The Most Common Issues for Earth Angels: Love, Fear, and Trust

The Most Common Issues for Earth Angels: Love, Fear, and Trust

Questions about love are perhaps the most common issues I come across. For example: Why am I not loved? Why am I alone? Why did he leave me? Where is this relationship going? Central to these issues is the relationship between the individual and their inner child, and the emotional wounds left over from childhood and past lives that block us from experiencing love.

When I work with people with love issues, I take them on an inner journey to their relationship with their inner child. I teach them how to love and nurture that child the way they wanted it to be when they were younger. If there are emotional wounds, which there are in almost every case, I help them remove the energetic components of those scars from their physical body.

Focus On One Thing: Love

In many cases, men and women have a laundry list of wants, such as career, car, money, house, and lover. They want to look a certain way and be a certain person. Usually the wants and desires are unrealistic and a bit daunting for anyone to measure up to. I teach my clients to let the laundry list go and focus on one thing: love.

When we are in love, everything else falls into place. It is the natural order and balance of this world. We are not here to suffer but to experience and ultimately know our true selves.

An Earth Angel's Path of Service

As you experience being an earth angel, you will discover that the path of service is riddled with deep feelings. We are in service at all times, and we need to set an example to other earth angels. If you are living with dysfunction, and your life is not in balance, you need to seek out a teacher and heal within. We cannot serve others when we are ourselves are out of balance.

Earth angels know that all our relationships start within ourselves. If we treat ourselves with no respect, it’s quite likely that we will attract someone who is disrespectful toward us.

The Three Roles We Act Out Throughout Our Lives

We act out three roles throughout our lives. We are the mother, father, and the inner child at all times and in all conversations. Being aware of these different parts is one of the keys to understanding our experience here on Earth.

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This triad of characters dominates our stage. We can change productions, choreograph a new show, find another director, but it will all end the same way because of our patterns, cycles, and karma. When we recognize this, heal those wounds, and change the patterns, we can achieve breakthroughs and transformation.

Letting Go of Blame and Fault

It often seems that we blame our parents for all our troubles. But there are no faults. Parents are the children of other parents, and so the cycle goes on and on. We often end up parenting without any guidance or help. There’s no manual available to helps us parent.

In the same way, there is no manual to teach us at 18 years old how to parent our inner child. We must rely on our courage and inner guidance. The earth angel has the opportunity to set the stage, doing the inner work and, by example, parent their own inner child. This inadvertently helps the people around them, even if they are not ready. As more and more earth angels gather to be in service, the consciousness starts to shift, helping people to tackle their biggest fears.

When earth angels are in service, they deal with all kinds of people with all kinds of personal issues. Not surprisingly, the issues that come up are ones that the earth angel is dealing with, and they are present in the collective. Earth angels that have done extensive inner work are more able to step back and observe where another person is coming from.

Proper training with a teacher and dedication to a meditation practice all help the earth angel to develop their gifts and utilize them appropriately. Unfortunately, earth angels have to be prepared to go through the fires of transformation and recognize that karma always plays a part in the development of the earth angel’s abilities.

Conscious Practices for Earth Angels

Meditation is the foundation for all earth angels. Creating a platform of peace allows the earth angel to discern while helping others. Keeping your meditation going while you are walking, talking, and moving through your day is important to maintaining a higher frequency.

1) We can raise our vibration by closing our eyes and seeing ourselves holding ourselves as a newborn baby:

Allow your heart to open and fill the baby up with love. See the baby’s heart open and fill you up with love. Now see yourself standing in front of you, loving the picture of you loving the baby and the baby loving you. This is done slowly, with your breath filling your lungs and exhaling completely. We can continue to see ourselves over and over, loving this picture and expand­ing our auric field. This raises the frequencies and keeps your energy protected.

2) Another useful practice is reweaving the etheric web, which surrounds your auric field about six feet out from your body. All it takes is your focus and putting your mind on it. Simply say in your mind:

I am now reweaving my etheric web. This is done automatically, and if you notice any holes or tears you can use a gold or silver thread to repair it. This is also a great protection for the energy field.

3) Asking the Divine for the blue light of protection will also keep you safe when you are working on others. If you are a healer, make sure you put blue light gloves on and shield your wrists, elbows, and shoulders with protection. After you have worked on a client, always wash your hands with cold water. Use cedar to smudge and clear your auric field each time you work.

If you do not clear yourself, you are collecting other people’s energy on your hands, arms, and without shields right into your body. If you work on someone who has cancer or a disease, this is dangerous. Earth angels must be responsible and protect themselves.

4) When as an earth angel you feel ready, you can ask the archangels to help you to be in the appropriate realm. You may feel the energy increase as you shift into the fourth realm. You can remain there during the course of the healing. You might experience coming back into the third realm and recognize you have shifted.

This is common, and each time you meditate you can ask to go back into the fourth realm with the help of the archangels. This is based upon your development and what is right for you at this time, with practice and meditation daily.

The Responsibilities of an Earth Angel

Each earth angel is responsible for what they do with their energy and gifts. Remember when we cross over we are not asked about the badges we earned and how much money we made; we are asked how much did we love and did we love those people around the world as much as we loved our children, mother, father, sisters, and brothers?

The earth angel loves everyone unconditionally.

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by Sonja Grace.

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