A Body of Thought: The Body We Have Chosen

A Body of Thought: The Body We Have Chosen
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I was very close to my father, and very upset when he died. A few days after his death, I turned over in my bed, supposedly still in mid-dream, when a shadowy form appeared. It was a dark-robed, hooded figure with no visible face. He, for I assumed the figure to be such, was similar to those dark depictions of the spirit "death" that we see illustrated in old fiction and shows. However, I felt no fear at the sight of the figure.

He stood silently by my bed, seeming to wait patiently until my "dream eyes" could focus securely on him. In his hands he held a large, silver chain with links as large as a man's hand. When I was finally and obviously aware of his existence, he spoke telepathically. He told me, "Even the strongest human is the weakest link in the chain of human bondage."

Still feeling no fear, I accepted this easily, although I did not understand it totally, then rolled over and went again to sleep. The next morning I arose, still upset by my father's death, and felt compelled to write. While I don't usually condone automatic writing for any but the very spiritually strong, due to negative elements that can be drawn with this practice, my protection must have been high that day. For what spilled from my pen, with no conscious thought from myself, was the following essay:

The Message

"This body we have chosen, no matter how healthy, infirmed, or aging, is a blessing. It is a vessel we have been elected to contain and bind our spirit to this sphere of being. Yet, this same body is also a nonessential. It is an item to be shed, when the time elected eons ago has come to pass. It is time for rest, until we choose to be blessed with yet another vessel of such wonder.

"Yet, listen when I say that these bodies, our vessels, are not essential for our existence. For we cannot cease to exist, we beings of light. We can only choose our forms, alter our shapes, until we are wise enough and have become blessed enough to reach what some of us have come to know as Nirvana.

"We cannot cease to be. This is our reality such as it is. Remember, though, there is no reality here, not the reality we recognize on this sphere of being. There is no true, solid essence as we perceive it to be now. For reality, such as it is presently, is only our perception of whatever illusion we seek to accept as our own at any given time. Just as thoughts can waver and change, so can our illusions. Therefore, so can our reality.

"Never assume your reality is the twin image of others, or that your creeds are the only true ones. It is not so. For each of us must develop our own space around us. Each of us will see many facets, note many angles, of any given item. We cannot say with sure-fast hearts which of these chosen viewpoints is the ultimate, the best truth. Instead, we must opt to accept that vision that suits our own soul and nourishes it most. That is never to say another who chooses a different perception, a different illusion, is in error. He, too, must seek and find his own nourishment to thrive and to grow.

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It's All Inside

"At the same time, let not others decide your truth, your beliefs. For within you, within each person, lies every solution, every result desired. Within you lies the truth. Within you lies any answers needed. Within you lies the power. Look not solely to various practices or other people for this strength. Looks instead deep inside your own soul. For there within, there within you, is the key to the mysteries we don't yet even know exist.

"Take heed, too, with your thoughts. Think only good, no evil. For thoughts are random waves of energy projected outward. They cannot be reclaimed or dismissed. Thoughts are real, as we know reality. Thoughts are a different dimension being created constantly by you, if not in your present dimension, then another.

"Thoughts are energy that does not dissipate, but only seeks other homes in which to shelter. Just as negative thinking will draw less than you desire into your life as it is now, positive thinking will create mountains behind you instead of presenting forward obstacles that you must forever climb. Project your thoughts of wisdom, and knowledge will come to you. Project your thoughts of love and well-being for others, and the same will soon be attracted to you.

"Take heed with your thoughts. For whatever energy you disperse, whatever creation built here on this plane by you, could still be waiting for you elsewhere. Better to be able to revel and rejoice in your elements devised than to regret bad words spoken. For thoughts are silent words spoken. And just as speech has energetic momentum, so do thoughts.

"Therein lies your power. Use it wisely."

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About The Author

Marijoyce Porcelli is an author, spiritual traveler and is attending college to obtain a degree in human resources. She is writing as much as she can with a strong emphasis on the human spirit. 

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