The Family of One: The Next Step for Humanity

The Family of One: The Next Step for HumanityFor humanity, our next step is the Family of One. The Family of One starts with us coming together in our respec­tive circles and communities so that each person can sup­port everyone else in bringing the intentions, visions, and dreams of the whole — as well as the individual — to life.

These intentions, visions, and dreams can vary from com­munity to community. That is, it doesn't matter what those dreams and intentions are, as long as you are all willing to stand for the Highest Good. You could be intending to build a house, win a race, clean up a neighborhood, make uplifting music, or keep each other awake to your spiritual essence. Regardless of the nature of the project, the idea is to create a healthy environment where a state of Oneness is felt by everyone in the community.

Synergy: When A Group Gather Together To Support Each Other's Intentions

I have experienced this kind of supportive setting so many times that it merits further discussion because it is so powerful. Like I said, something very special occurs when a group of people — it doesn't matter how many — get together and consciously agree to support each other in the manifes­tation of their intentions. Of course, in many instances it may not be wise to share your innermost intentions with others — especially those you hardly know. But when every­one in the group has a playful, lighthearted attitude and is willing to say that they align with you as well as with the Highest Good, then the door is opened for miracles to take place.

We see this happen all the time in our Intenders Circles where people agree/align with others' intentions. Their inten­tions oftentimes manifest so fast it makes our heads spin.

Building Momentum by Agreeing to Bring Forth a New Way of Life

Indeed, the purpose of these Circles is to provide a safe, encouraging environment where people can come together and consciously help each other to become more proficient at getting the things they want in their lives. When we expand this concept to include larger and larger circles of people, our agreement can make a huge difference in the way we live — and this is how the changes so many of us seek will ultimately come about in our world. As the groups who are in agreement with bringing forth a new way of life become larger, a groundswell of momentum builds and a new way of life appears.

The Family of One is gaining momentum every day even though we may not hear anything about it in the mainstream media. The Family of One. Think about it. And when you do, doesn't it resonate?

The Family of One Offers The Promise of a Better Day

The Family of One: The Next Step for HumanityDoesn't the Family of One touch a chord deep within you? Doesn't it offer the promise of a better day, a day when you can walk the land openly without borders and false boundary lines, a day when you look freely into the eyes of anyone who comes your way, a day when you breathe easy because there is no longer anyone out to get you? Isn't the Family of One just as easy to believe in (and thus create for ourselves) as the jaded offerings from the media?

That's where our alertness comes in; that's where our opportunities are to be found. We can go along with the crowd and continue to keep our attention on the media matrix and all it stands for — or we can change. We can stay alert and accept the gift in our tests. The next time we would normally pick up a newspaper off the rack, or turn on the TV news, we can tune them out, turn them off, and take our lives back by making a stand on behalf of the Family of One.

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Choosing Oneness over Separation, Peace over War, Love over Fear

After all, when you really look closely at all the experi­ences life has to offer, being in Oneness is as good as it gets. The communities that have this synergistic focus are the ones who will not only prosper, they will set the examples for all other groups to follow. Their lights will shine far and wide because they will have tasted the best that life has to offer.

And therein lies the result we're really looking for. Therein comes the feeling we have long sought and deserve. Therein is how we pass life's tests and move on to our next endeavor. Indeed, those who choose Oneness over separa­tion, truth over lies, peace over war, and love over fear shall be the ones to bring forth a new way of life to all people everywhere. They will give birth to the Family of One.

When we stop asking ourselves "What's in it for me?"
and start asking "What's in it for humanity
as a whole?" the Family of One will awaken
and will reveal Itself in all Its glory.

©2012 by Tony Burroughs. All rights reserved.
Reprinted with permission of the publisher, Weiser Books,
an imprint of Red Wheel/Weiser LLC.

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The Law of Agreement: Discover the True Power of Intention by Tony Burroughs.The Law of Agreement: Discover the True Power of Intention
by Tony Burroughs.

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