What Makes A Good Relationship?

What Makes A Good Relationship?
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What makes a good relationship?

A willingness to surrender one’s heart—totally and without reservation to your Beloved—and to trust that, when you leap together into the precipice of the unknown, you will be able to reach confidently for one another and find solace or joy in equal measure through that loving communion.

A commitment to remain together NOT out of ceremonial obligation or because a document demands it, but because you genuinely desire to be together for as long as your love shall last—followed by a daily, mindful CHOICE to make your love the foundation of your very beingness.

An honoring of the fact that while you are co-creating an interdependent life, you are not the same being and do not think/feel/act the same way; accompanied by a willingness to be curious and open to the endless inner mysteries that your partner contains within and reveals to both themselves and to you in their own time.

A recognition that change is inevitable, and that who and how you are at the beginning of the affair may look little to nothing like who you are as time passes; accompanied by a willingness to gracefully accept the changes that arise in one another and neither hold each other hostage to past behaviors or demand that behaviors be changed before the Beloved is ready, willing, and able to effect those changes.

A realization that the dissolution of ALL forms is inevitable in this material reality, thus EACH and EVERY moment we share with our Beloved is a precious gift that is never guaranteed; accompanied by a boundless sense of wonder and gratitude for the experience of sharing such intimate communion with your Beloved.

A desire to appreciate, share, nurture, support and engage with your Beloved without demanding instant reciprocal feedback or immediate satisfaction, accompanied by the trust that your Beloved will reciprocate when you are in need of such things.

A gentle sense of humor to guide you through the rough times, the bleak times, the sorrowful times, and even to make the joyful times a bit brighter; accompanied by an open heart that stands willing to shatter into a thousand, million pieces rather than give up on the belief that love is its birthright.

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Laugh as much as you can, my darlings…and don’t despair when it ends, as all things do. Please, smile to know it ever happened at all!

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Reprinted with permission from the author's blog.

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Eileen WorkmanEileen Workman graduated from Whittier College with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and minors in economics, history, and biology. She began working for Xerox Corporation, then spent 16 years in financial services for Smith Barney. After experiencing a spiritual awakening in 2007, Ms. Workman dedicated herself to writing “Sacred Economics: The Currency of Life” as a means for inviting us to question our longstanding assumptions about the nature, benefits, and genuine costs of capitalism. Her book focuses on how human society might move successfully through the more destructive aspects of late-stage corporatism. Visit her website at www.eileenworkman.com

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