Do Whatever Good You Can with Love, Honor, and Dignity

Doing Good on Your Path with Love, Honor, and Dignity

Go forth on your Path in life with honor and dignity and do whatever good you can.

As long as it lasts, life can be full of wonderful memories if you wish.

Everyone is unique and changing and all have the right to reach their full potential in all their abilities.

Peace, love and truth are the absence of fear.

As you live your life, try to gain human understanding and learn from the successes and failures of other people. Their experiences are as real to them as yours, and all are part of an ever changing whole.

The highest ideal is love and the greatest strength is truth.

Love, with all its diversities and subtleties is the reason for living. 

Everything has a purpose in life, regardless of its nature. Look at the stars or listen to children playing and you may understand.

Peace, love and truth are the absence of fear.

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Accept it and give it freely, and love will fill your life with the power of powers.

Your life and destiny are everything you make them to be. Turn your dreams into beautiful things. There are no limits to creativity but those you accept.

Life is an adventure and it is yours to live.

About The Author

Lee Mosby, at the time of this writing, was studying to become a counselor. He is a distant relative to Pocohantas, and is a freelance writer. Lee can be reached at: c/o Edwin Fair MHC, 201 E. Chestnut, Ponca City, OK 74601.

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