A Learning Curve – It’s Not Always What You Think

A Learning Curve – It’s Not Always What You Think
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When someone comes to me with a particular dis-ease or ailment, that they want to eliminate, my first feeling is to cure them – to relieve them of all pain. That is what’s right. That is what’s meant to be. That isn’t always the case however. Sometimes the healing that takes place, within a certain human being, is not exactly the way you perceive it to be. Let me explain what I mean by this.

It wasn’t too long into the New Year and a dear friend of mine phoned me, and said a friend of hers, Rachel, had cancer. It was in her stomach, liver, spleen and was spreading. She had been diagnosed a long time previous, and it was getting more severe.

I first spoke with Rachel on a Sunday evening. We talked for some time. She was laid up in bed and struggling to function, yet remained as cheerful as she could. She really inspired me to the depths of my soul, and beyond.

I asked her some questions about her life and she answered. It was clear to me, after feeling Rachel’s energy for a few moments, that she had never loved herself. As she continued to describe her life it became even clearer.

We commenced the first healing that evening and did two more, one on the Monday morning and one on Monday evening. I wouldn’t normally do this in quick succession, but Rachel’s cancer was severe.

We spoke briefly before each session, and after, I let her rest. When I phoned Rachel on the Tuesday morning she burst into tears. She said, “Jerry, I actually love myself. For the first time in my life I truly love myself.” She was so happy. These were tears of joy. It was an inspirational conversation. I could feel her heart beaming, overflowing with love.

We did another healing session that morning, and then spoke again on the Tuesday evening, before the next healing session. Rachel explained that her current divorce was really weighing her down and that she would like me to cut the emotional (energetic) cords, between her and her husband. We had discussed this energetic connection the previous day. I agreed, and a few minutes later we put the phone down, and I commenced the distance healing session.

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I was working away and could see the cord right in the middle of her chest. It was very big, the size of her sternum. I started to remove it. It was very thick, and took me around twenty minutes to get the entire cord out of her body and the emotional debris that came with it.

It left a gaping hole in her body. I had never taken an energy cord out that big before. It was a like taking a large oak tree from the ground, along with all of its roots. Imagine the size of the hole it would leave in the Earth.

Once the cord was out, I started filling the hole back up with light, or rather observing the light structures or patterns of light re-arrange themselves, and communicating with my guides at the same time.

I asked, “What else do I need to do?”

Nothing”, was the answer.

Nothing?” I questioned.

Yes”, was the answer.

So in my mind I thought to myself, she is healed.“Brilliant, the cancer will now move on as the emotions have been dealt with. She will make a full recovery and live happily ever after”, was the conversation I had with myself at the time.

Healing Comes In Many Forms

After the healing Rachel contacted my friend, the one who had introduced us. In her text message she wrote, “a million thanks for Jerry. He has touched so many hearts and souls this week”. Rachel then fell asleep and died. I was shocked when I got a message a few hours later.“How could she be dead? You told me there was nothing more I had to do” – as I looked up towards the heavens.

In the early hours of the following morning, I was meditating. As soon as I sat down Rachel came into my room. She said to me, “Jerry, thank you so much. You helped me love myself for the first time in my life. You also cut the bonds that were stopping me moving back to spirit. I couldn’t have stayed there on Earth. I have greater tasks to accomplish here in this space.”

She smiled at me and then left. Since that day Rachel has helped me with many a healing. As I am preparing myself, and calling upon the flow of Star Magic and the Star Team, she drifts into my space, and helps me do what is necessary.

I am so grateful for her help and more importantly I am absolutely and totally overwhelmed by the lesson she taught me, in terms of healing, and your expectation towards it, along with an emotional attachment to any and every outcome.

The healing with Rachel was foreign to me in the sense that I felt being healed meant living/remaining alive. I then coined this phrase:

Everyone can be healed but not everyone is ready. Everyone can be healed but not everyone can live.”

The “not ready” part comes from secondary gain (which is when a human being gets benefits from being ill, such as sympathy and attention) and other various reasons why someone may not be ready to deal with their stuff.

For The Greatest Growth of Everyone Involved

When you go to facilitate a healing, simply put the intention out there and then let the light and energy do the rest. Remember it is intelligent and knows what is for the greatest growth of everyone involved. Also, it’s important that the receiver of the healing wants it. I often get phone calls where someone will say, “Jerry, will you send my mum or my dad or my brother some healing?” My answer is no. If they want some healing, they will call.

If someone is incapable of contacting me, due to their so-called condition, I will ask their inner self. (I prefer to use this term, inner self than higher self, as nothing is higher than you or me or anyone else. Higher self is a distraction, pointing humans in an external direction. All is within.) The same with babies and children. I will always ask. If it’s a no, then I don’t facilitate the healing. I don’t always know why the answer is no, but I trust in my awareness and the intelligence that created us all.

For Everything There Is A Reason

Sometimes people will contact me themselves and I get a very strong, heavy feeling come over me, and I feel that I shouldn’t do the healing. If that is the case then I leave it and have to say I am sorry but this healing isn’t for your, or my greatest growth. This world, in terms of rational and logical, doesn’t always make sense, especially when it comes to healing. If you want rational or logical go and be a mathematician.

A friend of mine’s son was in hospital one day and the mother was beside herself. She phoned me up as I was walking into the gym and asked if I would do a healing. I said I will ask your son’s inner self. So I did. I had just put my boxing gloves on and started hitting the bag and this young lad came into my space and said with so much force, “No Jerry, my mum has to learn her lesson” and then he disappeared. I jumped when he moved into my space like that. He was clearly ill to teach his mum and knew that my interference would be detrimental to her spiritual growth.

Star Magic is everything but logical. It’s rooted in love. And we are all aware of the crazy things love makes you do. Expect the unexpected.

In a situation like this it can be very easy for the ego to interfere. It may say things to you such as “but how can you leave this little boy in hospital” or “come on, Jerry, help him, for goodness sake”. It will play on your heart strings. It can be very easy to interfere and help out, especially when children are concerned. We are talking beyond anything physical here, however. We never know what is for another human being’s greatest growth.

Also, non-interference is the key to mastery. Being able to let everything around you unfold in the now, on its own as you observe is a real test of character. If you’re a parent with children you will know exactly what I mean. Children should be allowed to bloom like flowers with zero interference.

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Healing with Light Frequencies: The Transformative Power of Star Magic
by Jerry Sargeant

Healing with Light Frequencies: The Transformative Power of Star Magic by Jerry SargeantThrough a series of major life events, Jerry Sargeant has reawakened this advanced soul technology and shares it here to help unleash the full potential of every living being. Star Magic Healing aligns you with high-vibrational Consciousness Codes and extraterrestrial light frequencies that expand your consciousness, shift your vibration, and speed up the healing process. Present on Earth in ancient Egyptian times, these Codes will transform your inner world and, in turn, upgrade your external reality.

For more info, or to order this book, click here. (Also available as an eTextbook edition.)

About the Author

Jerry Sargeant, the founder of Star Magic HealingJerry Sargeant, the founder of Star Magic Healing, is a powerful motivational speaker renowned for healing people by creating rapid shifts within them and transforming their lives on the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual planes. He discovered the ability to heal after a serious car accident, which led him to embark on a spiritual journey where he was introduced to the most powerful healing frequency on Earth. He travels the globe, speaking, healing, and training others in Star Magic. Visit his website at StarMagicHealing.com

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