Children of the Light Have Very Little Tolerance for Dishonesty

Children of the Light Have Very Little Tolerance for Dishonesty

There is a new "breed" of humans among us, according to the angels. They are highly psychic, strong-willed, extremely imaginative, and they are here to usher in the new age of peace. These powerful and intuitive people have little tolerance for dishonesty, and they don't know how to cope with pointless discussions or meaningless tasks. After all, their souls elected to incarnate on Earth at this time so that they could teach others about the importance of speaking truthfully and living in harmony.

Who are these mystery people? They are frequently referred to as "Children of the Light," "Millennium Children", and "Indigo Children". They are individuals who were born in the 1980s and '90s so that they could reach adulthood by 2012, the predicted time of the new age of peace. An entire book, to which I am a contributing author, is available through Hay House on this topic. It is called Indigo Children, by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober.

The trouble is, these special children are growing up at the tail end of the old energy in which people still lie to each other, still compete because of a belief in limited resources, and still engage in meaningless activities. Without coping skills to deal with these residues of our soon-to-be-former civilization, these children feel raw and vulnerable.

For example, let's say that Bobby is a nine-year-old Child of the Light. As a youngster, he saw angels and communicated clearly with them. He often sees visions of the future, and he makes psychic predictions to friends and family members that prove accurate. Bobby is outspoken, and he doesn't mind sharing his opinion when he feels an injustice has occurred.

At school, Bobby has difficulty coping with what he perceives to be meaningless activities. He knows, deep in his soul, that the current educational system will be replaced with one more applicable to everyday living. Yet, he is living in the age of the current educational system, and he must find a way to cope. Fortunately, many of Bobby's peers feel exactly the same way, since they, too, are Children of the Light. So at least Bobby doesn't feel all alone.

Bobby intuitively knows that he has a great purpose to accomplish in this lifetime. He senses that he is going to help many people, yet he's not quite sure how that will happen. All he knows is that whenever he wakes up, he feels as if his soul has traveled to a faraway school where he's taught subjects that truly interest him and that seem highly meaningful -- things such as the geometric basis of matter, the universal laws of cause and effect, and studies on the probable future of Earth and humankind.

In contrast, learning about Christopher Columbus and grammar seems inconsequential to him. He feels bored and restless, and his attention wanders. Finally, his teacher sends Bobby to the school psychologist, who refers him to a medical doctor for evaluation. The diagnosis is quick and swift: attention deficit disorder (ADD). His mother fills Bobby's Ritalin prescription on the way home.

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Bobby does feel better while taking Ritalin. Things don't quite seem to matter to him as much when he's taking it. The drug makes Bobby feel less irritated by the fact that his homework assignments are irrelevant to his life's purpose. In fact, Ritalin makes Bobby not care about a lot of things -- such as talking to angels and engaging in soul travel at night. Thanks to his diagnosis and prescription, Bobby is now just a normal person who can't remember his mission in life.

It's All About Integrity

Angel Blessings For Your Family by Doreen Virtue

Our collective current life mission is to be true to ourselves. It also means being true to others, and that includes our children. The new millennium children require emotional and conversational intimacy with others. They thrive on honesty!

If a Child of the Light feels that something is wrong, for example, in her parent's marriage, it's destructive for the parents to cover up this fact. It's so much healthier for parents to openly discuss the situation (using terms and phrases that are age-appropriate to the child), than to have the child believe she is crazy for having feelings that run counter to what her parents are saying.

Message from the Angels

Just as the angels help us in our love relationships, they also heal our interactions with our children and other family members. The angels have very strong opinions about these children, partly because the angels feel protective of them. Angels guard Children of the Light to ensure that their mission is completed. They say:

"Listen well, parents... You, too, have an exceedingly important mission to fulfill. You must ensure that your children remain intuitive and that they stay very close to nature. Don't push them to succeed at the expense of losing their soul purpose, for our purpose is our guiding force, and without direction, your children will feel lost, alone, and afraid.

"So much better for you parents to focus your children's attention on spiritual studies, as this is their true nourishment that will ensure their growth and survival.

"We angels are here to help you parent, and we won't interfere or get in the way. Simply allow us to cast a new light on difficult situations, a task we complete with joy in our hearts, simply by your open invitation for us to heal.

"Do not ever feel that God doesn't hear your prayers, for He sends us to your side the instant you call."

I believe that the angels are extra-concerned with our children. In a way, after all, our children are God's Earth angels who are here for an important mission.

This article is excerpted, with permission, from the book,
"Healing with the Angels" published by Hay House

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Healing with the Angels: How the Angels Can Assist You in Every Area of Your Life
by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.The angels can assist you in every area of your life. "Healing with the Angels" is an inspirational work that reveals how to work with the angels to improve your physical, mental, and emotional health.

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