How to Give and Receive Pure Unconditional Love

How to Give and Receive Pure Unconditional LovePure love is totally undemanding and accepting. It extends its energy to everything, but you only feel it when you are in the moment. Whenever you give or receive pure love the angels step in and pour their light through you.

Being In The Moment

It is said that the NOW is a gift. It is ‘the present’. When you are in the NOW you can receive pure love from people, the angels or the universe. The most perfect present!

~ Examples ~

If you are in shock after an accident and people are looking after you with compassion, their love enters all your chakras and lights you up at a cellular level. It is a very pure form of healing because the shock opens you up to accept it.

During times of total stillness and acceptance, such as when you are in meditation or watching a glorious sunset, angels, unicorns or elementals can touch you with pure love which affects the cells of your body.

If you are having fun or laughing uproariously with delight the angels or any being of the spiritual realms can touch you.

When you are in contact with the elements, air, water, fire or earth the spiritual realms can pour pure love into you more easily. This includes if you are floating in the sea or are relaxing in the sun, when you are dancing in the wind, walking barefoot in earth, staring into the flames of a fire or lying on the earth watching a bee or a flower. The realms of spirit can use these times to pour divine love into you.

Some people experience this when they are swimming with the dolphins. If you let go of your fear of the water and your concentration on swimming, so that you are just in the moment, the dolphins will bring you the pure love of the angels.

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As he was telling us this, my guide, Kumeka asked us to think of times when we had felt this connection.

Kathy had a bliss moment when she was at Durlston Head, Dorset, England. With bare feet in the long grass, she was looking over the ocean, with the sun on her back and the wind blowing in her hair. She was looking for dolphins and though she could not see them apparently they were there. At that moment the angels were touching her.

When you are with the big animals and their majestic energy, power, strength and lack of fear fill you with awe in those moments, you can receive pure love from the angels. When I was in Kenya many years ago doing a dawn walk with a guide, we passed through giraffes, elephants and other big game. I felt a marvelous sense of peace and awe and that was one such magical moment in my life when the angels touched me, though I was not aware of it at that time.

On another occasion I was visiting my son and his partner who were in New Zealand for a year. For Christmas they bought me one of the best presents of my life – a day out whale watching. We saw hundreds of whales diving around our boat; all flipping their huge tails and it was simply magical. The angels touched us.

Similarly when I sat on the sandy floor of a canyon in Thailand and held a huge tiger’s head on my lap. As I telepathically connected with the tiger and it responded to me, that was a bliss moment. So was the breath-catching moment in Hawaii when watching red molten lava stream into the ocean and another one when looking into the Grand Canyon.

These are the spaces of such wonder that we allow the veils to lift and the higher realms to connect with us. In those instants magical and miraculous things can occur.

Moments of being in the now are often instants of crisis when you are in survival mode. For example if you are driving along a country road when a deer dashes across the road right in front of you, in the seconds when you slam on the brakes you receive a download of pure love to counterbalance the fear.

Kathy was on an aerial walkway in South America up a very tall, wobbly, jungle tree (her description), when she felt a rush of vertigo. We were told that at that instant she received from the angels a surge of pure love and this helped her.

One of my daughters had meningitis at the age of ten weeks. When I picked her up from her cradle I knew she was desperately ill. I carried her on cotton wool legs downstairs to phone the doctor. The angels said that at that moment they were filling me with their love, strengthening me.

Being Selfless

Pure cosmic love is poured into you when you remove yourself from the equation and become selfless. Soldiers who dash forward to save their comrades with no thought for their own safety receive this pure love in the form of courage from the angels. Even if they die in the attempt, the angelic force is with them.

If you see an accident and rush to help the injured with no thought for your own life, the angels are pouring their energy into you. Pure angel love is the strength that enables a mother to raise a cupboard off her child that she could not normally lift. It provides a superhuman force.

Empowering others in any way is a form of pure love in which the angels assist you.

When you are selflessly helping nature you receive this love, for example if you are cleaning up a river and your only thought is for the animals and the water. If you are hurrying an injured animal to the vet with compassion, the angels come in to help you.

Those who are giving healing with their hearts open and the highest intent receive pure love, as do doctors, surgeons or nurses who work with a similar pure heart and mind focus.

When you selflessly ask that your spirit go out into the inner planes to help others while you sleep, this is an unconditional offer, which receives a response from the universe. Your spontaneous reaction to the needs of others or your attitude of caring are the energies that call in the higher forces to fill you with light.


Passion and creativity are energies of pure love when poured into art, sculptures, gardens, music or any form of vision. The angels infuse their energy into the piece of work so that people can receive the divine love.

* The KEY to receiving is being in the moment and it opens you to a flow of angelic love. When you give from the heart the angels can step in and add their energy.

* The SOUND is that of the heart beating.

* The COLOUR is aquamarine for receiving, rose pink for giving.

EXERCISE: Visualization To Give and To Receive

  1. Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.
  2. Light a candle if possible.
  3. Relax and close your eyes.
  4. Ground yourself by imagining roots going from you deep into the earth.
  5. Place Archangel Michael’s blue cloak around you.
  6. Surround yourself in rose pink love and visualize yourself giving to others from your heart.
  7. Surround yourself in aquamarine and imagine yourself receiving with gratitude from others and the universe.
  8. When you are finished, return your awareness to the room and open your eyes.

EXERCISE: To Practice Giving From The Heart

Do something selfless today, for example spend time with someone who is lonely, listen without judgment, cook a friend their favorite meal. You can do anything.

The most important part of this exercise is the openhearted way in which you do it without expectation of return.

EXERCISE: To Become Aware of The Present Moment

Practice living in the now today. In order to do this you must be constantly aware of your thoughts and feelings. Experience the feeling of every moment without thinking of the past or the future.

It is helpful to say or think to yourself, ‘At this moment I am ’

©2010 by Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell.
Reprinted with permission of the publisher,
Findhorn Press.

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The Keys to the Universe: Access the Ancient Secrets by Attuning to the Power and Wisdom of the Cosmos by Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell.The Keys to the Universe: Access the Ancient Secrets by Attuning to the Power and Wisdom of the Cosmos
by Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell.

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Diana Cooper, author of: Birthing a New CivilizationDiana Cooper is the author of more than 19 spiritual books in over 26 languages and has now started a series of children's books to empower and enchant children. Her journey started during a time of personal crisis when she received an angel visitation that changed her life. Since then the angels and her guides have taught her about the angelic realms, unicorns, fairies, Atlantis and Orbs as well as many other spiritual subjects. She teaches seminars worldwide and is the Principal of The Diana Cooper School, a not for profit organisation which offers certificated spiritual teaching courses throughout the world. You can check Diana's diary at

Kathy CrosswellKathy Crosswell is a Reiki master, medium, and astro-psychologist who runs spiritual workshops. She is the co-author of these books: Ascension Through Orbs, Enlightenment Through Orbs, and Keys to the Universe.


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