G.O.D.: Guaranteed Overnight Delivery?

G.O.D.: Guaranteed Overnight Delivery?

G.O.D. Those are the letters on several trucks I see being driven on Long Island highways. No, they don't stand for GOD...rather an acronym for Guaranteed Overnight Delivery.

Even God can't match that speed. I know, because many people pray to God daily and hope for instant delivery from problems. Usually, they are very disappointed and lay full blame on their Creator. This is a result of misunderstanding the God concept.

Many people still cling to the old idea that their god is in charge of the world's largest supermarket, and will deliver the goods upon request. The goods include: material things, health, spouses, children, and whatever else the human mind can conjure up to receive.

What is not understood is that once the universal laws came into being, no one, including the gods we worship, could change them. Not overnight, not in several days, weeks, months, years, centuries, or even millennia.

The Law Is The Law

Many years ago, I saw a French movie with the great comedian Fernandel. It was called "La loi c'est la loi!" meaning "The law is the law!" I don't remember the movie, but the title still holds. The trick then, is to learn the Law, and how to use it.

To follow the law is to consistently "hit the mark", and to sin is to "miss the mark"...thus breaking the law and inviting unwelcome consequences.

I find my life runs much more smoothly when I let the Universe run itself, without any interference from me. As a matter of fact, the less my thinking brain does its "stuff'', the more feeling my life becomes...hence more enriched. It then becomes much easier to follow Shakespeare and his dictum: This above all: to shine own self be true. And it must follow as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.

The Beginning of a Lifelong Romance

Perhaps the old joke holds more meaning than I gave it credit. It goes like this: When a person falls in love with his/herself; it's the beginning of a lifelong romance.

Leo Buscaglia has his special "I love Leo" time, when he nurtures his self-esteem. Yet, nobody in modern times has given more love away to others. It's a well known fact that we cannot give to others what we don't possess.

Love yourself (not narcissism) and let it spill over into your outside life and relationships. This will benefit both you and the recipients of your positive feelings.

Love conquers all is not a platitude; it is the law of the universe. In holistic health, it is recognized as the greatest healing force we can muster up against catastrophic illnesses.

Since most physical problems begin as a disease of the mind, we can begin to work on changing our inner selves, through the development of strong, loving and ethical codes of behavior. Good health will follow, leaving illness in a permanent vacuum.

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Bloom Where You Are Planted - Adventures in Self-Inspiration
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Bloom Where You Are Planted - Adventures in Self-Inspiration by Jacques Weisel.This is a manual of positive thoughts, energizing principles, encouraging messages, and practical insights. Building on the premise that wherever you are is the right place to start, the author shows how to flourish regardless of the situation - and points to himself as living proof. Today nicknamed Mr Enthusiasm, the author was the son of an impoverished migrant family who fled the Nazis. By living by the principles in his book, Weisel conquered the impoverishment of his early childhood and the mental attitudes it engendered, and he urges his readers to do the same in their own lives.

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Jacques Weisel

Jacques Weisel is a motivational speaker, author, sales and customer service trainer through Success Unlimited. The above was reprinted from his book "Options From Within - Learning To Love Yourself and Be Loved", ©1992, Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, 4050 Westmark Drive, PO. Box 1840, Dubuque, IA 52004-1840. Jacques can be reached through his website at www.jacquesweisel.com.

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