You Are Magnificent

You Are Magnificent. Here's a few ways to remember and remind yourself of your magnificence:


  • You are responsible for all your feelings.

  • Never put yourself down.

  • Never think or say anything negative about yourself.

  • Tune into the inner guidance that is with you 24 hours a day — that loving guidance that's always there to support and guide you.

  • Dependence on external things happens because knowledge of your own Higher Self, the light within, is ignored. To have this knowledge, you have to practice.

  • Take a few minutes everyday, a few times a day if possible, and practice loving yourself, tuning into the loving light within and honoring your divinity.

  • Take a walk out in nature and feel your connectedness with everything around you. Breathe deeply.

  • Practice with great reverence.


Article Source:

Choose To Live Each Day Fully by Susan Smith Jones.Choose To Live Each Day Fully
by Susan Smith Jones.

Excerpted by permission of the publisher, Celestial Arts. ©1994.

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About The Author

Susan Smith Jones

Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D. is the author of hundreds of magazine articles and several books,Choose To Live Peacefully" (also available as an audio book), Wired to Meditate (audio book), and A Fresh Start: Accelerate Fat Loss & Restore Youthful Vitality. As a wellness consultant, Susan is a frequent guest on radio and television talk shows across the country and a motivational speaker to corporate, community, and church groups. She has also been teaching fitness at UCLA for over 30 years. Visit her website:

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