Thoughts On Creating Loving Relationships In These Changing Times

Thoughts On Creating Loving Relationships

In today's changing times, we are looking for a better way to be ourselves, not someone we were raised to be. In this time of intense self-discovery, all others serve as our mirrors. Every event, no matter how insignificant, becomes an extraordinary opportunity for growth and self-improvement. We owe it to ourselves, and to the planet as well, to be all we were meant to be, and possibly more.

It has become essential to surround ourselves with those that will understand, and support, our growth. New forms of communication are being created, which enable us to better deal with our changes, as well as the changes of those we choose to associate with.

Nowhere are these new forms of communication more evident than in the field of interpersonal relationships, and, even more specifically, in the communication between friends and lovers.

With our times demanding so much, so fast, of all of us, it is vital to be able to respond to the call. We are able to respond faster if we are surrounded by love and support.

Gone are game-playing days. It is time for truth, and responsibility on all levels. If we choose to have a partner that assists, and unconditionally supports our growth, it makes our life easier and we are more able to give as well. We are open and not afraid of change, and, in fact, are ready to embrace it.

Let us decide from this moment on to choose only those partners, friends, and acquaintances, which will fill our life with joy. Let us make a difference right now. The time has come.

To attract and create what we need, as individuals, it is important to keep in mind what works for one is not necessarily a "magic" formula which guarantees success for everyone. We must not overlook the individual's needs or focus on generalities.

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We need to rediscover who we are, and what it is we want out of a relationship. When we learn to trust ourselves enough to come from that place of assured peace and power, our lives will be truly transformed, and we will, at last, have relationships that work for us.

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About The Author

Mirtha Vega is a counselor, healer, psychotherapist, and the owner and operator of Santa Fe Dates, the service which specializes in conscious dating in Santa Fe, NM.

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