Is There Separation Between Who You Are At Work and At Home?

Is There Separation Between Who You Are At Work and At Home?

Every soul is here to do something, whether that’s to evolve, to rest, or on rare occasions, simply to exist. However, we can’t check out until we’ve accomplished our job in this life. For me, I explain free will as follows: “You can be happy or miserable, but you will  walk the path that you and the Uni­verse agreed upon before you entered this physical form.”

There’s a strange disconnect there, between free will and the soul path. The soul path almost seems to imply that there’s no such thing as free will, but that’s not what I believe. We have a path, we have a goal, but how we get there is up to us.

We can be happy or sad, but at the end of our lives, we will  have accomplished what we needed to accomplish. We’re always on path, always on purpose. If we don’t like our lives, then we must change our perception. Everything else follows.

And this is also where intuition comes into play. When we trust our intuition, we’re simply following our soul path. The two are intrinsically linked, and it’s impossible for one to be correct while the other is false.

Never Take Anything Said Personally, Good Or Bad

I was in fear mode, preaching only to the groups that wanted to hear me. I had not opened myself up to the groups that didn’t want to hear me. I realized that to stay on path, I needed to open myself to everyone, and I did so. Soon everyone began to find me—those who needed me, and those who disbelieved.

What did I learn? Never take anything said personally, good or bad. Every word is simply that, a word with no mean­ing other than what I give to it.

I’ve appeared on many national and international radio shows over the last eighteen years. On a few occasions, I received emails afterwards that said, “How dare you charge money for your services,” or, “You are a blight on society.” I would reply, “Thank you for your opinion, for telling me your feelings.”

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I learned that if I wasn’t making someone upset by what I said, then I probably wasn’t fully doing my job. The impor­tant thing was to validate their feelings, and not take it per­sonally, nor reply with words that would cause a clog in my body. Remember: any anger or hurt would be stored in my body, not theirs.

Integrating Unconditionalism Through Non-Ego and Non-Judgment

To integrate unconditionalism through non-ego and non-judgment into your life, there should be no separation between who you are at work, or anywhere else, and who you are as a person.

I act the same no matter what role I am in—facilita­tor, woman, mother, or teacher. Americans, especially, sub­scribe to a theory that they are one way from nine to five, and another way at home.

Resist that thinking. If you are segmented, you are less than a whole person.

Walking In A Loving State Every Minute Of The Day

I once visited a little boy with cancer in a hospital, where a Reiki master and a therapeutic touch practitioner stood in the room, having worked on the little one all day. I walked in and touched the little boy.

The other two said, “Wait! You didn’t protect yourself! You didn’t ground yourself.”

I looked at them and said, “You are both hypocrites if you are not walking in a loving state every minute of the day.”

Think about it: if you need to stop to protect yourself, then you are allowing fear to be a part of your life. If you understand that none of us is solid, then you know that dis­ease is simply a vibration.

Self-protection is a form of shutting down, and it comes from fear. It’s a misnomer, because there is nothing to protect yourself from. You cannot take on someone else’s problem. Personal responsibility means being responsible for how you conduct all of your life. Be congruent. Open up.

If I am laying of hands on someone for healing, I want that same energy and feeling to go to someone I casually touch in the grocery store. Why should it be any different?

There Is No “Why,” There Just “Is”

Years ago, I received a phone call early in the morning from a father who shared the sad news that his son was dying. Having worked with the young boy for a few months, I had promised him that I would be with him when he passed.

And so I sadly got into my vehicle and drove to the hos­pital to assist a family as their seven-year-old son was dying of leukemia. I held him in my arms, sang to him, talked to his parents. There was so much love in that room, it was phenomenal.

After he died, his parents and I spent some time in prayer, and talked. The overall question from the parents was, “Why?” Unfortunately, on a human level, there is no “why,” there just “is” — an incredibly hard concept for parents who just lost the most precious thing in their life.

As we talked and they began to understand that their son hadn’t left, he’d simply changed forms, it became easier for them to cope. The grief was still enormous, but their understanding helped take the raw hurt away.

I left the hospital and stopped by the post office on my way home. Inside was an older woman who just looked so sad. When I first spotted her, I realized how lonely and aban­doned she felt. No one appreciated her, or took time for her. Maybe she was eccentric, or not too intelligent, but for what­ever reason, she did not feel validated as a human being by her friends and family.

Her vibrant blouse matched her eyes, so I walked over to her and told her so. She instantly smiled, thanked me, took my hand, and told me I was her angel. I smiled, and we spoke for a few minutes. That brief conversation — that tiny exchange of energy from me to her — gave her validation of who she was: a beautiful, intelligent soul.

What did it give me? It gave me a smile, a happy essence to know that just a few minutes had changed her perception of life.

Giving Unconditional Love 24 Hours A Day

Back at home, I took a shower and got ready for a date. My male friend was attentive, showering me with roses, a beautiful dinner, and a truly magical evening of intimacy and a sharing of incredible energies. He gave, I gave, and between the two of us, we created energies of joy, bliss, nurturing, and love.

At the end of that day, it occurred to me that no one had received any different energy from me — not the little boy who passed, not his parents, not the older woman, and not my date. Every single one of them had received identical energy flow from me.

Why? Because none of us knows what will happen to those that we come in contact with. Who gave me the right to unconditionally love one over another? Who told me that I could make a conscious choice as to who deserved more of me than another?

Every single person that I come in contact with in this world deserves all of me — not part of me, but every molecule.

©2014 by Patti Conklin. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission of the publisher: Rainbow Ridge Books.

God Within: The Day God's Train Stopped by Patti Conklin.Article Source:

God Within: The Day God's Train Stopped
by Patti Conklin.

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