The New Kids Have a Secret

The New Kids Know the Future...

For most of my adult life I’ve been asking questions of young people, “What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you want to marry? Do you see yourself ever becoming a parent?” The usual “I want to be a fireman [or a nurse] and have four kids” abruptly changed in the eighties. From then on, the answers I received came from a decided knowingness about things future:

One-third had no sense of living a full life (nothing morbid, just factual). None seemed worried about this, nor were they interested in assigning a reason.

Two-thirds had no intention of ever marrying, going to college, or becoming parents. They were more attracted to a simple life with few possessions or debt. (Remember, these kids can and do go in opposite directions at the same time. Even though they can be consumed by consumerism, they can just as easily walk away from the tenets of “success.”)

I started doing this long before the economic downturn. In the past few years, however, studies about the Millennial Generation (born from 1982 to 2001) now echo what I previously noticed. Generational researchers blame the two-thirds majority on the high divorce rate of parents and on the Great Recession, which most tag at beginning in 2006. In other words, they see the young as too spooked to plan long-term.

As a basic assessment, their explanation works; still, it does not address the comparison I can make between children of the ’60s and ’70s, and what I noticed with basically the same type of kids during the ’80s, ’90s, and early 2000s. The difference was a uniquely odd and eerie perspective.

And it was off-angled, as if they possessed a second set of eyes and another bank of memories tied closely to broad sweeps of time and space. Without meaning to, they behaved as if prognosticators of a future they already knew and had previously agreed on.

The New Kids Know the Future and Their Place In It

Wave after wave of children are coming in like this now. Many are quite open about it. They may not consciously know what will happen in their lifetime, yet somehow, in ways no one can fully understand, they do know the future and their place in it. This alarms parents, not kids.

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This odd perspective is attuned to what in esoteric traditions is called the natural order. Within this aegis they want to change the mainstream, or at least build parallels to it based on alternatives and sustainability measures that bypass the mainstream. They sometimes turn to telepathy to communicate with each other because it’s faster and easier, and consider intuitive/psychic promptings of importance. They listen to a guidance not their own.

Their Natural Order: Guidelines to Live By

Their version of the natural order is plain enough:

* You know what is right. It’s stamped in your heart.

* Return to an awareness of consequences. Are you aware? Do you care?

* Expect to live your life with others who are different from you. It’s okay.

* We all make mistakes. . . . Admit, apologize, correct, move on.

* Guilt serves no purpose. Blaming and obsessing are a waste of time.

* Your intention is who you are. No need to defend this.

* Life is about focus, who you are inside, your intention.

* There are no free passes. We’re all in this together.

Working with All Sides to Form Togetherness and Unity

The New Kids Know the Future...An immense plus -- that skirts the way leadership roles have been conducted in the past -- is their ability to form holons. A holon is a situation where opposing sides come together to accomplish a given task or project that is of mutual benefit for the greater good. [Editor's Note: from the greek holos, which means whole, entire, complete in all its parts.]

Young people understand that opposing forces are not going to change. Trying to get along usually backfires. Their idea of diplomacy differs in that they have no need for sameness. They want solutions that make things better. Their approach: get all sides together, figure out what needs to be done and how to pay for it, empower the people in the group to make work assignments and figure out details, do the work, finish the job.

By working together to accomplish a task at hand, progress becomes an organic mix of discovery — that opposing forces are really the same at their core. The greater good wins. No one changed, yet everyone changed. A holon was created. . . . The strength of a whole comes from the diversity of its many parts working together.

The New Children Hold Pain Deep Inside

Underlying all this is a secret: the new children hold pain deep inside. It’s as if they carry into this world all the suffering of past worlds, past lives, past identities, past histories of one sort or another. They seek permission to let this out, heal it.

Listen to what kids have to say. Listen deeply. As they heal, worlds of hurt heal. Give them permission to be who they are and they will help us heal the problems of a globe in transition.

Healing and Helping in the Name of the God of Love

All things move and have their being — their life — through what is termed the spiritual, that sense of a higher reality and a greater order. Our children are connected to this in a way previous generations were not. The older kids define spirituality as alchemy without props. Only a small fraction relate to church and the religious experience, and follow a preset dictum of behavior and belief.

Many of the others simply feel God, breathe God, know God, talk to God as an ever-present reality. They heal and help in the name of the God of Love they intimately know, as if this was part of their job specs in being alive. Even the differently ordered hold to this same sense of truth, as William Stillman says when speaking for those with autism in his small but powerful book The Soul of Autism.

In The Bond, Lynne McTaggart explains scientifically what the new kids are born knowing: “The idea of the individual is a fallacy.”

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