Do You Know Your A B C s and How To Live Them?

Do You Know Your A B C s and How To Live Them?
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A is for acceptance of myself and others... anywhere, anytime, anyone, always.

B is for blamelessness and removing blame from my perceptions... getting in touch with the heart before lashing out, blaming, or being belligerent.

C is for compassion for everyone everywhere... caring with courage, consideration, and comfort.

D is for detachment and letting others be themselves... devotedly choosing to follow your heart's direction.

E is for expressing myself with love... every time, everywhere, with everyone.

F is for freedom to be true to my divine nature.... fprever.

G is Godliness, living it and seeing it everywhere... goodness directed towards the higher good.

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H is for harmony within and without... hearing the messages from the heart and having the courage to act on them.

I is for intuition and listening to mine while respecting yours... insights in everyday life.

J is for journaling and writing down my feelings, dreams, and thoughts... just because I'm worth it.

K is for kindness toward humans and animals too... being kind, kinder, kindest.

L is for Love, always and for all... ;living with love in our heart for the child in everyone.

M is for mindfulness and paying attention to my thoughts... monitoring the monkey mind's chatter.

N is for Now, the only time there is... nothing exists but now.

O is for others and loving them as they are... choosing love over and above our fears and doubts.

P is for positive attitudes towards all... patience, positivity, perseverance in reaching for a more loving life.

Q is for questions and asking them as I go... seeing life as a quest for truth, love, and appreciation.

R is for response-ability in all of my life... really choosing to respond in the highest way possible.

S is for serenity, my choice each and every day... soothing, serene, synchronicity.

T is for thankfulness for the great and the small... making gratitude and thankfulness the truth of my existence.

U is for Universe, the One I adore... remembering that U and I together make up the Universe.

V is for value which I recognize in all... Valuing myself and the people around me.

W is for willingness to be the best I can be... with every breath I take.

X is for x-ray and making myself transparent... seeing my existence as a path to and through Love.

Y is for yielding to the flow of life... not yearning for yesterday, but focusing on today, right here and now.

Z is for zest as I live life with enthusiasm... from A to Z.

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