Make Peace with your Sexuality

Patricia Diane Cota-RoblesSexuality is a beautiful expression of love. It is an intimate, sacred communion between two people. When experienced with an open heart, it can transcend the limitation of physical reality and allow one to soar into the octaves of ecstasy, wonder and awe; it can fill our very being with peace and contentment and it can expand our capacity to Love.

However, for eons of time, sex has been used to manipulate, dominate, oppress and control people. It has fallen to the depths of abuse and degradation. As this condition developed, the religions of the world began to distance themselves from this physical experience. In order to encourage their followers to do the same, they initiated all kinds of taboos regarding sex. They took vows of celibacy and proclaimed chastity a virtue. This created quite a quandary. Each soul knew and understood that through the sacred communion of sex, one of the most miraculous events on Earth occurs, which is the procreation of life. Yet, on the other hand, we were being told by religious leaders that sex was bad. These two diametrically opposed concepts could not be effectively reconciled in our finite minds, so we learned to muddle through life vacillating between wanting very much to fulfill our sexual experience and beating ourselves up with guilt and shame if we did. This was a coup de grace for our human ego, because our confusion created a very powerful vehicle through which our human ego could manipulate us and keep us bound in self abuse.

However, if we are in the process of physically ascending into the fourth dimension, we cannot just deny part of who we are and pretend it doesn't exist. We also can't eliminate our sexuality by transmuting it into light so it will go away. Our sexuality is part of who we are, and instead of getting rid of it, we need to make peace with it and we need to learn how to express it positively and constructively. We need to recognize it for what it was intended to be an expression of Love. And, we need to love ourselves enough so that we will allow wonderful relationships into our life through which our sexuality can be experienced in its highest level of potential'

Loving Your Body

The first step in awakening to the Divine Intent of our sexuality is learning to love and actually revere our physical body. This vehicle is a miraculous living organism that allows us the opportunity to experience a third dimensional reality. It is the vehicle that our Holy Christ Self must use to project the creative faculties of thought and feeling into the physical plane. Without a physical body we could not become co-creators with God or masters of energy, vibration and consciousness in a physical reality. The physical body is not who we are; it is merely the vehicle we "drive" while we are in embodiment on Earth. We are responsible for how we treat our bodies and, just like our car, the better we take care of it, the better it will serve us.

We have created our physical body, and it is providing us with the exact learning experiences we need. To hate our body just delays our progress and perpetuates our misery. What we need to do is learn to Love it and respect it as the beautiful, miraculous organism it Is.

When you bathe your body feel your hands projecting healing and Love into every single cell. As you rub your hands over your body with soap and water, caress every part of your body with tenderness and Love. Get to know this vehicle as it begins to come alive again and as you allow it to feel and express itself without guilt or shame.

Your body is sensitive and sensual for a reason. The pleasurable feelings you experience when your body is Loved and caressed allow you to feel nurtured, and it encourages you to open the Stargate of your Heart. The beautiful sensations that flow through your body when it is Lovingly touched and caressed trigger chemical changes in the body that enable you to receive and assimilate greater quantities of life force. This increased life force rejuvenates the body and keeps it vibrant and young. It accelerates healing and eliminates the degenerative diseases of aging, which are created by closing down the Heart Center and blocking the flow of life force. The added life force also heals the grief and pain of lost Love, rejection, abandonment, loneliness and despair. It lifts one out of depression and into a sense of well being and inner peace.

Opening up your feeling nature through the physical sensations of gentle, Loving touch creates within your body a sense of trust, security and safety. As you Love your body and increase the flow of God's Love in, through and around you, you begin to truly know that God is the source of your Love, constantly filling you up with the Holy Essence of Divine Love. This inner knowing will enable you to understand that as long as you are open and receptive to this connection with God's Love and the Love of your body, no one outside of you can take Love away from you.

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Because of the taboos that have been inflicted upon us, often the thought of touching our body in a pleasurable way seems shocking, but you must recognize that belief is coming from the old patterns of self-deprivation, flagellation and denial.

Sex Is The Experience

We have often allowed ourselves to feel Love emotionally, but sex is the way we feel and experience Love physically. When you begin to allow your body to awaken to physical sensations with the healing Loving caress of your own touch, you will feel safe and trusting. In truth, there is no way you can fully open yourself.

I will assume that you have magnetized into your life a wonderful, nurturing, caring person with whom you want to Lovingly share your sexuality. The person you choose for this very sacred sharing is, of course, your choice. No one outside of you has the right to make that decision for you. No one knows what your life path involves or what learning experiences you have agreed to go through. If both people are adults and the decision to be intimately involved with each other is a mutually Loving and positive agreement, then that is all that matters. It is nobody else's business.

Once you have chosen someone that you would like to have a relationship with, you must remember that sex is intended to be an expression of Love, a deep, intimate sharing, a sacred communion. This means that it is very important for you and your partner to continually be aware of each other throughout your sexual interaction. You must communicate to each other your needs and your feelings, and express to each other your enjoyment and pleasure. Whatever the two of you choose to experience is your business, as long as you both are in agreement and are interacting with Love, respect and reverence for your physical bodies and each other.

Sexuality is about honoring and Loving yourself, your body, your partner and your partner's body. It is about self-discovery in relationship to your body and your partner. Just as you had to take time to learn to become comfortable while Loving and caressing your own body, you need to be patient and tolerant with both yourself and your partner as you learn to feel safe and comfortable touching and caressing each other's body. But, I promise you, the rewards will be well worth the effort.


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Patricia Diane Cota-RoblesPatricia Diane Cota-Robles is an author, and publisher of "Take Charge of Your Life" newsletter. The above was excerpted with permission from that newsletter (/an 1994 issue). Patricia can be reached at: The New Age Study of Humanity Purpose, P.O. Box 41883, Tucson, Arizona 85717. (602-885-7909)


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