The Laws of Manifesting a Great Relationship

Manifesting a Great Relationship

What if you don't happen to have a Mr. or Ms. Right in the picture at the moment? Never fear! There are things to do...

One of the trickiest bits about relationships is that we can't learn about our own expectations alone. It takes practice and being with another person in order to realize our own innermost thoughts about what he or she should do or say.

If At First You Don't Succeed, Understand What Went Wrong

I have always been amazed that our society has -- in the past -- expected people to "get it right" in their very first marriage when we really are flying blind. How do we know what marriage (or living together) is like until we try it? It's impossible.

I encourage anyone with a "failed" relationship to look at it as a learning experience, a necessary step along the way to perfection. Instead of being upset with it, use it to understand where it went wrong or why that type of person is not the best for you. It's absolutely true that two incredibly great people can bring out the worst in each other if they are not a good match.

Knowing Who You Are & Picturing What You Seek

Knowing who you, yourself, are is the very first step to seeing what an equal partner would look like. Then, begin to picture what EXACTLY you seek in a mate. Be specific. Think about it. Prioritize; is it more important that you live in the country or make lots of money? Do you need the security of stocks and bonds or desire the freedom of the adventurer?

Take your time. Write it down. What you are doing here is creating a precise picture of what this person is like. Fill in lots of details but make sure you know which ones are the most important to you.

Let Go & Let God (/Goddess/Universe)

Once you feel pretty comfortable with this picture, let it go. Stop thinking about it. In this way, you are sending your picture out into the universe to go and locate your ideal honey for you and set up the conditions under which you can meet. Then, be sure to get out and about.

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If you want to meet a man, go to the places where men hang out; take up downhill skiing or sign up for a drumming class. If you want to meet a woman, go where women gather; aerobics classes and art or hobby classes are some of many activities which seem to attract a good number of them. Action is necessary because, unlike in the fairy tales, the knight in shining armor does not always find his way to your back door.

Relationship Is A Dance

Remember, too, that relationship is a dance. It's a flow; back and forth, around and around. It, like everything else in life, has its good days and its bad days. When you get it right, though, there's nothing else that compares. It fills you both with peace, joy, happiness, security, and laughter. You get to build a life together instead of walking your path alone. It takes time, but one of the only truisms in life is that time passes. Why not use it wisely?

Being human isn't easy. There are many pitfalls in the Path; potential wrong turns, dead ends, and potholes. So, why are we here, anyway? The best description I've ever heard is that God/Goddess wants friends. The task may be formidable, but the rewards are also great. Good luck!

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Love Signs by Celeste B. LongacreThis is a book written all about you, your loved ones and your relationships. Through the lens of astrology, Celeste describes-in detail-all of the signs of the Zodiac and how they get along with all of the other signs. Imagine discovering not only which match or matches are the sweetest for you, but how to make the best out of each and every one! At the end of the book, Celeste describes how to turn a romance into a relationship. With a great deal of humor, Celeste has filled this volume with love and understanding.

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