What's Love Got To Do With It? Everything!

What's Love Got To Do With It? Everything!

What is love? Over the years, I have come to understand that much of what people identify as love is nothing of the sort. It is codependency, lust, neediness, addiction, and the ego's constant desire for attention. Sadly, the overwhelming majority of television shows, movies, and music really reflects a spiritual sickness in our world.

How do you know if someone has love to give? Here are some brief guidelines:

1. Loving people are joyful and grateful despite the outer circumstances that have been attracted into their lives.

2. Loving people strive for understanding and actively seek to be an agent of compassion and wisdom in the world.

3. Loving people tend to experience a greater measure of inner peace and are more often filled with well-being because they are more consistently connected to Spirit by way of their souls.

4. Loving people are able to face life in a positive and courageous way and attempt to overcome any difficulties life brings them with poise, grace, and a proactive stance.

What Does Spirit Desire?

Spirit desires that you contribute and love. It constantly seeks to attract to you the experiences and lessons that will free your ego from its selfish grip, even if at times those experiences are painful.

The function of your soul
is to expand your capacity to love.

Please understand that Spirit does not want you to suffer. It actually wants you to suffer less! It knows that not everything the ego wants to acquire and attract is good for it in the long run. Remember that the law of attraction is neutral. It will bring you what you want, even if it's not good for you.

Spirit is not neutral. The soul, as an agent of Spirit, wants only to attract to you that which will increase the odds of you becoming a loving, compassionate, wise, and spiritual person.

Since the ego is very tricky, it will attempt to fool you. Remember, the ego wants what it wants when it wants it. If the ego doesn't listen, Spirit will guide the soul to act as a divine parent and restrict the ego's desires somehow. But why go down that route? Why not learn to transform your ego's selfish desires and wants?

Your soul will consistently attempt
to purify your ego's motives
regarding what it wants to attract.

What Does Your Soul Want?

Of course, some things seem as if they are obviously good to wish for. It's reasonable to believe that the soul wants you to have good health, a loving partner, well-adjusted children, and enough material abundance to live a happy and spiritual life. If, as you serve others, such blessings come your way, then be a wise and generous custodian of them. Enjoy the homes, cars, clothes, good health, and vacation retreats, but remain unattached. Remember, you do not need these things to feel good about who you really are.

The soul couldn't care less about these outer trappings except for how they are useful in service. That's why soulful people can be content with or without all of these wonderful outer displays of money and power. They simply use the power of the soul to learn to be loving and wise no matter what outer circumstances life throws them into.

What's Love Got To Do With It? Everything!You have your own ultimate destiny, whether it be in finance, religion, politics, education, the arts, science, law, or any other field. Just be sure that in whatever profession you choose, you take good care of what you acquire — be it your body, your clothes, your children, your partner, your work, or your friends. Appreciate what you have. Be grateful. And don't forget to clean, mend, respect, honor, and enjoy fully whatever or whoever comes into your life.

What Does Happiness Need? Detachment & Divine Indifference

George had struggled with his son's attention deficit disorder (ADD) for years. Though at one level he knew better, he found it irritating that a sophisticated and highly accomplished man like himself had a son who could be so unfocused and scattered. George prayed for the ability to accept his son for who he was, but it wasn't working; that is, until George learned about detachment and divine indifference.

Healthy detachment, he discovered, allows people to see and accept a situation for what it is. By letting go of judgment and expectations, they are better able to handle life in a caring way. Divine indifference helps individuals surrender their ego attachment to an outcome. They cultivate faith that all things can work out for the best if they only let go and let God!

George realized that he had made an ego investment in his son being a certain way. He decided to detach from this expectation, which allowed him to relax more around his boy. And as George cultivated faith that God had a divine plan for his son, George's heart opened up as well. He even saw that divine plan already manifesting through his own subtle transformation. In short, George was learning to be a more soulful individual.

Not surprisingly, as other people found George to be more patient, accepting, and compassionate, they liked being around him more. This made him a better boss, husband, parent, and friend. It helped George understand that learning about detachment and divine indifference through the gift of his son had been worth it!

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A Secret Truly Worth Discovering by Dr. Lisa LoveThe Law of Attraction tells us that we can have anything we want. Or does it? How do we know if we're using it for the right purpose? Lisa Love explains how to use the Law of Attraction as a tool for spiritual growth, psychological integration, and, ultimately, connecting with Spirit.

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