He Talks With Me -- Am I Listening?

He Talks With Me -- Am I Listening?

He Talks With Me -- Am I Listening?

God truly loves to talk. The rarity is not finding someone that God would communicate with, but rather in finding a person who cares enough to listen and is bold enough to share their experiences with others.

Since childhood, Mildred "Billie" Steves has felt the loving presence of God. As early as high school, Billie began receiving solutions to complex math and geometry problems in her dreams and in visions.

Doesn't Everyone Receive God's Messages?

So when Billie began to receive communications from God following her morning meditations, she was quite at ease and did not see these events as out of the ordinary, In fact, she thought that everyone received God's words as she did.

"It all began one morning when I felt compelled to kneel at the side of my bed. With paper and pen in hand, I wrote down my words of communication with The Father. And then the response began to flow, filling me with bewilderment, gratitude, and peace.

"From that day on, I knew I was not alone in this life. God was at my side all the time... guiding, directing, answering my prayers, and meeting my needs. I began to make these communications a daily practice. Whatever was in my heart or needed illumination was the focal point for that day's communication."

Will You Share God's Voice with the World?

Fifty years have passed since Billie first began to receive God's daily communications and it is only now, after all this time, that Billie has been willing to share these remarkable writings with the world.

"This Diary of Answered Prayers was so sacred, precious, and personal that I kept them hidden, even from my husband. Then one day, Richard, discovered my notebook behind a kitchen cabinet and asked if he could read it.

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"I reluctantly gave him permission. To my amazement he became very excited and encouraged me to "come out of the closet" and share God's words with the world. I consented although I felt like I was baring my soul to everyone who read these very private words.

"It was soon revealed to me that these writings were no more mine than the multiplication tables are mine. These words were meant to be shared with all who are seeking peace and Truth. I have no idea why God chose me to receive His messages, but I am eternally grateful for this honor."

When the Time is Right, the Answer/Solution Appears

He Talks With Me -- Am I Listening?Billie approached several publishers in the mid 1970's but they all declined to publish her writings. She patiently, and lovingly, continued to receive God's daily communications for another twenty years before she again received the urging to share them with the world.

"Having to wait all this time before sharing my writings proved to me that God always answers our prayers. Perhaps not on our timetable, or in the form we desire, but God always answers our prayers. We always receive what we ask for."

All of Us Have the Ability to Communicate with God

Many see Billie's ability to communicate with God as a special gift; however, Billie sees it differently.

"I am convinced that all of us have the ability to communicate with God. I have learned that some of the keys to effective communication with God are to be relaxed (peaceful), to breathe deeply, and feel our oneness with The Father.

"The answers to our prayers come to us in many different ways. They may come through inspired dictation, as they do with me, through our intuition, "coincidental happenings", a comment from a friend, or through dreams or visions. Regardless of how we receive our answers, the key to effective communication with God is to remain open and honor the urgings and messages we are sent."

When reading Mildred's book, "He Talks With Me," the reader gets the feeling of having their own, personal chat with God. One can't help but be aware of how simple God makes the solutions to our problems. In fact, all our problems seem to have a similar solution.

Taking Responsability for the World We Have Created

"The underlying message in God's words all these years is for us to take responsibility for the world we have created. I have learned that if I am not happy with the way things are going in my life, then I have the ability and the responsibility to change my life. God has taught me that all we need do is keep love in our hearts and express our desire to change.

"All that remains is to get out of the way and let God do the rest. It works! I speak from personal experience. All we have to do is turn our challenges and problems over to God knowing that they will be solved in a manner that results in the highest good for all concerned."

I think Billie's comment best describes how God's messages affected her life.

"God's answers to my prayers have helped me to realize that we must believe we are worthy of His gifts, and that we are always safely cradled in His arms as He carries us through and around all the obstacles. Perhaps one of the most important lessons I learned is to love myself with the same devotion and passion with which I love God. I also have learned to live in the NOW, and not in the past or in the future. I am content to "just be" and allow God to do the rest."

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Book referred to in this article:

He Talks With Me: A Diary of Answered Prayers
by Mildred "Billie" Steves.

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About The Author

Mildred "Billie" Steves has been receiving these extraordinary communications from God for over 50 years and has written numerous articles and short stories for Unity Magazine. Billie and her 93 year young husband, Richard, are in excellent health and have recently moved to Fort Myers, Florida to be closer to their children. Her book "He Talks With Me" is available at local bookstores. Order from your favorite bookstore or directly from Dream Street by calling 800-795-1513. Or send $13.95 (Arizona addresses add 7% sales tax) plus $2.00 shipping and handling for the first book and $.50 for each additional book. (Or click on the book cover above to order directly online from amazon.com)


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