A Fork in the Road

Since that day in the elevator over 35 years ago when my mom first spoke of my destiny, the purpose of my journey began to come into focus. The message of "Living in the Moment" was given greater depth when shortly before the writing of this book was completed; my own journey brought me to a fork in the road.

Just after the first of the year, my children and I were traveling from our home in Arizona to Oklahoma with a childhood friend. Just east of Albuquerque, New Mexico, we stopped at a gas station to buy some hot chocolate. I went to use the restroom and upon entering it, found black feathers scattered across the bathroom floor.

A feeling of dread moved through me. Unfortunately, I don't always have the ability to see my own future. (After all, I have my own lessons to learn.) I joined the others and we resumed our trip, but not before I cautioned my friend to wear his seat belt and suggested we stop for the night. He didn't want the delay, but agreed to fasten his seat belt. I, not one to always wear them, did the same. Fifteen minutes later I was once again put in the position of choosing whether to finish my journey on Earth, or to return to be with my Creator.

Our vehicle hit a patch of black ice causing it to roll end over end once before flipping on its side several times. I remember sending white light to my children and friend, asking Him to protect us. Although my friend's airbag engaged, mine did not, causing me to hit my head on the windshield. As it did, a beautiful voice, one that I was familiar with, spoke to me.

"Are you ready to come home?" It said, as clear as if someone were sitting beside me.

I voiced my concern of not being done with this book which I knew held messages that needed to be heard.

"The book will get done without you," It replied.

As the car flipped, my head hit my passenger window and again the voice called out.

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"Mary Ann, are you sure you do not want to come home?"

At the speed of thought a vision was laid out before me. One that I had not seen before. This vision was not one of the beauties of my Heavenly home that I was being invited to rejoin, but of earthly events that made my September 11th visions and predictions seem trivial. The images that I saw in my inner mind were shocking and graphic in nature. They dealt with the challenges that all human beings will face in the near future. Whether the images showed a fixed future already set in motion, or a possible future where free will choices would make a difference, was not my concern at that moment.

Thoughts of my three most precious gifts came to me. "I cannot leave my babies behind." I said.

"So be it." Said the voice. And everything stopped.

It was a relief to again hear the silence of the night. I was overjoyed to hear my children's cries, who were protected by sleeping bags and luggage. It was inspiring to hear witnesses describe the accident with the fire and "light" that radiated from inside the car as it spun, and their surprise that anyone survived. We all walked away with only minor bruises and cuts.

As we drove away to a hotel in the sheriff's car, I took a moment to give thanks to Him for the people in my life and for the chance to be able to share His light with at least one more soul. I also became aware enough to realize the date. January 24, 2002. It was the 32nd anniversary of my Nanny Aurelia's suicide.

In the synchronicity, I realized my journey needed to continue with an even stronger conviction to my mission. My life had been spared for a reason.

With that realization, I rededicated my life to deliver the Creator's message of "Living in the Moment" to the world, in the hopes that it would be heard.

This article was excerpted from:

Living in the Moment by Mary Ann Morgan and Michelle Fitzhugh-CraigLiving in the Moment
by Mary Ann Morgan with Michelle Fitzhugh-Craig.

Reprinted with permission of the publisher, 1st Books Library. ©1995. www.1stbooks.com

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Mary Ann MorganAbout the Authors

From the time she was a small child, Mary Ann Morgan has been able to communicate with what she calls "those on the other side." In 2001, she established the Mary Ann Morgan Charities Program, dedicated to bringing funds and resources to established institutions. Morgan also works with law enforcement agencies throughout the country. She has appeared on national radio and television programs including Nightline, Discovery Channel, MSNBC and Odyssey. Individuals wishing to contact Morgan concerning her charities program can do so by visiting www.maryannmorgan.org .

Michelle Fitzhugh-Craig Michelle Fitzhugh-Craig is a reporter with The Arizona Republic newspaper in Phoenix. As a news reporter and feature writer, she has worked several beats including features, news, cops, entertainment and local communities. Michelle is a longtime supporter of community organizations. She is secretary for the Arizona Association Black Journalists and vice-president of Juneteenth Tradition, Inc.



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