Where Do We Go Between Births?

Where Do We Go Between Births?
Where do we go between births? One can look at this a different way and see birth as a death—a dying to the world of light, a suppression of those memories. Which is our true home? Which is the real going out: our visits to earth or our visits to the world of light?

Disillusionment: The Best Thing That Can Happen To You

Disillusionment: The Best Thing That Can Happen To You
The outside world, as constructed by the ego, is one gigantic multiple personality disorder. Therefore, disillusionment, or giving up on the world, is an imperative prelude to mystical awareness. American author Dan Millman, in his book Way of the Peaceful Warrior, says that disillusionment is the best thing that can happen to someone...

A Day in the Life with Your Spirit Guides

A Day in the Life with Your Spirit GuidesApproach these conversations exactly the way you would if there were another being sitting next to you, because there is. You have no idea how rich, fulfilling, growthful, and life-changing these conversations will be — and not just for you. Your guides will celebrate this growing relationship right along with you.

What Is The Point Of The Spiritual Journey?

What Is The Point Of The Spiritual Journey?Growing up in a traditional Catholic home, my child self got a clear picture that God was a big, powerful, male being out there somewhere and the purpose of my life was to seek and serve Him. A startling yet comforting mystical truth is that we do not initi­ate the search for the Divine...

Why It's Time to Drop the Hypocrisy & Walk Our Talk

Grace and Purity of Heart: Becoming Whole-HeartedKeep moving on the spiritual path from the lower truth to higher truth, until you come to that place deep within you, one that is silent, that is peaceful, and that is pure beingness and beyond judgment. As you progress, keep letting go of the many impurities that get stuck to the so-called religious and spiritual paths and “isms.”

My Experiment in Forced Simplicity

My Experiment in Forced SimplicityFor someone so inspired by the poverty and simplicity of St. Francis, it’s embarrassing for me to admit how dependent I am upon my smartphone. I have loads of apps for just about everything. It used to be that my brain was in my head. But now it’s too often in a six-inch-long little metal box with a screen.

Be True To Yourself and You Will Never Fall

Be True To Yourself and You Will Never FallThis isn’t a new spirituality, but rather all spirituality. It is not exclusive to any person, sect, religion, race, sexual identity, or creed. It simply is. It is right here, right now, and it’s all good, even when it’s not. The importance of being able to “detach from our ideas of how we think it should be and continue to return to the center”...

Finding Peace In Turbulent Times

Finding Peace In Turbulent TimesThe possibility for creating peace must begin within each one of us as we become peaceful within ourselves. We are part of the whole. Our task is to heal separation, isolation, and defense of “us” as opposed to “them” within ourselves first; then we can bring that conscious awareness to all...

The Real Spiritual Path Is Wherever You Are

The Real Spiritual PathTo live a spiritual life, you don’t have to give up your job or become a monk or a nun. The spiritual life is where you are, whether or not you have a job, are married or have children. You don’t have to suddenly throw everything away and rush off to join a Tibetan monastery. In fact...

Can Your Mind Help You Find Peace?

Can Your Mind Help You Find Peace?We all desire peace, but most people look for it in the wrong place. We often think of the saying “peace of mind,” but we can’t rely on the mind to give us the peace that is desired from our Souls. Peace is not found in your mind. The mind begs for our attention, but there is no stability or peace if we react to every thought from the mind.

Hey, Are You Listening?

Hey, Are You Listening?After the publication of Conversations with God, the question that I was asked more often than any other was: “Why you? Why did God pick you?” And, always, I’ve responded with, “God did not pick me. God picks everyone. The question is not, to whom does God talk? The question is, who listens?”

Finding the Path to Peace: Five Short Steps on the Path

04 27 five stepsEach of the major religions has the same goal: to provide us with a way to know and experience God. The only difference lies in the instructions for accomplishing this knowing. It's very hard to know where to focus my attention to find peace. I am sad to discover that I can't find it in my morning New York Times.

Why Raising Your Consciousness Can Be Painful

Fifth Dimension Energy Shifts: Raising your ConsciousnessConsciousness itself actually can never be healed, as it is the foundation of healing itself. It is rather that our state of incomplete, separate con­sciousness is what needs to be repaired, mended, reconnected or made whole—brought back into the state of Oneness. This is known as the State of Being.

What Your Soul Knows: A Sweet Love Pact

What Your Soul Knows: A Sweet Love Pact“Dear God!” I wrote, “I know the vows I want! I want vows to me, to my self, to my soul, to You!” And with that declaration, my divine voice and I began long, intense conversations, diving deeper and deeper together into the well of my soul to find my true vows.

Do No Evil: The Importance of Forgiveness

Do No Evil: The Importance of ForgivenessAs the Lord’s Prayer indicates, forgiveness plays a part in settling spiritual debts, and in helping to prevent new ones from being established. Forgiveness provides great protection for the self, as well as helping others. It ends vicious cycles of action and reaction.

The Age of Undoing: Resisting Nothing and Entering the Fullness of Time

The Age of Undoing: Resisting Nothing and Entering the Fullness of TimeWhat helps us to let go is that appearances change so completely. Nature is kind in that way — we can't say we haven't been warned. Most leaves wither and fade before they fall, fulfilling every bit of their purpose. My mother came to visit after she'd had two rounds of chemo for ovarian cancer. She didn't look like my mom, but she was still my mom...

Writing A Letter To Your Guardian Angel

Writing A Letter To Your Guardian AngelAn angel letter is a powerful technique that enables you to receive higher spiritual guidance. Writing a letter to your guardian angel will certainly help you to strengthen your communication with each other. The actual process of writing the letter will allow your intuitive mind the space to clearly receive angelic guidance...

The Infinite Blessing of The Hand Upon My Head

The Infinite Blessing of The Hand Upon My HeadOne of my favorite things to do is to imagine a divine hand upon my head blessing me in my life and letting me know that I am cared for and loved. I do this especially when I feel insecure or stressed. Once while in the emergency room with a badly broken leg and ankle, I closed my eyes and just imagined this other-worldly hand upon my head reminding me that everything would work out alright.

Stars, Atoms, and Men: Recognize Your Importance

Stars, Atoms, and Men: Recognize Your ImportanceIt was one of the Greek philosophers who first said everything was made of atoms. Now we say atoms are made of positive and negative charges of electricity — pure energy. No one has seen them, but out of that which we do not see emerges that which we do see. The biggest thing in the universe is just made up out of the littlest things.

How To Stand in the Truth of Your Being

Opening Your Throat Chakra: Standing in the Truth of Your BeingClearing and opening the throat chakra releases issues relating to an inability to find and speak one’s truth; this results in authentic and eloquent self-expression. You naturally stand in your highest Self, and your speech expresses the coherence of your whole being. It has the...


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