When Illness or Injury Can’t Be Fixed — and Dying Is Okay

When Illness or Injury Can’t Be Fixed — and Dying Is Okay by Meg Blackburn Losey, PhD.

Sometimes there are circumstances that we aren’t meant to change or heal. Sometimes it is time for a soul to move on in its journey. Life is like that. We have, throughout our lives, windows of opportunity through which we can transition right on out of our earthly lives.

Dying is part of living, and it is inevitable when we are in human form. Dying is nothing to fear and everything to celebrate. After all, a life has been lived; we have experienced that soul in different capacities as family, lovers, friends, and other relationships. Each relationship has memories that are ours forever.

Living Every Moment as if it is the Only One We Have

Some cultures, like the Toltec’s in Mexico and others in Central and South America, teach that death is looking over our shoulder all the time. The question is, are we ready? That is a little scary at first, but when we consider the lesson in that knowledge, we immediately feel our resistance and our self-deceptions regard­ing the subject of dying.

What we can learn from knowing that death could take us at any time is to live fully every moment as if it is the only one we have. To not save things for special occasions but instead to make everything a special occasion.

Too many times people lose opportunities that were right there in front of them because they thought it would be better to wait for later. There is only ever this now. What was has been, and what hasn’t yet been is either imagination or speculation. Go for it!

The Illness of a Loved One & Its Effect on our Lives

When Illness or Injury Can’t Be Fixed — and Dying Is Okay by Meg Blackburn Losey, PhD.Sometimes the illness itself is not as much about the person who experiences it as it is about those who are affected around that person. Sometimes the effects of the situation change others so profoundly that they will never see their lives the same again. It happens.

The courage and dignity that some people exhibit when they know they are about to leave the planet can be profound. So can the fear. So can the reasons themselves.

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It is beyond difficult to go through the ravages of some injuries and diseases. What sharing these events does to the families, friends, and oth­ers leaves an indelible mark on everyone involved. When their perceptions are changed, they live and treat others differently.

Those actions may ripple outward from one person to the next until there is no longer a way to track just how much the illness or death of a single person can touch others. I have come to know that these types of situations may be Karmic in nature. Maybe, just maybe, the one person who affected so many was playing a part in a much grander scheme of things.

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