The Afterlife: We Never Have to Say Goodbye

The Afterlife: We Never Have to Say Goodbye

Too many people go through life afraid of death, either the event itself, or facing the prospect of the unknown. My interest and research into the areas of past lives, life after death and reincarnation has totally influenced my personal views of death, and indeed of life as well. It has taught me one important fact. Once we can accept the concept that this lifetime is just one of many, where we get the chance to make mistakes, to learn and to grow spiritually, the fear of death soon begins to fade.

I believe death is like returning home after experiencing a big adventure. The world of spirit is our real home. It’s our time on earth that is the hard part. We come into the physical world in each lifetime for a host of human experiences, which play a vital role in our soul’s evolution.

It’s rather like actors cast in a role in a play or film. They immerse themselves in the character for the duration of the production, but afterwards, when the costumes and the make-up finally come off, they go home to rest and prepare for their next role. The quality of their performance and the audience reaction will determine if and when the phone rings for the next casting opportunity, and what kind of role they may be offered.

More Than Survival Evidence

It was always my intention to write about more than just survival evidence, plenty of other authors have covered that already. Most spirits who communicate with us via mediums are mainly concerned with letting their loved ones know that they are still alive, passing on simple messages of love and comfort.

So with my spirit team eager to share their wisdom, and with my other connections, I set out to go far deeper into life on the other side, to find out as many facts and explain as many mysteries as possible.

I recorded many sessions with John and the team, which I was told comprised more than 95 souls from many different spheres in the afterlife. I was delighted to find out that my late partner Judy was part of the action. Usually I would start a session with a list of questions, but on other occasions John’s group had their own agenda.

They wanted to discuss themes such as destiny and free will, life contracts, unresolved karma, as well as controversial subjects such as the effects of drugs on the spirit, mental health, negativity, euthanasia and dark energies.

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Forget About Harps and Clouds

For those people who naively believe that we get issued with a harp and a cloud when we reach the afterlife and just float off, John passed on some information that will bring them back to earth with a thud. He told me that during our sojourn in the spirit world we work with many teachers as we never stop learning.

When I asked about his other activities John said he often helps with new souls as they cross over, as many people are very confused at first. He also spends a lot of time with other soul groups, talking, discussing and debating spiritual matters.

Fortunately it’s not all work, there are also plenty of leisure pursuits to enjoy, cultural, musical and every sport from football, golf and tennis to marine and outdoor activities.

The Thicker Density of Our Earthly Domain

The world of spirit overlaps our own, as distinct from the idea of Heaven being “up there” somewhere, as if it somehow hovers around satellite-like in outer space. Vibrating at a much faster rate than earth, it essentially occupies a different dimension of reality. Spiritual beings have to lower their vibrational energy in order to visit the thicker density of our earthly domain.

We come here for our human experiences, attempting to raise our consciousness with each succeeding life, returning home after each incarnation to our soul family and our individual level of soul evolution. Just as on earth, there are many levels in the afterlife, each plane vibrating at a different rate. As we evolve spiritually our soul vibration increases, allowing us access to the higher planes.

When we accept that the soul is indestructible and life is eternal, we realize there is no such thing as "death." We can let go of our fears and truly live each day to the fullest. We may regard the earthly civilization we have created as complex, but it is just a tiny reflection of the vast size and scope of the spirit world.

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No Goodbyes – Life Changing Insights From the Other Side by Barry Eaton.No Goodbyes – Life Changing Insights From the Other Side
by Barry Eaton.

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