Mastering and Radiating The Resonance Of Unconditional Love

Mastering and Radiating The Resonance Of Unconditional Love
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Radiating the resonance of unconditional love is the intention of all those who have attracted this message. You have come forth to teach one another to stay with the love, no matter what the conditions hold. You are love expressing and experiencing itself. This unconditional love stuff is the stuff of which you are made. It is the core of your very being. It is the highest, fastest frequency of vibration that you can exude while being physically incarnate.

When you resonate anywhere away from that core being, you will know it by the way that you feel. Unconditional love matches the vibration of your Inner Being, Higher Self or Oversoul.

You more fully sense your Inner Being as you tap into the frequency that feels good. When you feel good you are glorifying God/Goddess, All-That-Is! You recognize your connection to the eternal Source of all things wonderful, therefore you feel wonder-filled. It is really that simple. A lover is what you came here to be. And when you are not being a lover to self first, by staying connected and feeling good, you are not being who you know yourself to be.


As you start to play with this state of being an unconditional lover, you may find that it is simply not that simple...unless, of course, you make it easy, by being conscious of radiating this frequency of vibration at all times. This is what masters do.

Now it is time to recognize that the master dwells within your soul. Be that calm master within who is infinitely poised, centered, still and silent. Shed light on negative emotions. Know that those places that hold fear instantly respond to the flow of love.

A Key to Transformation

When conditions present themselves as less than ideal in your view, what do you do? One way is to try to get by, by not reaching too high. You can attempt to harmonize with the reality you see. Why limit yourself to this version of what could be? For there is another way, a lighter way to play. Masters love to face what is in their face, because they know what is in their face is in their vibration.

And this is a key to transformation. Undesirable conditions don't control your experience. They are outside of you, and all your control comes from within. When you look at what you don't want, you draw those things to you. Connection is creation. So, connect to what you do want!

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Resonate, Resonate, Resonate

Unconditional love has nothing to do with putting up with conditions that are not the way you want them to be. That is conditional love. You must resonate with conditions the way you want them to be. As you do this, realities that do not represent you will fade away.

Masters beam the dream as a broadcasting signal, no matter what conditions appear to be real. They know that if they hold their light on desirable conditions, they access their infinite power to manifest preferred realities.

Most of you want conditions to change so that you can feel good. That is magic in reverse. Cast this spell and you will do well: Find a way to feel good so the conditions can change. As you follow your heart and change the inner view, the outer will follow through.

Exercise Your Power As Creator!

If conditions are not acceptable, what would be acceptable? What kind of conditions would you love to see, personally or for humanity? Exercise your power as creator! As you exercise anything, it gets stronger. Imagine what a better life looks like. It is the most joy-filled step you can take towards the growth and evolution of your soul.

No matter how you have been conditioned, you can move mountains of unconditional love forward by tapping into the constant flow of love, under any and all conditions. There you will always find your Source. When you keep returning to the love, no matter what, you become saturated in that love. Life becomes increasingly easy and effortless.

As you stay with being and beaming the lover that you are, by imagining things that are the highest representation of you and others, you are radiating the resonance of unconditional love.

What Masters Know...

Masters know that the way they feel determines the strength of their connection to their natural state of well-being. They have integrated the life-giving principle within: conceive ideas, nurture their growth and give birth to same. They lovingly allow all things to be in their own time and place, starting with themselves.

Masters know that true freedom comes from the release of resistance. They allow the manifestation of something to be their guiding light, to show them how they were thinking and feeling. They enjoy the process of creation and do not condemn their creations, because they see the correlation between their energy output and their experiential outcome.

Masters take responsibility for their creations, knowing there can be no blame. They honor the secret wisdom they hold, by casting spells rather than pearls of wisdom before their time. They know that no One needs saving. They allow others their experiences. They teach through example. And in their wisdom, they know that in this Youniverse, there are no victims, only awesome creators.

The above was excerpted with permission.
Published by Serious Comedy Publications,
PO Box 747, Tujunga, CA 91043. ©1998.

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Merlin's Message : Reawakening and Remembering
by Marelin the Magician.

Merlin's Message by Marelin the Magician. Author Marelin, who believes that "living a magical life" is every person's birthright, presents a fun and simplified interpretation of sacred Universal principles that have been the basis of mystery school teachings throughout the ages. "Merlin's Message" is a conscious person's guide to reawakening and remembering that magic is our natural state. This compact, yet power-packed book weaves age-old wisdom in a timely message for humankind. As a comprehensive handbook that literally fits in your hand, "Merlin's Message" reveals insights into not only how individuals create their realities, but how they can deliberately create the realities they most want to experience. In a playful, rhythmic style, this book cuts right to the heart of how any of us can live a more magical life.

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About The Author

Marelin the MagicianMarelin the Magician is a professional medium, one who loves empowering others, and believes in living a magical life. In Marelin's words, "we are all magicians who sometimes forget how truly powerful we are." She and her mate founded "The Creating Camelot Club", an ongoing forum online at for those who want to integrate the information more fully in daily life. The above was excerpted with permission from "Merlin's Message" ©1998, published by Serious Comedy Publications, PO Box 747, Tujunga, CA 91043.

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