Healing The Birth Energy Flow Between Mother and Child

Healing The Birth Energy Flow Between Mother and Child

Birth is not a separation, where we lose the close internal bond with our child, and neither is it like holding onto their energy as if it were a kite string. Instead, the birth energy flows like a river through a woman’s body to her child.

In a child’s early years, the birth energy flow is coupled with the intensive physical connection of holding, nursing, and caring for a child. But as children grow, they move farther into the world, and this bond becomes less physical and more energetic. Wherever we are in our mothering journey, we can continue to gift our children with a strong energy current by focusing on the river of energy between us. We may send this birth energy in meditation, with a touch or quiet nod, to soothe a frustration or infuse their life with blessing in any moment.

Can You Feel It Now?

When one of my sons prepared for a fifth-grade overnight trip, we discussed the approaching separation. I have noticed that parenting with connection, such as bed sharing, baby wearing, and prolonged nursing, makes for children who are not only secure but also more content to be in the home. The thought of a night away may stretch their comfort level.

I invited my son to close his eyes and feel the river of energy running between us. “Can you feel it?” I asked him. “Yes!” was his enthusiastic response. I told him to sense into this connection whenever he missed home, because it was always there to support him.

The thread of life between you and your child can be a source of sustenance for both of you as your child moves further into the world. The child can receive this potential, and you can give support by sending an offering of energy to them from this place.

Going From Worry to the Protection of a Blessing

There are many worries as a parent. Whenever a worry arises, try sending your child a blessing along this birth flow. Worry tends to contract and restrict energy, while blessings align and enhance its flow. In fact, a mother’s worry about her child may cause her to unintentionally hold onto the birth energy in an attempt to hold back and “protect” her child. However, we cannot keep them from their lives. Worry will not make them safe.

Our best protection is our presence, and the power of the blessing energy from the spirit door. Sending a blessing can counter the effects of worry and bring helpful energies to any situation. We can also energize this connection with intentional bursts of love for our children and all children; they are the future, and the birth energy blesses their way.

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In mothering three children and working as a healer, I am more aware than ever how sensitive our babies and children are to the trauma or disruptions that may occur for them. In the face of this sensitivity, the feeling of responsibility can be paralyzing, lest a mother ever make a misstep in pregnancy, birth, or mothering that wounds her child. I want all mothers to know that along with this responsibility also comes abundant medicine and creative vitality, and we can find our inherent healing potential if we go to the center of ourselves.

Healing the Separation or Trauma of Birth

If there is a separation at birth from a trauma or even adoption, connecting to the birth flow, from womb to child, can assist the repair. I have worked with women whose children were taken for resuscitation at birth. These mothers can feel a sense of separation from their child, or a sense of chaos in the bond, as a result of the early trauma imprint.

I guide them through a birth flow meditation where they return, in their mind’s eye, to the moment just before the child’s birth. Then we sweep the trauma imprint away as if sweeping dust with a broom, seeing or sensing this energy moving down into the earth. After moving the trauma energy out of the birth field, they visualize the birth flow reconnecting them with their child.

After the session, I encourage them to send this birth energy as a blessing, in their mind’s eye, whenever they need assistance with this child or simply want to strengthen their bond. It is a powerful way for resetting this energy connection.

If a woman has more than one child, or even twins, she may notice a challenge in connecting with one that had a difficult birth or required medical assistance. As soon as she clarifies the birth field and repairs any energetic disruptions, these imbalances shift. The ease in her mother-child relationships will reflect this new potential. A mother can also tap into this birth flow to reinforce a positive connection with her child in any moment or with any challenge.

Healing any Disruptions from the Birth Experience

Healing The Birth Energy Flow Between Mother and ChildIf you have any imprint of disruption at birth, I suggest doing the following exercises for realigning the birth field and restoring the birth energy flow in order to correct these energetic effects. The birth energy can be realigned regardless of the circumstances of the birth event or present age of your child. You may do the exercises on your own or in the presence of your child. Then observe the changes in yourself and your child.

