How To Tell The Difference Between The Will Of Ego and The Will Of Spirit

How You Can Tell The Difference Between The Will Of Ego and The Will Of Spirit

Spirit's wisdom and compassion run much deeper than do the abilities of your ego. When Spirit notices something about your behavior that needs to evolve, it in-spires you to make a change for the better.

All changes that are being willed by life-centered Spirit—as opposed to changes being willed by your self-centered ego—are born with ease and are cultivated with grace. While you may struggle to rationalize, appreciate, or keep faithful to any change that your ego commands you to make, your willingness to embody those changes that Spirit wills you to make knows no limitations.

The Difference Between The Will Of Ego And The Will Of Spirit

How can you tell the difference between the will of your self-centered ego and the will of Spirit? You can trust your heart to validate Spirit’s call. For if the call comes from Spirit, it will not arise in the form of a judgment, threat, accusation, or out of a fear of not being good enough or of not yet having enough. It will instead arise in the form of an inspired vision of what seems possible but has not yet occurred in form.

That dream will stimulate your body to investigate its latent skills and talents. It will flood your heart with a longing to discover if the dream can be brought to life. And it will activate your mind to seek the safest, most likely pathway for success. Through this collaborative coming together of your awesome capacities for self-expression, Spirit empowers the whole of you to commit to new ways of being that—because they serve our cause—will be self-sustaining.

Know however, that a person whose ego alone has determined that something has to change will not be inspired to energize and successfully manifest their ego’s vision. In that situation, the impatient mind will venture beyond its proper role in the process of birthing change. Although it is a skilled problem-solver, a mind deprived of Spirit’s inspiration must use its problem-solving capacities to coerce the rest of the body into forcing change to satisfy the ego. The mind will therefore convert the challenge into a serious problem that must be solved.

When The Ego Is Running The Show...

I invite you to notice that because the mind first creates a problem that needs to be solved in order to coerce an uninspired body and an unawakened heart into fulfilling the ego’s narrow, self-serving desires, it will flood the body with waves of suffering. It then offers to end that suffering once the body has finally met the ego’s goal. While this may seem like a reward, in truth it is torture that only ends once the ego feels satisfied. Your ego then, has conditioned your body to believe that inner peace is a reward that the body must earn through obedience to the ego, when in truth peace is your natural state of existence.

Know too, that when your ego opts to torture your body to goad it into submissiveness, it must first disrupt your rational mind with some potent, irrational story. Thus will your ego narrate all sorts of poisonous, painful stories about reality that are designed to undermine your mind’s capacity to serve as the voice of reason.

These stories will also poison your feelings by triggering waves of fear and constricting your heart. These waves of fear then stress your body and make it feel and act sick, because the stories that your ego is telling are threatening the body with harm, or even death, should it fail to satisfy the ego’s desire. And while the suffering body will perform whatever harsh tasks the mind assigns to it, an irrational mind is unlikely to choose the most likely means for achieving the ego’s goal in a lasting way. It will instead select the fastest route it sees to try and force the desired change so that it can call an end to its own internal dissonance. Yet because the fastest method is rarely the most successful way to achieve a goal, the ego again grows dissatisfied as it witnesses the failure of its former successes. It then initiates a brand new phase of torture.

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When Spirit Calls For Change...

I therefore invite you to realize that, when Spirit calls for change, it will not shriek out dire warnings that you face a terrible problem that must be solved. Nor will Spirit threaten, berate or abuse your mind, heart, or body in order to torture them into submission. It will not seduce them either, by promising false rewards that await them once their period of enslavement to the ego has reached a conclusion.

Spirit does not concern itself with final goals or absolute solutions. Spirit’s desire is to explore the boundless creative potentials that exist in the living field, through discovering how best to Self-express as unconditional love in the present moment.

©2017 by Eileen Workman. Reprinted with permission.
Publisher: Muse Harbor Publishing

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Raindrops of Love for A Thirsty World by Eileen WorkmanA timely spiritual guide to surviving and thriving in today’s pervasive, gloomy atmosphere of alienation and fear, Raindrops of Love For a Thirsty World, lays out a path to life long self-actualization, and reconnection through a shared consciousness.

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