Releasing Our Pain and Cleansing Our Emotional Wounds

Releasing Our Pain and Cleansing Our Emotional Wounds

When we are born into this human existence we are born into community. We begin interacting with others almost from day one. The maternal bond is the first of these interactions, and it must be strong for an infant to survive and thrive. Studies have shown that babies that do not experience that powerful bonding experience do not gain as much weight, do not reach milestones in a timely manner, and oftentimes do not thrive in the same manner as babies that have a powerful maternal bond.

As we grow and mature, our experiences as we relate to others take their effects on us, both positive and negative. We also begin to absorb the energies of these interactions. These energies can be light, dark, or anywhere in between. To a sensitive Lightworker or empathic child, these energies can have a powerful impact.

When we are wounded by someone, toxic energy is immediately created and stored. We are presented with a choice: we can either “flush out” the wound with light energy and heal it; or we can hold onto it, allowing it to fester and grow.

The Effects of Holding On To Toxic Energy

If we harbor toxic energy from wounds, it will anchor itself firmly in one of our chakras, ultimately creating all kinds of problems. As we hold onto this dark energy (which converts into pain), the law of attraction kicks in, and we begin to attract more dark energy.

It may take years until we see the effects manifest themselves in our adult relationships. The manifestation will be dysfunction, energetic blocks, and behavioral patterns that bring us back to a state of unhappiness, almost replaying how the pain originated in the first place. We need to peel away layers upon layers of toxic energy to get to the source of our pain, the start of it all.

When we don’t process pain, our heart chakra shuts down, and the love energy channels through an inappropriate passage, usually another chakra. When this happens, the toxic energy will re-route itself to the surface and spread throughout our entire existence. Eventually we are affected to the point that we find ourselves repeatedly dealing with the same relationship issues. This, coupled with the Lightworker’s propensity to give and give until they have nothing left, leaves us emotionally, physically, and spiritually drained. Vulnerable. Empty.

Identifying Our Wounds and Healing Our Pain

Healing our pain is the key to channeling the different types of love energies properly and keeping our energetic passageways clear. Many times we need healing for pain that we do not even recognize we are carrying. Regardless, it’s imperative to start with the underlying causes first before we can move forward into healthy relationships.

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This world can be a harsh place, and a person who is highly empathetic and sensitive is affected by emotional pain even more than the average sentient being. Pain from abuse, abandonment, and toxic people or environments can leave us with wounds.

Pain is a very personal and individual experience. Combine the Lightworker’s sensitivity with negative life experiences and the thoughtless or malicious actions of others, and the perfect storm is created to wound your spirit.

It makes no difference whether the wound is created by a small incident or a huge trauma—it still transforms into the same energetic vibration that creates our spiritual wounds. The sooner you begin to address your pain, honor it, and begin the process of releasing it, the faster you will begin the healing journey.

Discovering Your Pain

Let’s say you know are you feeling sad, isolated, or alone, all sure indications that you are in pain on some level. You will need to identify the underlying source or sources of your pain. Consider the following questions as you explore where your pain might have come from:

  • When or how did it originate?
  • Where are you harboring it in your energy?
  • In what ways is it manifesting itself in your life?

Use these questions as springboards to your exploration. If your trauma was severe, you may need to do this within the safe confines of a therapist’s office.

Once you identify your pain, you’ll need to take full ownership of it. No longer can you blame others for inflicting it upon you or constantly rehash what happened. You now own this pain and it is yours to handle.

For now, leave the forgiveness for those who hurt you for later. Just know that once you have transformed the pain, you will not only have immediate forgiveness, but you will actually feel gratitude toward the other person for helping you grow. Taking ownership empowers you and takes away the victim mentality.

Getting In Touch With Your Pain

Meditation is a simple and easy way to get insight as to what is going on with your energy. Set aside a few minutes each day to remain in stillness and silence and ask for guidance. Start by asking your higher self, guides, angels, God, whoever it is that resonates with your spirit, “Please help me feel my pain and fill me with healing light.” Notice the wording. You are asking to feel your pain.

As you ask this question in meditation you may begin to feel certain sensations. Be aware of any slight tingle, feeling, warm sensation, or perhaps even actual physical pain. (Don’t worry, your spirit will be gentle; any excessive pain will be your human side stepping in to stop the process. Honor this.)

Notice where this feeling is in your physical body, and try to be so present in the moment. As you feel your pain, recall as many details as you can about the sensation.

It is also important to take note of any visions, words, or phrases that come to mind during this practice. They will have significant meaning for you. Stand up to your discomfort and allow it to linger until it subsides.

