Removing Abandonment Masks and Ego Projections

Removing Abandonment Masks and Ego Projections

A consciousness of abandonment may begin in early childhood with the death or divorce of a parent, the father taking a job in another town and seldom seeing the child, or perhaps feeling lost in a large family of brothers and sisters and not receiving enough attention. Other factors to consider are lack of affection from parents resulting in a high degree of childhood insecurity. As the child matures, all pleasure in life is seen to be exclusively in the outer world of form and experience.

A neurotic need then develops for someone "out there" to fulfill all expectations of life, and to take the responsibility for loving, protecting, and caring for the individual. All the time there is an unconscious fear of desertion -- and this fear is projected on love partners, family, father figures in the workplace, and mother figures among friends. This energy repels, pushes people away, and leads to that self-fulfilling prophecy of abandonment.

Removing the Mask

The only way to peel away this mask is to change your mind, and the first step, of course, is forgiveness -- forgiving yourself for your miscreative thoughts, and forgiving others for what you think they have done to cause your unhappiness. They really haven't done anything but act out your projections on them.

Consciously withdraw those projections now, knowing that you must change the inner before anything positive can happen in the outer. Then you become a sponge (consciously) and soak up the full Presence of your true Identity and let your Holy Self live in and through and as you.

Look not to the external world of effects for your love, joy, and peace, but focus only on the world of Spirit within for everything in life. It is a complete abandonment to Spirit and Spirit only.

Here is a meditation from The Jesus Code that will help you move from a focus on effects to a deeper consciousness of your Source.

I understand that the effects of this world are from the past and are not creative. One effect does not birth another, for everything emanates from consciousness.

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I affirm with mind and heart that no person, place, thing, condition, or situation in the external world has power over me, or has the power to create anew for me.

I place my total dependence on Spirit within, releasing everything to the presence of God I AM, knowing that Love has met my every need, want, or desire even before they were experienced in mind and heart.

I am a Whole Person, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. And my world reflects that Wholeness.

Remember that your world is the result, or a product, of your thoughts, and miscreative thoughts can make for a hellish world. If you plan a project or take an action specifically to yield a particular result in the external world -- without divine guidance or the flow-through of creative wisdom that instructs on a spiritual level -- then you are serving ego. You are trying to create effects that the ego wants in order to fulfill its desires, and when the effects "fail" you -- that is, they do not provide the harmony you are seeking -- you feel forsaken.

Maybe this was followed by turning to Spirit in prayerful meditation to energize the effects, to make them what you wanted them to be, to make people do what you wanted them to do. And when nothing seemed to happen in the material world to your liking, you felt deserted by God.

The problem, of course, is trying to find supply, support, happiness, and harmony in the external world rather than in the activity of Spirit. When that didn't work, you believed that by being more "spiritual" through meditation, your desires would be fulfilled, which was nothing more than a continuation of the previous thought process, an uninterrupted focus on the effects even while contemplating Cause. I know. I've been through this. I have placed my investment in worldly things instead of Spirit, and when I finally understood what I was doing, I forgave myself and once again turned my life over to God.

In one particular instance, the peace that came over me was indescribable. Behold, I make all things new was the message, and I was then content to let a new bright and shining world flow forth from the love of God within to replace the limited world that I had created with my ego thoughts.

To work with the planetary energies rather than resisting them, cut the psychic cords on anyone who you feel has deserted you, and begin to love them with no strings attached -- unconditionally. This means to stop judging by appearances, and accept everyone as they are -- spiritual beings temporarily living in a physical world and adapting to the dense energies of the third-dimensional plane.

We are all as one, living and learning together in our climb back up the mountain. As we move even higher in our seeing, we acknowledge the Holy Self as the only Truth of Being of every man, woman, and child.

Also, think about what you can do to provide a greater service -- and yes, you as one single individual can make a major difference in this world. Think on these thoughts, not as something to come, but as a present reality.

I accept my responsibilities in life.

I have the ability to come up with new ideas and make them work.

I grasp new concepts quickly. I am creative.

I have great energy and vitality.

I am willing to face change creatively.

I look to the future with joyful expectation. I am optimistic about life.

I love harmony and beauty.

I am compassionate and understanding. I can laugh at myself.

I have intuitive wisdom.

I live happily and productively.

These statements will open your mind to new vistas, and the energy radiating from your consciousness will attract opportunities to provide a real service based on your skills and talents.

To remove the ego projections on the causal powers within, those governors of life, work on your stubbornness, possessiveness, jealousy, and your tendency to worry over nothing. Learn the value of empathy, cultivate a sense of humor to displace your irritable disposition, and stop making material things your exclusive goal in life. You may want to write down these points in your journal and begin a program of building a solid base in consciousness from which the living energies will perform their cosmic duties.

Look carefully now at what you consider the reason for your feelings of abandonment: the loss of a loved one, lack of affection (or even acceptance) from others, friction in any relationship, a sense of failure in fulfilling your life's purpose, financial insecurity, or seeming delays and obstructions on your path of life.

Now go back to that emptiness, loneliness, loss, and futility that you are feeling in mind and heart, and ask yourself, "What is the advantage of this to me? How is this less-than-ideal situation in life benefiting me?" Let the answer come to your mind and write it down. Understand, as I've said before, that any challenge, problem, or negative influence in your life is something that you have chosen. No one else decided on it for you; there is no conspiracy.

These aspects of life and living have been chosen on some level of consciousness; otherwise they could not be. Perhaps you didn't say, in effect, "Let this be," but in the fabric of your mind, you wove an outcome usually based on some feeling of guilt from the past. And this choice, although it may have been hidden under layers of self-hatred, insecurity, and unfulfillment, was made to compensate for what you considered a transgression of the law of harmony. But that law sees no transgressions; it simply is; and it works to lift you up rather than bind you.

Whatever that feeling of abandonment, look at it again and ask, "What is the advantage of this to me?" And the ego's answer is, "To atone for my guilt for causing others (or someone specifically) to suffer in some form or other. Therefore, I must suffer." Recognize this as a decision that you have made to pass sentence on yourself. Acknowledge it and couple it with the acceptance that there is absolutely no advantage for anything less-than-positive to be happening in your life. This acknowledgment and acceptance removes the guilt you imposed upon yourself, the sentence is lifted, and you can move back into the stream of the natural order of life.

Article excerpted and reprinted with permission
of the publisher, Hay House Inc.

Article Source:

Removing the Masks that Bind Us
by John Randolph Price.

Removing the Masks that Bind Us by John Randolph Price.Humans create their own experiences by the masks they choose to wear. These masks are adopted, sometimes unconsciously, for purposes of manipulation or defense. However, the challenges of life seem to be magnified because the universe reflects back the disguises worn, replaying misconceptions and vulnerabilities in the physical world. The author lists the 12 masks humans tend to wear, for example, "Victim", "Tyrant", and "Warrior", and explains the resulting cause and effect relationships, their relationship to planetary energies, inner archetypes, the inner psyche, and life conditioning. He maintains that through a new understanding and inner knowledge life can be enjoyed to the full as the true persona is revealed.

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About the Author

John Randolph Price John Randolph Price is the recipient of national and international awards for humanitarianism, progress toward global peace, and for contributions to a higher degree of positive living. He and his wife Jan, also an author, are the founders of The Quartus Foundation. John is the author of Removing the Masks that Bind Us, as as well The Abundance Book, The Jesus Code, Living a Life of Joy, The Alchemist's Handbook, The Superbeings, A Spiritual Philosophy for the New World, and many more.

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