Becoming A More Idealized Version of Ourselves

Becoming A More Idealized Version of Ourselves
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In this stage of the Ascension process, we are becoming first and foremost 5D humans. Fifth-dimensional humans are different from 5D beings. Fifth-dimensional beings are no longer affected by the polarity of the third and fourth dimensions and therefore are more idealized versions of ourselves. On the other hand, 5D humans live in a denser (more physical) human form and live on this planet.

The essential characteristics of both 5D forms are the same: being unconditionally loving of oneself and all others, knowing that we are all one and are part of this vast interconnected web of consciousness of all that is, and therefore honoring all expressions of creation. We have highly developed empathic and psychic abilities and have access to remarkable levels of creativity.

As 5D humans, like our 5D being counterparts who understand that they are all playing their individual parts to support the whole, we know that we are part of a global team, here both to help with the awakening and healing of this planet and to hold this higher-dimensional frequency for the human collective. But we will still be affected by the polarity of light and dark, and thus still need to be in an ongoing process of owning, loving, and integrating our shadow; we will still be on a human journey.

As 5D humans we also differ from 5D beings because we experience the whole gamut of emotions. Fifth-dimensional beings are unlikely to have a need to deal with anger, fear, and grief.

As 5D humans we are unable to tolerate cruelty and harm to any living being. As an example, when talking about current events, I often say in a semi-joking way to my husband and close friends, “People don’t act like that on my planet.” This feels quite literal to me. It is baffling that people here are so cruel to one another.

People who are connected to a 5D frequency of consciousness find it enormously strange that anyone would lie and cheat, rape and torture, start wars, terrorize others, create or ignore cruelty and injustice, and even abuse their own children! Although I can find that this all exists in my shadow, simultaneously it feels so foreign and bizarre to me. Why would people act this way? Why don’t they want to be kind and loving? It makes no sense that we would choose to do these things that create such pain.

Healing Our Emotional Body

From our 3D human perspective, we might be able to blame the state of things on those nasty film directors in 4D who are just having fun with us, but remember, they are just expressions of another form of ourselves, and we do not have to follow their script. Part of the reason they have been able to manipulate so many of us so -effectively is that if we have not healed our emotional wounds, we are easily manipulated through fear, unprocessed anger, and a sense of insecurity and inadequacy.

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Conversely, 5D humans have figured out how to integrate their shadows and how to calm their fears without projecting them onto others. Fifth-dimensional humans have figured out how to identify, express, and release anger and grief. They have essentially healed their hearts and stepped into their sovereignty.

Before we can activate that 5D human, before we can live more from our 5D nesting doll than from our ego-driven 3D nesting doll, we must heal our emotional body. If you have not done deep therapy yet or engaged in other processes to help you do this, it is time to go for it. You may be able to propel yourself into 5D through intention and spiritual development because 5D is about unconditional love, but the irony here is that, while our fifth-dimensional form is not bound by emotions (it does not function from that feeling or emotional place), you cannot be a 5D human without healing those parts of yourself. Otherwise, you are in a spiritual bypass where part of you remains split off.

The Universe Is Evolving

The universe is vast beyond our wildest imagination. We play, no doubt, a very small role, but as is always true, we play a role that, no matter how small, is still vital to the well-being and the development of the whole. Our task, as I see it now, is to transform the Earth plane by bringing something new from our experience into a denser frequency: as 5D humans who have lost our innocence, we can now find our way back, but on a higher rung of the spiral, where the depth of our hearts has expanded through the emotional healing journey we have had to take.

The most important characteristic of being a 5D human is to live from the heart. The heart must be healed and opened for this to occur. One must learn to listen to the language of the heart instead of the language of the mind. The mind must become a servant, just as the ego must. These become ongoing tools for the 5D human to use.

A 5D human does not make decisions without first running them through their heart. Again, we can engage the mind, we can make a list of pros and cons, but it is only through learning to feel into something, and to feel if the heart is in harmony with what we are intuitively sensing, that we can make the evolved decisions necessary to support ourselves and the planet.

Understanding Ourselves as Holograms

Many years ago, I attended an art exhibit in New York City displaying holographic images. I learned that while the images were made with lasers projected onto a glass plate, if you broke off a small piece of that plate, the whole image would be present in that piece. For example, if you break off a piece of a plate that, with lasers, is generating a three-dimensional holographic image of a horse, the piece will contain the entire 3D horse, just a fainter version.

I realized the same process is true for emotional patterns. When we work at breaking a core emotional pattern, the pattern itself does not disappear; it simply gets fainter and has less and less power over our lives. In understanding this, I realized that we are holographic, and we are part of a larger hologram, which is our world, and an even larger hologram, which is our universe.

Connecting with Our Center, Our Essence

The more conscious awareness we have of our multidimensionality, the more in charge of ourselves we can become. Clearly, though, the first order of business is to connect with our center, to connect with our essence, that part of us that is at our core. This is the eternal part, which is not affected by frequency, trauma, desire, or even time. It is the point of pure stillness and our sacred link to the Divine. And it is the place where we can meet our multidimensional nature without getting overwhelmed. Clearly, it is the place beyond our individual egos.

