Stars, Atoms, and Men: Recognize Your Importance

Stars, Atoms, and Men: Recognize Your Importance

It was one of the Greek philosophers who first said everything was made of atoms. Now we say atoms are made of positive and negative charges of electricity — pure energy. No one has seen them, but out of that which we do not see emerges that which we do see. The biggest thing in the universe is just made up out of the littlest things.

You and I right now are living in a universe where the only difference between a star and an atom is in the concept of the man who perceives them. So far as creation is concerned, mankind alone knows a star and an atom; and wouldn’t it be strange if we came to see that we alone know heaven and hell, abundance and impoverishment, health and sickness, good and bad?

Transcendent and Triumphant

I think Shakespeare understood it when he said: “To thine own self be true, and it must follow as the night the day thou canst not then be false to any man.' Shakespeare did not say “thou wilt not'; he said “thou canst not then be false to any man.' And Browning, speaking of the soul, said: “What entered into thee was, is, and shall be.' In other words, these great thinkers have tried to tell us that we are not separate from God.

There is already Something within us which is transcendent and triumphant, not only eternal in the duration of time, but omnipresent in the time in which we live. They did not say, “Man, you are put on earth to save your soul' — not the great ones, only the lesser ones said this. They were the ones who had psychological complexes and psychological frustrations that produced a sense of guilt, which they projected into other people and the universe in order to get a release from their own conflict and anguish.

Modern Physics is Almost Metaphysics

The great ones were the ones who saw and knew. The interesting thing is that modern science is substantiating their declarations. Modern physics is almost metaphysics. One of the leading authorities in science said the new interpretation of physics makes it look as though everything in the universe is like a shadow cast by an invisible substance. And so atoms, the infinitesimal — the little things we don’t see — are there all right; but the meaning they have to us as individuals is the meaning we give to them! What is our own vision? What is our own thought?

These men have said that the Universe is in equal balance, so that to each one of us, because each one of us is an incarnation of God, the Universe reveals as much of Itself as we can come to see. This is one of the greatest things in our philosophy.

Daring to Face Things As They Are

All the art and science of the human mind cannot deter its own evolution. Let us not be afraid, let’s dare to face things as they are, and not shun the Reality which some day, sooner or later, we will have to face, for we will never be saved from the stupidity of our own ignorance until we do. We are slaves, bound by the chains of our own littleness. We are infinite beings restricting ourselves to the finite sense of things.

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Is there more life in an elephant than there is in a flea because the elephant is bigger? I don’t think so at all. And we have to come to realize the atoms and the stars — the infinitesimal, the little — and that which seems to be of great magnitude — the big — are but different expressions of the One that is neither little nor big, and that each one of us must exist here for the expression of the eternal Creator — Mind, God.

The Power of the Infinite Flows Through Us

Our ignorance creates our limitation of the Infinite’s flow in us. Why else would Jesus say it is done unto us as we believe? Psychosomatic medicine is proving in its field that the very power that makes us sick can heal us. But we view ourselves so finitely, so isolated, so separated, we do not seem to know that the Power of the Infinite flows through that which is big and little, that the creative imagination of the Infinite is over all, in all, and through all, and that energy and mass, or the invisible and visible, have equality and are interchangeable.

The bigness or littleness, the goodness or badness of our experience is equal to the invisible pattern we have created for it through the process of our own thought. They are the same thing.

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Discover a Richer Life
by Ernest Holmes.

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