The End of Having A Foot In Each World: Duality and Unity

A Foot In Each World: Duality and Unity

The world truly is undergoing massive global shifts. And it’s like there are these two rooms. One is a hospice room. It’s got an old man in it. He’s a patriarch. He stands for everything noble and terrible about that word. He is in his wheezing death throes. And people are gathered ’round him, weeping and there’s a heaviness of grief and all kinds of stoic, unexpressed emotion in that room. As though a great king, sometimes tyrant, sometimes benevolent, is passing over the veil.

And next door—is another room. A birthing chamber. A baby girl is about to be born. To take up the gauntlet. To challenge us. She is everything spicy and laughs raucously at “nice.” Her sass will awaken and shake. There is an eager, celebratory bustle in this room. An anticipation of great joy.

And we are all running back and forth between these rooms, offering soothing comfort and ready to whoop with excitement. Because we each have a foot in the grave and a wing in the stars. We are mourning the end of an era even as we are more than ready to welcome a new one. And there are always cycles. Of death and rebirth. Control and freedom. And the love weaves it all.

Which room will you choose to spend more time in? Both mourners and celebrators are needed now. I know I’m just as able to throw flowers or confetti. Me? I’ve been in both rooms. I personally lean toward the confetti.

From Duality to Unity

The Duality/Scarcity Global Economy has entered its final death throes at the same time as the Unity/Prosperity Global Economy begins its labor pangs. The waters have broken. Adjustments are being made and tweaks in the consciousness to alleviate the speed with which the switch-over will happen.

Do not mourn or celebrate just yet. Simply prepare for a golden era of prosperous peace. Let the fears and wars within us and between us subside. Shed all old programs about “hard workers” or “slackers.”

This is a new time with new thought forms being anchored. It will be unlike anything you have ever known or envisioned. Not a Nirvana and not an Apocalypse. It will be beyond the scope of our capacity to understand or grasp at first. Be at rest in the knowing that it is ALL lovingly guided and will be swiftly implemented. Trust and stay present and all is and will be well.

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Death throes and labor pangs. Grief and celebration. It’s all happening simultaneously and we just keep breathing through it all.

Awake and Alive in Paradise

Wake the emerging, evolving world through your own mirror. Fall into those eyes first. Rise into this moment with all its shimmershine and shadowdim. It was never you or the world or anyone else that was ever sleeping or forgetting. It was only a dream within a dream. We are each and all walking awake and alive in paradise...all around us and within us. Now and everynow.

Hell is thinking otherwise. You are the dream and the dreamer both. You are the awakened and the awakener. You are the forgetter and the one who has never forgotten. We are the Ones we have looked to the skies and to the soil for. We have arrived. Because? We never left.

Being Best Friends with Your Divinity and Your Humanity

If I’ve learned/remembered anything about Oneness, Law of Attraction, Unity consciousness, Universal love, One Love, Christ/Buddha consciousness (all in raw purity without the distortion of generations of misinterpretation)...It’s this: When the “ME” is strong, whole, healthy and clear then the “WE” is strong, whole, healthy and clear. It’s not by eradicating the me. Or denying the me. Or dissolving it. It is in strengthening it.

The I AM is not just your higher self. It’s your multidimensionally integrated self. Which means you love your ego, too. Unconfuckingditionally. Until you can do that? “Love and light” and “Namasté” are the emptiest words there are. And you are still entangled and enslaved. In duality and separation. Nowhere near fullness or wholeness. Not even approaching true compassion.

Until your divinity and humanity are BEST FRIENDS and PASSIONATE LOVERS? You’re going to be at constant war within and reflected. So that’s where deep peace and real freedom happen. Inside. Job. Always.

Your Heart Knows the Way Home

Life isn’t meant to be consistent. It’s an unpredictable chance game. It’s a combo of free will and fate. Karma and chaos. Vibrational alchemy and total surrender.

We create our reality but we do it either unconsciously and from old, unhealed wounds or deliberately from a place of trust and presence. Sometimes we move back and forth between both extremes.

The Great Mystery is the ultimate paradox. It’s like nature with her many seasons and climates and timelines and possible outcomes. Stop trying to figure it all out or feel it all or not feel it. Just let yourself be held by the magic of your deepest knowings. And let yourself shruglean into not having to know, too. You are not a world fixer. You are a world shaper/creator. And your heart always, always, ALWAYS knows the way home.

©2016 by Courtney A. Walsh. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission of the publisher,
Findhorn Press.

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Dear Human: A Manifesto of Love, Invitation and Invocation to Humanity by Courtney A. Walsh.Dear Human: A Manifesto of Love, Invitation and Invocation to Humanity
by Courtney A. Walsh.

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Courtney A. WalshCourtney A. Walsh has been a professional writer/editor/author/inspirational speaker for fifteen years. With an extensive background in marketing, advertising, creative writing, film, cultural studies, and languages, Courtney has worked with the United States National Park Service to review, research and co-write a technical report on the origins of the Statue of Liberty. Other accomplishments include a project for MTV (Music Television) and publishing several feature op-ed articles as a contributing writer for The Portsmouth Herald. She has created a successful career as a blogger, social media figure and professional speaker.


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