When you have a strong connection to this core, you are ready to explore your vastness without fear of being thrown off balance. Of course, it is not necessary to explore every lifetime or even every dimensional expression of yourself on the 9D axis. It is only necessary to explore other lifetimes if they are relevant to what needs to be healed in the now, or if they hold some gifts and talents you might not otherwise be able to access but can use now in the present. As for the 9D vertical axis, the important thing is for you to understand your 3D, 4D, and 5D nature because now in our evolution our journey is simply to become 5D humans.

It is important to breathe into your core daily. This can be as simple a process as taking three deep centering breaths, which quiets the mind and relaxes the body, or as elaborate as hours of meditation. How you get there does not matter, but connecting with that core part of yourself daily does.

Take a minute to assess how this works in your life. Can you tell when you are connected to your core? If not, it is time to take a yoga class taught by a spiritually developed teacher or to learn to meditate in any myriad number of ways, as long as they work for you. Guided meditation is also a way to access your core, or reading certain books, or doing trance dance. It also may be time to work with a skilled and evolved therapist who can help you clear out emotional and mental resistances.

You will know when you have connected with that core because you will feel the stillness. Some of you will even hear the stillness. You will feel peace permeate your entire body. You will feel your heart soft, open, and loving. Your mind will be quiet. Consciously breathing is always key for entering into a relationship with your core.

If that relationship already exists for you, use a daily practice to strengthen that connection. That may be as simple as stopping and taking those deep centering breaths. Whenever we are able to contact that core part of us, we then are able to open more effectively to our vastness, to our multidimensional nature.

You Are More Than Your Ego

From your core, you experience yourself as more than your ego. You notice if there are emotions or old wounds getting in the way of your inner peace and keeping you stuck. You access all the resources needed to neutralize the duality in 4D (a huge number of resources are available to all of us to aid us in this journey), and in that neutralization you free yourself from psychic and emotional bondage. Then your cells can fill with more light and your 5D expression can take hold.

You will find judgments, of both yourself and others, begin to dissolve. For me, I have become skilled at noticing the feeling I get if I am in a judgmental place. Once I notice, I have several techniques at my disposal to neutralize this. Our 5D human selves are centered in unconditional love and have no use for judgment or self-judgment. It simply does not match the frequency.

As we learn to recognize and neutralize our -judgments—and not judge ourselves for having them!—we automatically raise our frequency and move closer to living more consistently from our 5D expression. A warning, though: sometimes it appears that there are even more judgments as we are going through this process. However, it is not that their quantity increases but that our awareness of judgment has increased.

Our core exists outside any cultural conditioning. Our core exists outside the cultural trance we have been brought up with and can easily find ourselves in or slip into. Our core exists outside any anxiety, depression, grief, guilt, or shame that our egos might throw our way. Our core is our natural connection to our divinity.

Other terms to identify ourselves as 5D humans are sacred human, divine human, conscious human, and the like. I use the term 5D human because it is very specific: the term describes a human who is able to operate mostly from the frequency of the fifth dimension and therefore embody 5D characteristics and yet still be grounded on Earth. These 5D characteristics closely parallel a human who has surrendered their ego and consistently comes from the heart and operates for the greater good.

It is interesting to me that our use of language has shifted in recent years, showing us that these concepts are making their way into our culture. We frequently hear people now talking about opening their hearts, living from their hearts, or tuning in to the wisdom of their hearts. These are signs that as a species (or at least part of the species), we are moving into 5D consciousness.

Progressing From Separation to Oneness

Think about this for a moment. People used to use phrases like use your head. Now we encourage people to get out of their heads and into their hearts. Of course, there is room for our intellect, but we understand now that intellect needs to be the servant of the heart, rather than the heart being the servant of the intellect, or worse, being irrelevant to it.

In 3D, we were thrust into separation. As patriarchy took hold, this became more and more the norm. Indigenous tribes who were living in oneness, who understood the sacredness and the consciousness in all things, were seen as a stumbling block to progress and systematically and often viciously had their culture wiped out.

Rather like an addict hitting bottom, it seems that we have had to come close to decimating the planet and most of the people on it before we have finally become ready to reverse the devolution and, together, begin to ascend in earnest.

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Activating Your 5D Frequency: A Guidebook for the Journey into Higher Dimensions by Judith Corvin-BlackburnWe are in a time of great transition. Higher frequency light is flooding our planet, awakening large numbers to reclaim our original nature as fifth-dimensional humans. As 5D humans, we live from our heart’s wisdom, from Unity Consciousness, unconditional love, and unbridled creativity. 5D humans have highly developed inner senses of empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, and clairsentience--qualities that are opening for many as we go through this dimensional shift. While this journey is exciting, its demands can be overwhelming. In this hands-on guide to activating the 5D potential lying dormant in our DNA, Judith Corvin-Blackburn shows us how to navigate the Ascension process, including how to handle emotions, resistances, and fears and welcome our 5D frequencies.

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Judith Corvin-Blackburn, LCSW, DMin,Judith Corvin-Blackburn, LCSW, DMin, has been a practicing transpersonal psychotherapist for more than 40 years. She is the author of 3 books, a Shamanic Minister, a nationally recognized teacher, and cofounder of the Shamanic Multidimensional Mystery School. Visit her website:

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