Unless the physical pain becomes too much, do not shut down and run from it. Remember it is time to heal and open up, not shut down. It’s all part of the healing process. Just by recognizing and honoring your pain, you are automatically flushing it out with white light and engaging in the healing process.

The Location Of Pain

During this exercise, it is also important to note where you are feeling sensations, because this will indicate to you where your wound is festering. Let’s go over the chakras and learn what sensations in each could possibly indicate:

  • Root chakra at the base of your spine: Could indicate a fear or wound stemming from abandonment, or a fear of not having the essentials for survival. Perhaps in your childhood you felt physically unsafe. Sensation or discomfort in this area indicates that you do not feel safe in the physical world.
  • Sacral chakra below the navel: Sensation in this area could indicate sexual issues or, at worst, sexual abuse. Perhaps you were wounded during a mutually consensual sexual encounter.
  • Solar plexus chakra above the navel and below the heart: Sensation here indicates control and trust issues. Perhaps you were in a painful situation in which you had no control and now do not trust others or even yourself.
  • Heart chakra at center of chest: Sensation here indicates lack of empathy or unconditional love from others in your life. The human ego is harmed from interactions that have to do with love and human bonds.
  • Throat chakra in the hollow of your neck or throat: Sensations in this area mean you have been prevented from expressing your emotions. Articulation, communication, and emoting have been blocked by relationships or situations in your life.
  • Third eye chakra in the center of forehead, above the eyebrow: You may have been denied the power of your intuition. This could have occurred because people did not honor your strengths and insights. You may have felt insignificant to those around you, and you may live in a fantasy world to escape the pain of being dismissed by those you hold most dear.
  • Crown chakra at the top of head: Sensation here can mean that painful events in your life have caused you to lose your faith. This could occur by being let down by those we look to for guidance (parents are a prime example). Perhaps your parents were neglectful or did not show their love for you in a manner that helped nurture your growth toward becoming an adult who feels validated and valued. Our mothers and fathers represent the love of God. If we do not feel this powerful type of love, we lose our faith and close off our channel to the divine.

These explanations are generalizations. Everyone has their own variation and story behind their wounds, but this will give you a good start as to what to look for and what to further explore when attempting to identify where you are holding your pain and where your toxic energy found its way into your essence. Once you discover your story or journey to pain, you will reveal the true origin of your energetic wounds.

The Next Step: Cleanse and Release

The next step is to cleanse the area and release the toxic energy stored there. Perhaps you can easily identify where the pain is and how it originated, and that is wonderful, because it gives you a starting point. You may discover your toxic energy in a particularly weak point in your body. Here are some very general examples:

  • Root chakra: lower back issues.
  • Second chakra: issues with reproductive organs.
  • Third chakra: stomach and digestive issues.
  • Fourth chakra: cardiovascular issues, heart palpitations.
  • Fifth chakra: throat issues
  • Sixth chakra: mental health issues, depression, anxiety.
  • Seventh chakra: Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Recognition and awareness that you are actually in pain is the very first step toward releasing the pain and putting a stop to any physical issues that may occur. As noted, everyone is different, so as the saying goes, your mileage may vary.

Cleansing Visualization Using Water

Moving forward, once we identify where we are holding our pain, we need to cleanse this area and remove the toxic energy that is feeding our wounds. Visualization is a wonderful start to cleansing. Water is an amazingly healing element that I use in visualization.

Here’s how to cleanse and release: Envision the chakra at issue being cleansed with crystal-clear water and then being filled with healing, white light. You can maximize the effects by doing this in a bathtub or shower. Spend extra time allowing the water to pour over the area in question, as you envision healing light filling the area.

It is important to conduct this cleansing on all seven chakras weekly in order to keep your energy balanced and all your chakras cleansed. As you continue to practice this literal cleansing, you are releasing pain energy.

Be careful not to release too much at a time. If you begin to feel overwhelmed with emotion or unpleasant feelings, it’s time to stop for that day. You can try again the next day, releasing the pain energy a little at a time.

Remember, healing is a journey not a destination. You will get there, but the journey is where you will discover all your spiritual gifts and how you buried them under pain for so deep and for so long. So take your time, and use the healing path as a path to self-discovery, as well.

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Lightworker Relationships: Creating Lasting and Healthy Bonds as an Empath by Sahvanna Arienta.Can you give too much love? Lightworkers are sensitive and highly empathic souls who have an innate need to help and heal others. These peaceful supporters of humanity are here to make positive changes and create personal, balanced, and loving human connections. But many Lightworkers become so caught up in their divine mission to heal that they sometimes overlook the importance of receiving love.

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