Allow your feelings to arise or tears to flow. Rather than framing birth into a “good” or “bad” experience, understand that each one assists your learning and growth. Once you heal the birth energy connection, use this meditation on a routine basis as one of your mothering tools.

Note: You may do the following meditation in order to set up an energetic birth field for a child who has been adopted, or to send blessings to a child you gave up for adoption.

Exercise: Realigning the Birth Field

1. For this meditation, first prepare a quiet space where you will be undisturbed. Reflect upon the experience and the energy of your birth event. Sense the quality of energy from the birth field. How does it feel? What do you notice? Are there any densities or contracted aspects? Remain neutral and simply observe with compassion.

2. Now engage the energy by sensing and seeing it with your inner eye. If there are aspects of fear or trauma, sweep them away as if sweeping the floor. Let any difficulties dissipate. See these imprints as dust or matter, and move them toward the earth with each sweep. If there were any disruptive people or practitioners at the birth, sweep their energy away. Clear any remorse, guilt, or grief as well. Restore the connection with your body; remember that your body birthed as best it was able. You need this beautiful body to mother your child; reclaim the potential of your creative center. Continue until the birth field is clear, filled with radiant light or a sense of ease.

3. When the field is clear, return to the place where you intended to give birth. Imagine yourself there in a safe and peaceful place, with the people whose presence you desire. Notice how it feels to be in your desired place; sink into the sensations of ease and comfort.

4. Begin to bless the birth field. Imagine a golden light moving in the air around you, bringing a divine energy that ignites the life force in all that it touches. See the space around your body responding to this light. Notice how it feels. Breathe toward the sacred energy of your birth field as it realigns. With your inner vision or senses, witness the pattern that emerges as the spirit door opens, and receive its blessing.

5. Continue with the next exercise, Restoring the Birth Energy Flow and Bond.

Exercise: Restoring the Birth Energy Flow and Bond

1. As the birth field realigns, now you may restore the birth energy flow.

2. Begin by sensing your child in the womb; see him or her in your mind’s eye and feel their energy. (If your child is adopted, sense him or her in the same way). Remember your child’s earliest beginning, held in the womb space. Also imagine your child as their present age, not in the womb but in the space around you. Let the energy between you both connect and align.

3. If your baby was separated from you at birth due to any intervention or trauma, sweep away all of the trauma or interference energy, and observe it dissipating or moving into the earth. In your mind’s eye, bring your baby back to your chest.

4. Now begin to breathe the energy through the spirit door, from your womb to your child. (If he or she is adopted, receive the energy for this child from the birth mother and give thanks for her sharing of this thread.) Continue to breathe the energy down through your womb and vagina, toward your baby. Sense the soul essence of your child moving through your center (and the spirit door). See the energy moving like a river of light through your body, touching your chest where your child would initially lie in the first moments after birth, and then outward to him or her at their present age. This river has no end; you are simply opening this current of life. Once it is flowing strongly, see the energy moving through your body and the birth field to your child, at present age, and filling their energy field. This is the life force that informs their essence and their journey, as well as your journey together. Witness the miracle of this light.

5. As the birth energy flows, notice your own energy field. Are you receiving the blessing of this energy? Any hesitations you might have to accept this path or become a mother, let them go. To inhabit your full mothering and creative potential, you must step fully through the spirit door with your child’s entry. Let the birth energy assist you; it contains infinite resources for making an inspired mothering pattern, when you release yourself into the flow. This energy can also assist the family in realigning; let this birth energy radiate into the whole family energy field. You may talk to your child, sharing your original desires for their birth and how the birth energy now contains a blessing for them.

6. Make an intention for your mothering and set it in this sacred birth space. Let the light of the spirit door reveal your next form. Always remember the potent medicine here; call upon this birth flow for inspiration and energy along the way.

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