Making Peace With Our Relationship Status

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Regardless of whether we're on our own or partnered up, with or without children, we need to accept our situation and embrace it. Complaining won't change it. Neither will feeling hopeless or helpless.

How To Avoid Arguments Over Where To Get Dinner Together

How To Avoid Arguments Over Where To Get Dinner Together

We’ve all experienced this sort of exchange in our lives, in which we ask someone else, “What do you want to do?” It could be about food, an evening activity or pretty much any other shared activity.

Overcoming Fear in Communication: The Price of Positive Change

a young man holding some ferns and using them to hide behind

Open and honest communication requires us to expose our true thoughts and feelings. Once those are out of our mouths, they can be criticized, ridiculed, or rejected. When we’re not used to being vulnerable, it seems safer to...

Sprouting the Seeds of Greatness: The Saint Next Door

an open hand full of seeds

What if someone close to you turned out to be a hero to millions? The seeds of greatness can sprout anywhere, through anyone. Every great person, from Galileo to St. Francis to Martin Luther King Jr., grew up as a normal person and did normal things with normal people. Probably none of their buddies expected...

Befriending the Shadow: Transforming Darkness Into Light

a model standing on a runway facing her shadow... all in green

When we don't recognize or accept certain parts of our own nature - positive and negative - we'll project these qualities onto others. Those who anger, irritate, frustrate, and even consciously attempt to sabotage us are our greatest teachers...

Honesty: The Only Hope for New Relationships

Man and woman sitting in a restaurant talking.

According to most of the singles I have met in my travels, the typical dating situation is fraught with fear. It seems that when people believe there's a lot at stake, they get nervous and instead of being their creative, delightful selves, they resort to various anxiety management strategies...

Encouraging Your Child's Self-Esteem: Beware of Verbal Abuse

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When a parent faces a stressful situation and their child needs attention, the urgencies of the moment can invite a hasty response. For this reason, it is helpful for parents to remind themselves of the need to treat their child with goodwill and respect, even when they feel stressed...

Here’s How AI Can Help People Be Less Lonely

a person and an AI robot reaching out towards each other

Millions of isolated people have found comfort by chatting with an AI bot. Therapeutic bots have improved users’ mental health for decades. Now, psychiatrists are studying how these AI companions can improve mental wellness during the pandemic and beyond.

What is the Tantric Practice of Maithuna or Ritual Sex?

What is the Tantric Practice of Maithuna?

Maithuna is a ritual of transformation, and although it is expected to generate pleasure, the pleasure must not be of the ego -- when the man and woman embrace, they do so not as themselves, but as male and female deities. Maithuna may incorporate meditation, yogic postures, mantras, yantras...

Do You Wish To Keep Love Alive? Here's How...

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Quite a few people have bought into the widely held myth that-long term relationships eventually become flat and boring. This belief, if unchallenged can lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy that will eventually create the reality that we fear.

Do You Wish To Keep Love Alive? Here's How-Video


Quite a few people have bought into the widely held myth that-long term relationships eventually become flat and boring. This belief, if unchallenged can lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy that will eventually create the reality that we fear.

Why Can’t I Eat Out For Valentine’s Day If I Socially Distance?

Placeholder on a restaurant holder that reads: Valentine Reserved

Restrictions on indoor dining are some of the hardest to swallow. We all have our favorite restaurants, and the experience of eating out is a big part of feeling normal. In addition, many restaurants are cornerstones of our communities, and owners and staff have struggled throughout the pandemic.

To Find Friends, Plant Seeds of Friendship

To Find Friends, Plant Seeds of Friendship

It goes without saying that harming others does not a friendly community make. We can begin to refrain from doing harm while cultivating love and good relations. When we live with this value, we honor all with whom we...

What Kids Need To Learn At Home

What Kids Need To Learn At Home

Research during the first phase of remote teaching in Victoria reported some students found the workload “too high”, missed interactions with peers, felt their thinking ability was impaired, and reported a difficulty coping with study and life more generally.

Does Your Young Child Need a Screen Intervention?

child intensely focused on her phone

It's completely understandable when parents give their young children their iPhone or iPad to help them wait at a doctor's office, sit at a restaurant, or allow the parent to simply catch up with household errands. But after it happens, their children may continually ask to play with the device.

Why You Should Pass Your First Language, And Accent, To Your Kids

Why You Should Pass Your First Language, And Accent, To Your Kids

We found many first-generation migrant parents are hesitant to pass on their first language to their children. This is because they believe a different language at home will give their children a foreign accent.



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