Why Are Our Brains Addicted To Negative Behavior?

Are Our Brains Attached and Addicted To Negative Behavior?

Being attached to negative be­havior is addictive to the brain. In such cases, we are predisposed to make choices based on patterns that seek out unnecessary drama. Could all of this be because you have set a pattern in your thinking that anticipates the worst?

If your everyday life is conditioned by a psyche attuned to problematic behaviors, then like a drug addict you must stay away from that pattern. Our brains are addicted to following the thought configurations they are used to.

Attachment to Negative Behavior

Why aren’t you feeling excited and enthusiastic about life? Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Under what circumstances do I most notice my negative self-talk?
  • Who and what triggers me to thinking in this negative pattern?

Note the times of day the negative chatter is the strongest. Is the chatter strongest when you are in conversation with cer­tain people? Or is it when you lay your head on the pillow at night to go to sleep? Maybe it’s on your way to work.

Try and truly listen to the words creating your thoughts. These under­currents of thought are the score that set the tone for how you interact in your life. This affects not just you but all those around you.

What Soundtrack is Playing in Your Life?

Think of this just like the soundtrack in a movie. If the music is uplifting and cheerful, it can make you want to dance; if it is slow and filled with dark and dramatic sharp tones, it can make you feel pensive or afraid. Create the sound score for your life by utilizing beautiful thoughts and sounds in your thinking. This creates not only the tone of your voice but the tone of your frequency.

After doing some undercover work on yourself for a day, I want you to sit down and make a note of the tone you used dur­ing the day. Were you harsh with your criticism of yourself? If so, close your eyes and say, “I surrender this need to be unkind to myself!”

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Every day we use words that help create and define our lives. Negative words and sharp tones do nothing for us, except perpetuate negative results. You have more control over your own life than you ever thought possible.

I can hear you protesting right now, “What control? I had no control over the downsizing at my company and the loss of my job. I had no control over my mother blaming me for every­ thing that is wrong with her life. I had no control over my house being invaded by bees.” Obviously! These were events that occurred in your life. But what you can control are your emotional reactions to these events and the decisions you make after having those reactions.

When It Feels Like Things Are Out Of Control, Take Control

Are Our Brains Attached To Negative Be­havior?It is perfectly normal to be upset when bad news arrives. Mourning any kind of loss is an important and vital part of the emotional process that allows you to move through difficult times. Everyone expresses their feelings in their own way. It’s not healthy to suppress these feelings, just as it is not healthy to “act out” inappropriately.

It’s important to have a support system in place, composed of trusted friends and counselors who can offer aid and under­standing during tough times. When difficult times occur and it feels like things are out of control, take control. Get to the gym, eat a balanced diet, and confide in people you trust; scream in a pillow; but don’t fall into the self-destructive trap of thinking you could have prevented something over which you had no control.

Most of us are unaware of the effect of tone in words and conversation, even though this moves people during the course of any given day. This tone is also in mind-chatter, and influ­ences our end results. Think of this like cell phone ringtones. Which ringtone personifies your character? Have you noticed that some people have ringtones that are closely similar to that individual’s character? Choose a speaking tone that emulates your new frequency, one that embodies a calm and joy-filled expression.

Combating Your Negative "Ring-Tones"

Words are the equivalent of tools with which we build our reality. To change our lives, we must change our tone within words. We speak and think thousands of words every single day, and the quality of these words and their tones are defining our lives. We can hear it in others, but we need to listen within.

Stay on course and combat any and all negative tones. You know how! Trust that you can implement the tools you have been given thus far.

This next exercise will help you become aware of the words that are defining your life. Even the words that you use in the questions you ask yourself and others must embody the correct subtext, so that you maintain your level in the purification frequency. When asking questions, state a positive outcome. Write as you expect it to happen, so your subconscious mind can allow this subtext into your conscious mind.

Example of a Negative Question:
Why are horrible things always happening to me?

Example of a Positive Question:
Am I doing all the right things that will give me opportunities to change my life for the better?

Once you frame the positive question, you will find the life-affirming answer is very clear. Start writing out the questions that plague you, but make sure you write them with an optimistic connotation.

Life Key Code

We do not create energy; we distribute it. And we know that we can transform energy from one type to another.

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The Yes Frequency: Master a Positive Belief System and Achieve Mindfulness
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The YES Frequency by Gary QuinnFilled with practical and deeply insightful strategies, this concise guide offers methods for breaking old habits, becoming more successful, and giving life a greater purpose. Recognizing the ways in which fear creates chronic anxieties and alienation, new approaches are explored for healing limiting wounds — opening a path for an optimistic life approach geared towards discovering and manifesting one’s desires.

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