Communicating with Animals: Why and How

Communicating with Animals: Why and How

First, let’s establish why we would want to talk to animals. People all have their own reasons, but essentially, it can help to answer a lot of important questions, not only for you but for the animal, too. It also raises your awareness of all animals collectively. We need to learn to honor all creatures, no matter how insignificant they seem to us.

We are all here for a reason. So what exactly is meant by animal communication or interspecies communication?

Animal communication is talking to an animal using telepathy, psychokinetic energy, or extrasensory perception (ESP). We may receive images, feelings, sounds, or sensations from them.

There are many reasons this can happen:

  • Having unconditional love for the animal, or coming from a place of love.

  • Having the intention and wanting to connect (one of the Laws of Nature is that energy follows thought: Believe it, trust that it can happen, and it will).

  • Being receptive and fully in the now.

  • Respecting the individual character of the animal, as they are all unique.

  • Picking up their energy field, whether intentionally or not.

Animal Communication

Animals communicate with pictures or feelings that they transmit telepathically. They are sensitive, intuitive, and intelligent, and they love and care for each other and for you. Pets are very much like humans in their feelings and emotions, which makes them sensitive to human emotions. For example, if the owner is depressed, they feel the unhappiness, and vice versa. They understand all the problems within their home, and all they want is love and security.

They never forget when someone has hurt them or shown them kindness.If there is a change in their behavior, there is always a good reason for it. Often the problem has originated with the owner and not the animal.

Sometimes animals have a hard time understanding the complexities of human behavior, as we sometimes battle to understand our own behavior and that of others. In fact, human behavior is often far worse and more unpredictable than animal behavior. We simply need to look at our planet, and what we humans have done to it, to see this. Animals will never deliberately hurt anyone without good reason.

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They are like children, in that they crave our attention and affection. When they feel they are being ignored, they find ways to get our attention. Animals don’t really care about the type of attention they are getting, or whether it’s positive or negative. Generally speaking, the greater the lack of attention, the worse their behavior becomes.

Animal Connection Exercises

When you begin to connect with animals, it’s normal to be nervous. As a starting point, work with animals you don’t know. To this day, when someone phones me to book a consultation and they want to tell me what is going on, I immediately stop them. I want to go into a session and be able to pick up what is going on. The more you know about an animal, the harder it is, as you already have so much information and it might add to the feeling of pressure.

Knowing nothing helps a great deal, as you have no preconceived ideas and your mind will then be a blank canvas. That is the best space to be in as your intuition will then need to kick in and your telepathy muscle will get some exercise.

Connection Meditation

This is a meditation you can use to connect with any animal, whether they are present or in a photograph (be sure you can see the animal’s eyes).

  • Find a quiet and comfortable space. Relax your body from head to toe. Become aware of your breathing, and consciously breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling.

  • In your mind’s eye (or the movie screen we call our mind), go through the meditation preparation technique of visualization and grounding. Set the intention of connecting to the animal in question by having a photograph at hand. Visualize your heart chakra opening, or a heart with a lid on it that opens.

  • Then visualize a beautiful pink bridge of love extending from your heart and flowing straight to the animal / insect / plant’s heart. You can also visualize yourself as a sponge, simply absorbing their energy. See this bridge connecting your heart and the animal’s heart.

  • Pay attention to whatever you experience, but do not overthink it or your mind may get in the way.

  • Make notes and ask questions, if necessary.

  • When you have finished with the communication, thank the animal for its time.

  • Imagine your heart chakra closing to a point where you feel comfortable.

  • Slowly bring yourself back to the present by focusing on your physical body, your breath, and your physical surroundings, and when you are ready, gently open your eyes.

Points to Note

• Make sure you always do the meditation preparation technique before attempting to connect.

• Sometimes you may experience suddenly knowing something, when no rational thought could validate how you came to that conclusion. The mind can then rebel against the information. If this happens to you and you start to doubt yourself, don’t.

• Understand the energy of what you are trying to convey.

• When receiving mental images, try not to overanalyze them. Just accept them as they come.

• Realize that under intense emotional conditions, such as love or grief, your awareness is heightened.

• When you do start to pick up the animal “calls,” you may notice not only a telepathic transference of pictures from their minds to yours, and vice versa, but also that you can pick up on the animal’s emotions and feel physical sensations in your body that an animal is experiencing. You might even get images of their favorite food or even taste the food (which is not always pleasant, especially if they do not like their food).

