nature.

Crown Chakra Imbalance

An imbalance in the Crown Chakra is common. When I see this in clients, it’s often because they have not maintained or found their beliefs in adulthood. For some, religious beliefs were forced on them as children, only to create resentments or distrust later in life. Some people report that they had negative experiences at church camps or they were embarrassed by their hippie parents chanting in meditation when their school friends came over. Others have never found a belief system at all, living with a vague sense of disconnection to a deep part of their Soul.

It’s important to claim and name your spiritual beliefs. Even if they are different than the views of your parents or others it’s still possible to connect in your own personal way. Perhaps there’s not an official name for what you believe, but you can give it one. If spirituality is absent from your life you will miss the opportunity to have harmony with nature, with others, and with your Soul.

Find Your Own Belief System

Do not minimize the fact that a higher power is connected to all things and it is the energy that gives guidance to your experience. I invite you to search your heart and be specific, using forgiveness, love, and intuition to declare what your spiritual truths actually are.

I am a Christian Mystic. I find great comfort in spiritual traditions and have blended several traditions to form the foundation of my beliefs. The significance of grace and the power of resurrection resonates in my heart. It assures me that I can rise from my ashes and I will be loved forever.

I practice other spiritual traditions as well. The ancient rituals of Native Americans and Shaman’s ceremony, sweat lodges, smudging, and healing help ground and connect me to earth. I incorporate these practices into my life and work daily.

Hindu traditions such as yoga, meditation, and chanting make a deep connection to my energy system, the breath of life, and the health of my body. I utilize this foundation of the energy system and wellness as a baseline in my work. Chinese medicine and Taoist philosophy provide concepts of health for daily life and the recovery of body and mind.

I read spiritual texts from mystics and philosophers from around the world. I believe there is one Source, yet various ways to call upon this higher energy to guide us. It’s important to find a belief structure that works for you. That part of your life balances the health and energy system of your whole.

Enlightenment is when a wave realizes it is the ocean.
                                                            —Thich Nhat Hanh

Connecting To Our Souls and Deeper Wisdom

When our egos and minds get carried away we begin to believe we can handle anything with thought and concentration, so we stop relying on Source. We forget to listen to our higher self or trust divine guidance. The busier we become, the more prayer and meditation take a back seat to everything else. Relying solely on the mind makes it easier to lose connection with who we really are.

When the going gets tough, we then feel lost because we are not plugged in and accessing our true resource. We’ve disconnected from our Souls and can’t hear our deeper wisdom. It’s like a broken energy circuit that sputters and spews rather than functioning properly. This disconnection can be an issue in all areas of emotional processing, but it’s a particular concern with spiritually.

Your Soul communicates with you in ways that is impossible to explain, but it is the most intimate connection you will ever have. This spiritual place is where you begin to relate, trust, rest, and receive guidance. Conscious connection to your higher power is a meditation of the mind and heart. Your Soul guides the experience that is the true path to happiness.

Accepting Our Weaknesses

Judgment is based in fear. Separateness is based in fear. Acceptance is based in love. Love liberates. As we mature and evolve we realize that the more we accept our weaknesses, the more we position ourselves for awakening.

There’s a prayer I use to remind myself of the value of my imperfections:

Help me avoid perfection. Perfection has no place on my path to happiness.

There is no better or right place to be in our spiritual evolution than where you are right now. There is nothing to judge your worth against; your value stands alone. The quest for perfection is simply an excuse to stay immobilized by fear. We know we cannot achieve perfection, so chasing the dangling carrot occupies our minds and distracts us from our real goal of healing.

Awakening is a by-product of inner peace and healing. It has nothing to do with your possessions, or lack thereof, or how many hours you meditate. You can’t earn your way to awakening or enlightenment. Spiritual awakening comes when you follow the guidance of divine wisdom.

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