Relationships? You're In The Driver's Seat

Relationships? You're In The Driver's Seat

Be giddy-happy about your understanding that everyone is a mirror for you and the people who show up in your life are there to show you how you feel about yourself. What a handy trick! Instead of striving in vain to get your needs met by others, you are now in the driver’s seat!

If you want respect from a boss, learn how to respect yourself. If you want passionate love from a partner, start loving yourself with passionate adoration. Your energy is their energy is everyone’s energy, and you have the power to create whatever you want!

The Enemy is Not Someone Else; The Enemy Is Unconsciousness

Since we’re all energetically intertwined, loving yourself and disarming your self-judgments benefits everyone else, too. There’s a Buddhist principle that says we all would love one another fully and completely if we were free of our limitations and masks. The enemy is never another person — the enemy is always unconsciousness. When we awaken consciousness in ourselves, we contribute immeasurably to the awakening of the world.

Relationships? You're In The Driver's SeatSay “I love you” silently in your head every time you interact with anyone. The busy barista at your favorite coffee shop. Your snooty hairdresser. Your meanest neighbor. Your cranky dry cleaner. “I see the divine in you.” “I love you.” “I feel the human connection between us right now.” You’ll be blown away by the magic that simple practice will create in your life.

Embracing The Full Truth of Where You Are

Are you accepting and enthusiastically embracing the full truth of where you are right now? Have you decided, definitively, that everything in your life has been absolutely as it was meant to be to bring you to this precise place? You get to choose your belief in this moment and in every future moment that you’re alive, so choose to see each moment as perfect!

If there’s something that comes up in any of those moments that you feel yourself having a negative feeling about, welcome the feeling and use your Judgment-Flipping skills to figure out what message the loving Universe is sending you. Learn from it, thank it, and rejoice, knowing that every time you do that you’re releasing the need to ever experience that particular type of unwanted circumstance again.

Loving The One You're With

Every moment truly is a perfect moment! How could it be otherwise? We can only move forward, but you’ve discovered that loving the hell out of this precise moment, exactly as it is, is the key to moving forward toward the kinds of experiences you most desire. Love and inspiration are all around you, all the time!

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The Universe wants you to succeed and be happy. Living your unique, personal flavor of Juicy Joy is your highest calling! It’s so easy to love any moment, no matter what it brings, when you passionately love the company you’re keeping in that moment — which will always, without exception, be . . . glorious, gutsy, divine you.

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Juicy Joy: 7 Simple Steps to Your Glorious, Gutsy Self
by Lisa McCourt.

Juicy Joy: 7 Simple Steps to Your Glorious, Gutsy Self by Lisa McCourt.Juicy Joy is an invitation to a bigger life—a deeper, richer, more rewarding existence. It is a streamlined path to radical authenticity and the ability to flat-out adore that precious, imperfectly perfect you. Wouldn’t it feel amazing to trust your instincts and fearlessly act on them? Isn’t it time to gain mastery over your experience of life, shed victimhood, and learn to honor the voice within you that always, unfailingly leads you to your greatest joy and highest truth?

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