• Be aware of any emotions you have during a communication experience. Sometimes it is easier to feel an animal’s emotions than rely on them telling you.

• The same applies to physical sensations. If you suspect they might be feeling unwell, then ask them to show you on your body where they’re hurting. Be prepared to feel discomfort, even pain, in your body. Once you have confirmed it, ask them to remove it.

Telepathy Exercise

This exercise is a way to prove to yourself that you can communicate on a telepathic level with an animal. When attempting the exercise, make sure the animal is calm and relaxed. If they are otherwise preoccupied—for example, busy digging a hole or barking at the postman—they will be distracted and won’t pay attention to anything telepathic.

1. Sit quietly, and close your eyes.

2. Do the preparation technique of visualization and grounding.

3. Set the intention of communicating with your animal.

4. Now, if you have a dog, envision yourself getting up and walking to where you keep the dog’s leash, taking it off the hook. In your heart, feel the excitement of the walk and the intended route you want to follow. Also envision any landmarks you may see along the way.

5. If you have a cat, follow the same directions, only envision yourself in the kitchen or wherever you feed your animal. See yourself opening a tin of tuna or their favorite meal. As you open it, smell it and try to capture the taste of the food and how good it will be to eat.

6. Now open your eyes and see if you have any response from your animal. Is your dog looking at you with the excitement of a promised walk? Is your cat hungrily rubbing against your leg?

NOTE: If your animal responded to the above, it is only fair to offer what you promised, either a walk for the dog or some food for the cat, and a big smile from you!

Problems with Connecting

There are a few things that can get in the way when trying to connect with an animal:

  • Your mind discarding everything you feel.

  • If you’re experiencing insecurity and self-doubt, do some deep breathing and restate your intention to connect.

  • When your mental chatter gets in the way, try locking your thoughts away, or see yourself writing them on a blackboard and then rubbing them off.

  • If you’re nervous about the responsibility of connecting, try to hold a perspective of compassionate non-attachment to the outcome. Do what you can to be of service, then release your connection.

  • If you’re worried about interpretations and drawing conclusions, be aware that you have the option to choose to ignore what you’ve picked up and simply accept things as they are. You are not doing this to judge; you serve as an intermediary between the animal and the owner.

  • If you’re worried that what you’re picking up is just your imagination or a projection, ask the animal to confirm.

  • Maintain healthy boundaries by protecting your physical, emotional,and mental bodies in a silver bubble of protection.

Stages of Development

As you develop and hone this new skill, it helps to become aware of what is going on within yourself. The more you do this, the more you will learn to trust yourself, and your confidence will grow.

Especially at the beginning, many people discount the information they get, due to uncertainty. Try not to discount anything. Make a note of your connections, including what you felt and experienced within yourself, and the information you receive about the animal concerned.

In time, you will see a pattern start to emerge. This works in different ways for everyone, so the trick is to recognize how it works for you. As you progress, your sense of knowing will increase in leaps and bounds. You may find yourself picking up information about yourself and other people, as well as about animals. It is up to you to listen and use it wisely.

Also, the more you practice, the more your vibration changes and strengthens and the more animals will be drawn to you. The first sign of this vibration change is that animals, both domestic and wild, will seek you out in preference to other people. When this happens, just be in the moment and enjoy it for what it is—a connection and a sign of
just how much your intuition is growing.

Also be open to the fact that they may ask you to do something or help, and you might feel an overwhelming urge to fulfill that request, as weird as it may seem. Questioning and conversation will flow much more easily, and instead of just asking questions and waiting for answers, you will find yourself listening a lot more. They will tell you what’s important to them, about their lives and their friends, toys they play with, or what is happening at home.

The more you listen from a place of non-judgment, the stronger the connection and trust between you will grow.
You may eventually begin to have everyday conversations without thinking about it. It’s a wonderful and special process; enjoy every minute.

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Energy Medicine for Animals: The Bioenergetics of Animal Healing by Diane BuddFull of animal communication stories and ground-breaking research on animal energy fields, this book shows how, just as we humans are all here on this earthly plane to learn and grow, so are our animals. (Also available as a Kindle edition.)

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