Changing Your Self-Image Changes the Mirror of Your Experiences

Changing Your Self-Image Changes the Mirror of Your Experiences

The image you hold of yourself determines your success or failure in everything. Ponder it for a moment. What do you really think about yourself? Do you like you? Are you able to think of yourself as one who succeeds in all or most objectives, or does the idea that you can't do it dominate your conscious thoughts?

If you have accepted an idea of inferiority concerning your looks, your talents, or your ability to make and keep friends or be successful, then you better stop and rethink your position. Be assured, in many ways, you are quite extraordinary. You are different. There is no other single being in the universe exactly like yourself. You innately have talents and new approaches to reality that no one else can match!

Know that every soul in human form is divine. Some human souls display the radiance of their identity and divinity more clearly than others; it is their time and their season. Yours is only a thought and an action away!

You Have No Limitations

It is an infinite truism -- you have no limitations except the ones you have accepted and thus imposed upon yourself. That same truth applies to myself and all other human beings anywhere in any universe. Your beliefs help to create every seeming reality you experience. There are no exceptions. This is again one of the universal laws of nature at constant work within all of you.

Do you really know what beliefs you hold hidden within you? Very few in human form do! Once we examine and discard the false beliefs we hold about ourselves and the seeming reality around us, the sooner our limitations will disappear. The truth does make us free! Face and forget what you have for so long falsely believed.

False Beliefs, True Beliefs

In a limited three-dimensional reality, a false belief is just as powerful as a true belief. However, the instant you stop giving your power -- meaning your life energy or focus -- to a false belief, it ceases to hold any power over you or over your worldly affairs. Energy follows thought, so what you give life to lives within you and your world. On the other hand, what you cease to give life to must die out of your conscious reality and world.

Every single human being in this majestic universe has been given the unique gift of free choice. What an incredibly divine gift, for it thereby makes us equal co-creators with God. Because of free choice, we each live in the kind of world we have chosen to live in. It is solely my belief or knowingness that produces my thoughts and their appropriate limited or unlimited feelings, my limited or unlimited and self-created physical body, and my limited or unlimited self-created physical world that I find myself in. The same statement applies to yourself. Your create your attitude, your body, your world, for good or for not-so-good, or worse.

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Beliefs Have Power

Why do beliefs have so much power? Because they stem from ideas and thoughts, which are the primary origin reality we are able to know and experience. A belief affixes itself into three dimensional reality from either end of its duality. One end, or one face, is polarized into faith or knowingness, and the other face within this pair of opposites is the face of fear or doubt! Either one of these two equally strong electric states of consciousness is able to move and change your world. Fear is equally powerful to faith. Either state brings equivalent construction or destruction.

Remember, energy follows thought. Take care of what you fear, for your fear may bring itself into your reality! Knowing this, doesn't it behoove us to stop giving our precious life energy to ancient habits of supporting foolish fears?

Free Choice: Faith or Fear

God gifted us with priceless free choice. When you know the difference between the two faces of faith and fear, would you choose to remain fearful? Our focus deserves to be on an open mind, not a closed one, on productive good thoughts and feelings, not on self-destructive and annoying or nagging fears and doubts.

Stop warring with yourself! Peace does not come from hating war. That only adds more hatred into life. Peace comes from loving peace. Stand up before the awesome mirror of your consciousness. Decree that you are not weak! You are not inferior! You are not inadequate! All these false beliefs must be left behind. Give them no more energy by denial either. Simply know these have been false assumptions held about yourself in the past. These negative experiences belong only to the past. You now know better. Let them serve only as valuable lessons. Don't carry any regrets about what you have done in past ignorance and innocence. The lesson was don't do it again! Give thanks that you are wiser now, instead.

What Do You Believe About Yourself?

If you strongly believe you are a loser, or a weak and inferior person, or inadequate in any way, your right-down-to-earth experiences will mirror it. You have learned, or are learning now through experience, that your beliefs -- true or false -- have great power. Why then not make a pact with yourself now? Question every single old belief you ever held or are holding now, as well as all of these new ones coming your way. If you do this, using your own God-given reason as the guidepost, you will master and control your world. You will be the arbiter, the ruler of your destiny!

Remember, your mind is a container. Garbage in, garbage out! Get rid of the old garbage and refuse to allow any more old garbage that limits you in any way. Your self-image is highly important. If you truly love yourself first, then you will also be able to love others. If you distrust yourself, you will distrust others. What a choice! You experience what you give to life.

You Get What You Give!

There is one last pertinent universal law concerning our current theme of self-image. You get what you give! The converse is also law. You lose what you hold! Think this through. If these laws are true, and I know they are, would it not be wise to give yourself the very best, instead of the worst in life? Why debit yourself, when you can just as easily credit yourself with sublime love, unlimited wealth, superb health, a zestful vitality, and on-going self-success?

Remember, there is always some kind of "time lag" between a thought and the precipitation of that idea materially. So for a time, look beyond the world of seeming appearance. The law always prevails, form must conform to consciousness. In due time, the old and now undesirable state of your false being will disappear. The differently knowing and focused new you will stand tall, triumphant, and victorious over all! Your newly accepted self-image now allows you to be an awakening god-woman or god-man on earth! I would say that giving thanks would be appropriate.

Reprinted with permission. Published by Samuel Weiser,
sourcYork Beach, ME. ©1992.

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by Dr. Michael J. Russ.

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Dr. Michael J. RussDr. Michael J. Russ is the author of ten self-improvement books. He is a former professional basketball player, published songwriter, television host of his own series, The Mysteries of Life, and has taught psychology at the University of Humanistic Studies in San Diego, California. In 1984, he was awarded the distinguished Bronze Halo Award by The Southern California Motion Picture Council, for his contribution as an author, lecturer, philanthropist, and humanitarian. Visit his website at


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