Catching Other People's Bad Moods? A Few Tips for Smoothing Your Way

You Can Be a Radiant Sun! A Few Tips for Smoothing Your Way

We are all becoming ultrasensitive now, and our level of telepathy is increasing. Without realizing it, you may frequency-match the low vibrations and troubled thoughts floating around just below the surface in the nonphysical world — and wonder why your mood suddenly changes from cheerful to somber.

You can read people better than ever before, and even feel their feelings. That means it’s easier to match someone’s bad mood or worried or agitated state when you pass him or her on the street. You can sense negative dramas about to happen and feel other people’s lives about to crack open, often without realizing what you’re noticing.

Be a Radiant Sun! Take the High Road!

You can also feel the “high road” and connect with the potential in everyone and everything. Good moods are contagious too.

You have a choice, constantly, about which frequency to match. It’s helpful to practice centering throughout the day, returning to your home frequency and checking in with your best self often:

How do you prefer to feel?

Does a behavior or feeling allow your energy to flow in an optimal direction?

You Can Be a Radiant Sun! A Few Tips for Smoothing Your WayIn spite of the massive amount of negativity surfacing in the world, your place in the center of yourself can turn you into a sun radiating bright light. You can be a force for good — a field that clears pain by not engaging with it.

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Be Aware of Mistakes of Perception

Listed below are several mistakes of perception we all tend to make when we’re shifting our perceptual habits. Noticing them can help you avoid unnecessary snags.

Interpreting causes and solutions too superficially.

It’s easy to look at the idea at the forefront of your mind and think it’s the cause of — or the solution to — your discomfort. It’s important to feel into things more deeply. For example, you may think making a lot of money is the solution to your problem of feeling insecure, but the real problem may be that you’re afraid to be alone, and the real solution may be learning to meditate.

Rushing to judgment.

When you don’t sit still with a problematic situation long enough, it’s easy to react emotionally and backtrack into subconscious memories of what worked in the past. The left brain has previous experiences and lessons catalogued, ready to assign them logically to any similar new situation. If you go too fast in your mental processing, you’ll likely end up with a reapplication of old knowledge that may be totally inappropriate. The situations that arise in each present moment are unique, and it’s your right brain that really knows what to do.

Blaming others or taking things personally.

When a fear surfaces and you feel contracted, hurt, or anxious, there’s a tendency to disown the feeling by attributing it to another person. “You made me feel this way. You caused my pain.” It’s just as easy to identify with the pain or the problem and say, “I am a terrible person because I’m intolerant of others.” Or “I am defective because I can’t feel intimacy.” Either way, you don’t engage with the pattern that’s trying to clear and you block the Flow.

Wanting life to be just one way.

It’s easy to forget about the oscillating nature of consciousness — how sometimes you’re clear and sometimes you’re confused, how sometimes your love radiates and sometimes your fear radiates. When you backslide or have a negative experience, you can blame and judge things, create a contraction of consciousness and energy, and lock it in with negative declarative statements. This is your left brain caught in a defensive, limiting, old-perception habit.

Remember that you are a jewel with many facets, and you contain the full range of humanity’s behavior, from the slimy to the sublime. You’re entitled to experience all of it! Don’t let your left brain become a tyrant.

Letting fear-flooding overwhelm and paralyze you.

Your subconscious mind is opening like Pandora’s box and freeing your little “demons.” In fact, every individual’s subconscious mind is opening, and so are the collective subconscious minds of countries, governments, churches, corporations, banks, militaries, and populations of people with similar experiences and morphic fields (e.g., abused women and children, soldiers, disrespected and mistreated elders, and soon). You are swimming in a vast cesspool of negative emotions.

When you’re not centered and alert, it’s easy to mistake other people’s negativity for your own.

Letting the ego fool you.

During the phase where your left and right brain are balancing and integrating, you’ll feel tossed around by your left brain in its ego mode, which is resisting the idea of relinquishing control. The ego can flash through a veritable strobe-light movie of clever behaviors to get its way, from seduction to reasoning, to domination, to intimidation, to direct attack, to abandonment, and back to charm and self-effacement. It will aim these narcissistic behaviors at you and others.

Don’t make the mistake of believing the ego or identifying with its point of view.

Not letting the ego “die.”

As your ego relinquishes control, you may enter a period marked by a strange flatness. You might feel you’re in Limboland — that not much matters anymore and perhaps you are going to die soon, and that’s OK. You’re not depressed or sad, just flat. You’re not even apathetic. In effect, you’re “detoxing,” or coming down from a life lived via willpower. Without willpower, who are you? Without superiority and specialness, who are you? Without cleverness and emotional manipulation, who are you? This is another trick of the ego.

Just keep on being, and see what emerges from each new moment. As you let your right brain be the master and your left brain be the assistant, your world lights up in a new way.

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Leap of Perception: The Transforming Power of Your Attention  by Penney Peirce As the world increases in frequency, we’re embracing the idea that life improves when we develop our own human abilities to work with energy and sophisticated perception. In Leap of Perception, you’ll learn new ways of using your attention that will become normal in the Intuition Age. The result of this transformative leap of perception will be many “new human” abilities that previously were thought to be supernatural, and a deep understanding of multidimensional life, where death as we know it no longer exists and there is no “other side.”

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