Accessing Divine Love and Opening Up To Love and Healing for All


Accessing Divine Love and Opening Up To Love and Healing for All

Divine Love is the needed energy for our planet to heal itself. There are so many well intentioned people and factions who think that they have the only right answers. They are often willing to fight and be mercilessly cruel to prove that they are the most Holy.

Sometimes it's necessary to stand up to aggressive abuse and set limits and prevent it from running rampant. But when it's simply a difference of opinion among people and groups, often both groups or individuals have some merit and some limitations.

Divine Love circulating freely can allow gentle coexistence so the highest good for all can flower through supportive interaction and mutual germination with new ideas and possibilities.

Love is Divine Substance. It is a tangible energy. It has palpable reality. It is not just the dreamy-eyed romanticism of poets and lovers. It is the most basic sustaining essence of our Solar System. This may be difficult to believe for many people who consider themselves pragmatists.

Just for a few moments, please consider love from a different perspective -- esoteric physics. Divine Love is the very essence in which we live and move and have our being. Love is the energy of cohesion. It is the consciousness that holds each atom in its configuration as a miniature solar system. God's consciousness holds matter in manifestation, whether it's a solar system or an atom, or a human body. God's consciousness as it expresses itself in this solar system is Divine Love.

Divine Love Is Inexhaustible

Divine Love is inexhaustible and it comes directly from God/Divine levels. It's always available to anyone at any time if we allow ourselves to open to it. It can transform our lives into steady peace and joy. It's a very real feeling and energy; it wells up in the heart chakra, pulsing and warm and radiating. The ability to experience Divine Love makes it possible for us to share love with the people at a much deeper more real level.

We can access enough Divine Love directly from God that we not only more than fill our own need for Divine Bliss and nurturance, but we can gently overflow with abundance for everyone we meet in our day. That can make us a "love billionaire".

As one becomes a source of Divine love rather than an eternally hungry searcher for love, the picture of one's life changes. No longer does one feel depressed if one can't "get love" from someone else (often focused on a particular someone). Now one can fill with Divine Love joyfully and confidently through communion with the "Divine Beloved" God, receive Divine Love in nature, open to receive, and share Divine Love throughout the day wherever joyful peace flows. We can be a well-spring source of God's love on Earth, to help remind others of their own inherent connection to Divine Love.

To experience Divine Love, focus your awareness in the center of your chest in your heart chakra -- and send warm thankfulness to the Creator for what is good and beautiful and uplifting. Also, send love from your heart center to each person you meet in your day. Beam it out. Pray to feel Divine Love fill you.

Opening Up To Love

How can one open more to Divine Love? By sending out love to the Divinity within each person with whom you interact. Feel your heart chakra warm and glowing. There are wonderful affirmations to repeat over and over silently. I love myself. I am Divinely Beloved. I love you, God (or other Divine name). Thank You God.

Love yourself and know that you are worthy of love. While looking in a mirror to comb your hair or brush your teeth, say silently I love myself, I'm a wonderful person, I am Divinely worthy of Love. Believe in Divine Love and learn to feel it independently of another person. Fill yourself to overflowing with Divine Love, and share the overflow with those around you. As we send out Divine love, it returns tenfold.

Book by this Author

Secrets of Wisdom: Awaken to the Miracle of You
by Joyce C. Gerrish

Secrets of Wisdom: Awaken to the Miracle of You by Joyce C. GerrishThe purpose of this book is to help you, step by step, actualize more and more the amazing person you really are. Each chapter focuses on a different Divine Quality which you can learn to enhance in your life: Wisdom, Power, Love, Freedom, Peace, Purpose, Illumination, Healing, Joy, Clarity, Transformation, and more. Each chapter is like a multimedia life expanding workshop with inspired insights and guidance, extensive uplifting art, heartwarming personal testimonies from fellow seekers, and free access to audio meditations and soul songs by Joyce through the accompanying website. There are also questions to reflect on and discuss, and action suggestions.

Info/Order this paperback book and/or download the Kindle edition.

About The Author

Joyce Gerrish, M.A.Joyce Gerrish, M.A., is a spiritual therapist and meditation/spiritual development teacher and publishes "The Cosmic Perspective Journal". She does soul readings, aura/chakra clearing and alignment, and emotional therapy, in person and over the phone. Visit her website at

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