What's Your End Game?

What's Your End Game?
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Movies that suck for an hour then end well are remembered as good movies. Those that are decent for an hour but suck at the end take their place in history as bad movies. So, how is your life going to end?

Most of us don’t give death much thought until it intrudes, sometimes without warning. The phone rings at three a.m. Oh oh.

What's my end game?

I once climbed a 40-foot pole then leapt for a zip line, missed it, and slowly descended back to earth in my safety harness, reflecting that I’d aimed too low. My weight dragged me down. I didn’t get another shot at it but if I had I would have aimed higher and dropped down onto the line.

That’s my end game.

I’ll die in about twenty years, absent an accident, health incident, or a pardon (getting out early for good behavior). I’m looking forward to it. I’ve discovered my purpose, I’m living it, and I’m already proud of the legacy I’ll leave behind – at least a few people more aware and able to create their future with intention, choices, and behaviors.

Between now and then I’ll grow The Noon Club, write more books, exchange skills and joy with friends and clients and continue learning how to be an effective visionary activist.

What’s your end game?

If you pause to think about your death for a moment, here’s a few questions to exercise your intuition and imagination:

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When do you imagine you will die?

Where would you like to be, with whom, doing what?

How do you want to feel in those final moments?

It’s a fascinating exercise. I first did this twenty years ago and have visited my death spot a dozen or more times. I sit quietly, close my eyes, and flow forward to the moment, experience the feeling I anticipate – deep peace and gratitude – and let myself gently float away.

Death: An Adventure to Anticipate

I don't fear death any more. I’m curious and captivated by the mystery. I've accepted the inevitable and turned it into an adventure to anticipate rather than a catastrophe to deny.

I am aiming high, so I can drop down in that moment to grab the thread that will pull me into the next level of my life game. How do I do that? With an attitude I call “serial grandiosity.”

Of course we will have over one million members in the Noon Club by May 1, 2025. Absolutely, consciousness will tip mightily at noon Pacific time that day. In that magic moment, the world will change drastically.

I have no idea if any of this will happen. How could I? It’s not May 1, 2025 yet. But it is a great destination to aim for. What’s the worst that can happen? I could arrive at that moment and … nothing. OK. But, you know, I can’t really imagine myself muttering: “Damn, I wasted forty years being happy and sharing love with some of the most amazing people on the planet when I could have been pessimistic and angry.”

We can redeem the worst of our lives during the last act and go out remembering, “Wow, I had a GREAT life!” So, give it some thought. What’s your end game?

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The Noon Club: Creating The Future in One Minute Every DayThe Noon Club is a free member alliance that focuses intentional power every day at noon to create an impact in human consciousness. Members set their smart phones for noon and pause in silence or to offer a brief declaration, transmitting love into the quantum world of mass consciousness. Meditators lowered the crime rate in Washington DC in the 89's. What can we do in The Noon Club? Participation is simple. Just set your smart phone and pause at noon every day at noon to transmit. For updates on the program and more information, and to connect with other members, visit www.noonclub.org .

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Will WilkinsonWill Wilkinson is  a senior consultant with Luminary Communications in Ashland, Oregon. He has authored or co-authored seven previous books, conducted hundreds of interviews with leading edge change agents, and is growing an international network of visionary activists. He is also the founder of The Noon Club, a free member alliance that focuses intentional power every day at noon to create an impact in human consciousness. Find out more at willtwilkinson.com/

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