Bisexuality or Homosexuality

Your soul has no gender. Each soul has varying percentages of male (focused) and female (creative) energy, but everyone has both male and female energies, and each soul can relate energetically to any other. The soul in this sense is bisexual -- it can take either side in a creative act. This flexibility is the natural state of the universe. Whether or not you express this bisexuality through physical sex, everyone has the ability to relate in some way to both male and female energy, and must, if he is not to become one-sided. It is common for people to be physically bisexual to some degree in many of their lifetimes. In addition, virtually everyone will have at least one lifetime in which he is homosexual, because that is part of life on earth. 

When you are in a male body, your primary lessons are about male energy, and in a female body, about female energy. However, the more lifetimes you have in both male and female bodies, the less your identity is limited to the sex of your present body. Therefore, you can use both your male and female energies as appropriate.

Satisfying sexual relationships are as you define them. All other things being equal, you have more balancing sex with someone of the opposite gender because, by definition, what is opposite is balancing. However, this does not invalidate sexual experiences with members of the same gender. If a sexual experience fulfills your particular needs and is satisfying to you, that is what matters. The choice to be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or nonsexual is individual. There are no wrong choices. Every soul will choose each of those options at one time or another in order to experience growth.

The physical body has tendencies apart from the personality living in it. For example, a forty-year-old physical body tends to be most comfortable with others in approximately the same age range. Nevertheless, the person living in the body may feel differently, for whatever reasons, and nullify the body's tendency. For instance, he may have made an agreement before the lifetime to mate with someone who happens to be much older or younger than he is. Or, he may have unresolved issues that he can work out with an older or younger partner. Therefore, he is attracted to such partners.

There is much more to you than your physical body. You are the total of all your parts. This aspect of balance between opposite genders is just one element of many that can contribute to sexual satisfaction in a relationship. If it is missing because you are with someone of your own gender, there are many other elements that can bring satisfaction. It is not "wrong". Bisexuality and homosexuality are valid.

Your sexual orientation was not specifically determined by your soul before your lifetime began; rather, you unconsciously chose it early in childhood at the same time you chose other key ideas on which to base your life. However, your soul can set up your life to point it in a certain direction through its choice of family dynamics and circumstances, among other things. Your life plan, which includes agreements and karmic debts to be repaid, can also make a particular choice of sexuality all but inevitable. Past life factors being worked on in the present lifetime also influence this choice. Nonetheless, the choice itself occurs on the level of personality, since the personality has free will. The personality usually ratifies the soul's influences, but it may not.

Some souls need same-sex relationships for internal balance. For example, those who have not been male frequently and who want to learn as much as they can about male energy might choose both to be born into male bodies and to have sexual relationships with males as a way of reflecting their own experience back to them. Souls may also use homosexuality to learn to have loving relationships with the same sex if their same-sex relationships were often unloving in lifetimes when they were heterosexual. Those who persecuted homosexuals in a previous life may choose homosexuality as a way to learn compassion.

Often fixed homosexuality is a reaction to a culture's excessive polarization of the masculine and feminine. Like many other cultures, yours tend to see masculinity and femininity in terms of "either/or", rather than as two interrelated aspects of one thing on a continuum. They are promoted as extreme, limited, and rigid stereotypes rather than all-encompassing aspects of human potential. The softer qualities of manhood and the more focused qualities of womanhood are not adequately acknowledged and respected. Those who exhibit them are often seen as not being fully acceptable and are not allowed to simply be who they are.

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At an early age, many children are given the message that they must fit into their gender's sexual stereotype. Boys often repress their softer traits, and girls, their more focused ones. This has begun to change in society, but there is a long way to go. Young children who find their own gender's sexual stereotype unacceptable, unattainable, or both, might identify with the other. This is a factor in some homosexuality.

Another factor can be unresolved rage toward the opposite sex. Where this is present, a child might reject that gender sexually. Of course, a child's relationship with his parents, as well as beliefs he brings in from past lifetimes, can influence his sexual orientation, so rage toward the opposite sex parent can be a dominant influence.

As with anything, those who choose same-sex orientation simply because they want to, because it will bring valuable lessons, rather than in reaction to external factors, tend to have an easier, more comfortable experience.

Many who classify themselves as strictly heterosexual or homosexual are capable of bisexuality and might be more comfortable if that option were truly open in them, not necessarily for sexual intercourse, but at least for physically expressing affection. If their boundaries were not so rigid, they would have greater freedom to express love to others in whatever ways seem appropriate.

Any stimulation of the body in a pleasurable way can be construed as being sexual. This is why those who are homophobic sometimes have difficulty even hugging someone of the same sex. A hug can be pleasurable, and that brings up fears that they are being sexual with a member of the same sex. Having such rigid definitions of one's sexuality is not conducive to loving relationships. We encourage openness, letting your experience be whatever it naturally is.

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Loving from Your Soul -- Creating Powerful Relationships
by Shepherd Hoodwin.

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