Attaining Soulmate Partnership

For all of you now, the issue of partnership seems to be in the heart. As you understand more about the energy of soul partnership in you, you can share this because you see and understand that this is the time of alignment. It is here; and the souls who are being drawn, some easier than others, some kicking and screaming, are all nevertheless being drawn, because without the foundation of alignment in partnership to yourself and with another, the next steps would be more challenging, as it were. There will be less and less of aloneness and separateness, and for all of you, as well, this issue will rise again for refinement in the heart. 

This is not about the old concerns of role male/female energy. That was in the past and for very necessary purposes. But for this part of the next piece in the alignment of the Universe and your planetary structures here, you need the foundation of partnership to spring forward from.

Very important pieces are being shown here. Some of them are going to look fairly confusing on the surface and perhaps bring up old, old issues to be healed from the past of fear. Fear of joy in particular.

For all the vibrational fears that do rise to the surface, and this will shift, but the one still remaining fear for all of you is the fear of absolute limitless loving Joy. And really this it the most beautiful one to embrace and has and holds the potential of limitlessness. So, when you are prepared to move into this fear, embracing it and releasing, you will understand the essence of limitlessness, for the other fears have been restrictions and painful and growth-provoking. But this particular place of fear of the joy and the unknown, will allow you to swim deeper into the sea of timelessness.

It would seem that we are saying that you need to be in partnership to take the next step, and on one hand, we are. However, we know that some of you have made choices for the moment that say partnership is not the clearest path, but in time when you are prepared and ready, the true aligned connection and partnership will come forward for you so that you can take the next step without focusing so much on developing the solo being. Your emphasis will be not on how to bring your own self so clearly into the world in balance with yourself, because that piece will be completed; but the next piece will be opening to true soul partnership so that the next level of energy and alignment may be achieved.

For some of you, even though you have bonded and connected and brought to fruition family, children, relationship, you have never walked in full partnership, and you will understand the difference. You either will understand you need to pull the pieces of partnership together, or you will need to walk with another who can fill the other shoe. There is a very big difference between walking in relationship and walking in partnership.

You need to see this whole relationship/soul-partner-ship issue from a new perspective. You need to see that all the things you thought that were, are clearly not. What this means is that all the illusions you had around relationship and partnership are not what you thought. For example, in each of your individual situations, you'll be brought a connection, or a condition, or a situation, or a person here, that will make you look at all sides of the box you have thought reflected to you what relationship looked like and should fit into, and that person isn't going to fit into any [part] of the box. Because this next step is not about fitting into a box, and if you were to go out shopping, you could find many who could fit into the box, but you wouldn't be interested, because there would be no growth, there would be no expansion, there would be no fluid energy.

For each of you, of course, there are different box qualities, but whatever your fear patterns are that say this is what a relationship looks like, either through gender, or morality, or sexuality, or physical appearances, or age appearances, or cultural appearances, or whatever it is that you had thought you would never be attracted to, is the box. And you can rest assured, that whatever you feel you will never do, will come forward. This will allow the limitlessness to expand.

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Look inside your heart. For many of you, the mind will be on one track and the heart will be on another; and when you know there are two different tracks, you know you're on the right track. Because the heart is calling you one direction and if the mind is fighting it with its logic, rational, fear barriers, putting it up, whatever, you know you have the right box. And once you get through with the mind battling itself, it will join the heart.

So check the heart; check the mind; because the heart is moving with soul. The mind is moving with the issues of society, the fear, the judgments, all of the things that create the boxes, the mind has perfect connection to.

The soul and the heart work together, so when you're in the heart, you can feel the soul because the heart and the soul are together. The mind and heart, for many, particularly on this piece of the journey, are in conflict. This will cause confusion and until you let the mind go with all its trappings of these boxes, you'll be resisting your own heart in your heart connection. We should just mention to you to never say never, because that is explicitly what you will call forth to wrestle. Understand? And it will give you great grace and understanding.

Many souls will come on this particular path, because many are asked at this time to come into alignment in partnership, not connection to relationship, and they are two very different vibrational conditions. So, you will hear one who says, "But I have a very working relationship," and then they will come across one who will allow them a growth-provoking soul partnership, and then the dance begins. There will be many more situations brought into this play because it is time for alignment -- for the Earth to partner with our energy frequencies so that we can all move at a very much higher multi-dimensional frequency. You see, this is just the beginning of the true connection to energetic partnership, one piece of the journey.

This article was excerpted from:

Sustaining Joy by Shirley Knapp & Nanette McLane. Sustaining Joy
by Shirley Knapp & Nanette McLane.

Reprinted with permission from the publisher, Northwinds Productions Inc. ©1997.  For info., visit

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Shirley KnappNanette McLaneAbout The Authors

Shirley Knapp is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher and energy healer who leads groups in meditation and transformation, focusing on multi-dimensional communication with whales, dolphins, and Pleiadians. She had been in a holistic private practice, teaching and embracing individuals and groups since 1986.  Nanette McLane is currently producing children's educational materials. She has enjoyed a career in publishing since 1988 as a writer, illustrator, copy editor, and proofreader. For info., visit


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