Writing A Letter To Your Guardian Angel

Writing A Letter To Your Guardian Angel

The angels can channel greater amounts of information and inspiration to you through the process of light channeling. To be able to channel information from the angels in this way you will first need to shift your awareness into an altered state of consciousness also known as the alpha state. This is a very light form of trance and is equivalent to a meditative state or a daydreaming feeling.

Channeled information can flow through your mind very quickly and so one of the best ways to gain full advantage of what you receive is to write it down as it flows to you. The following exercise will help you to lightly channel information in this way from your very own guardian angel in the form of an angel letter.

Writing A Letter To Your Guardian Angel

An angel letter is a powerful technique that enables you to receive higher spiritual guidance, and even though it is you who is writing the letter and its reply, it is your guardian angel who will be gently influencing your thoughts during the reply.

Writing a letter to your guardian angel will certainly help you to strengthen your communication with each other. The actual process of writing the letter will allow your intuitive mind the space to clearly receive angelic guidance without any interference from your rational mind. This is because your conscious awareness is cleverly diverted by being focused on the physical act of writing, which then enables your intuitive mind to easily receive the spiritual guidance. You basically help yourself to get out of your own way so that your guardian angel can reach you.

When it is time to write the reply you will hear a steady flow of thoughts quickly streaming into your mind, and you will need to write them down without stopping its flow or without analyzing any of the information you receive. This is not the same technique as automatic writing when a spiritual source takes control and direction of the pen. You are in control at all times.

To begin this exercise you first need to decide what it is that you would like to ask your guardian angel. Maybe you want to ask for guidance about a current issue you are having difficulty with. Once you have decided, you can begin to prepare your energy vibration ready to start the exercise. You will need a pen and paper.

Dear Guardian Angel...

  • Use the white light of protection exercise. [SEE THE END OF THIS ARTICLE FOR THIS EXERCISE.]

  • Close your eyes. When you breathe in, imagine your aura expanding, and when you breathe out, allow any stress you have within you to leave. Do this a few times and stay in a relaxed meditative state for about five minutes to help you sensitize your energy vibration, which will place your brain waves in an alpha state.

  • Send a strong mental intention to your guardian angel that you are going to write your guardian angel a letter. When you feel comfortable and ready, simply open your eyes and take hold of your pen and paper.

  • Start by writing the words Dear guardian angel, and then continue to write exactly what it is that you want to say to your guardian angel. Be specific and give as much detail as you can. Write in the same way as you would to your close friend. During this time you may also want to ask your guardian angel to give you its name.
  • Once you have finished the letter, sign it with your name, and then turn the page over to begin your reply.

  • Write down your own name as the reply heading: Dear… Your guardian angel is ready to answer you, and the moment you start writing your reply you will receive a steady flow of thoughts into your mind. Do not stop; keep writing until you feel you need to end the letter. Let’s begin!

  • Now imagine that your guardian angel is answering your letter. Do not worry that you could be making it all up as this will only serve to block the flow. Just focus on the act of writing, and write down what you spiritually hear. Do not try to make sense of what your angel is saying until you have finished the letter or again you will block the natural flow.

  • Once you have finished your letter, sign it from your guardian angel. Now read back what you have written. You will be amazed and surprised at the level of insight, wisdom, and inspiration that you have written on behalf of your very own guardian angel.

  • Thank your guardian angel for guidance. Have a drink of water or a light snack to help ground your energy.

Exercise: Divine White Light of Protection

The following exercise is short but very powerful, and it will help you to protect your energy. It offers you three easy ways to activate spiritual protection from a higher power. You can use the one you are most drawn to or use all three. Do this protection exercise daily, but always use it before you do any kind of energy work.

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  • Visualize an energy bubble of vibrant white light or gold light surrounding your entire body and aura and affirm that “Divine light protects me.”

  • Ask God for the white light of the Holy Spirit to surround and protect you from all forms of negative energy and affirm that “Divine light protects me.”

  • Ask your guardian angel to please watch over you and keep you safe from all harm and affirm that “Divine light protects me.”

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The Power of Angels: Discover how to connect, communicate and heal with the angels by Joanne Brocas.The Power of Angels: Discover How to Connect, Communicate, and Heal With the Angels
by Joanne Brocas.

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Joanne Brocas, author of: The Power of AngelsJoanne Brocas is a professionally trained medium, angel expert, intuitive healer, Reiki Master/teacher, and best-selling author with more than two decades of experience in afterlife communication and healing. During her childhood, Joanne communicated with her guardian angel and has maintained a very strong, clear connection with the spirit world and angelic realm throughout her life. Joanne is the founder of Chakra Medicine School of Energy Healing and Intuitive Development, helping to teach others how to develop their intuitive awareness, connect with the angels, and ignite their own healing power. Born in South Wales, Joanne now lives in Orlando, Florida, with her husband and teaches board approved healing programs and workshops nationally. Her website is www.chakramedicine.com.

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