Reclaiming Your Innate Power by Connecting With Your Inner Teacher

Reclaiming Your Innate Power by Connecting With Your Inner Teacher

we have entered an important stage in the evolution of
humanity where we stop looking for answers outside
ourselves and turn our focus inward toward
the infinite intelligence of all that is...

An integral way of reclaiming your innate power is by attuning to the wisdom of the heart, accessing the eloquent Energy of life, and connecting with your inner teacher. This process involves turning the volume down on the many distractions of the outside world and amplifying the voice that speaks to you from within. The blueprint to facilitate this process includes being open to your soul’s influence and listening to the inherent brilliance... of your own inner teacher.

One of the best ways to hear that voice or those insights is by consciously inviting moments of Stillness into your life. This time of discovery requires an increased willingness to look closely at whatever is challenging you – not to resolve all your problems at once – but rather to plant the seeds of what you would like to see change. What new traits do you want to develop? What new habits will sustain the positive qualities you wish to incorporate into your life?

A New Stream of Guidance

It’s fascinating to observe what occurs when you place direct attention on anything from this universal dimension of consciousness; a new stream of guidance begins to filter through. It even educates you to ask better questions so you can find more meaningful answers.

The information you receive is revealed in a variety of forms. It isn’t when you’ve said, ‘I had a gut feeling’, and it is also not an aha moment. It resonates even deeper. It’s an insight, not an impulse. It could come from a chance conversation, a synchronistic connection, a book falling off a shelf, a moment in Stillness. The information deepens your understanding of the boundless nature of life and your connection to it.

In time you will begin to trust that whenever you have a pressing question or concern, the answer of what to do is always there. Just notice when anything strikes a new note within you. The clarity that emerges will be like a river washing clean your window to the world.

As the light of consciousness expands your capacity to listen from a depth of understanding you might not have known before, it initiates your inner teacher to speak with greater coherence. This wise counsel can present itself in myriad forms, from a gentle reminder – to an explosion of newfound enthusiasm, passion, and excitement.

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We are all teachers and students, and when we connect with the gift we are, there is so much more available to share with the world around us.

The Fire of Truth

As the alchemy of Truth reawakens your natural state of being, it burns away what feels like lifetimes of confusion. The journey then is to sustain and magnify this healing vibration.

The Practice at the end of this chapter is designed to help you deepen your understanding of the untapped wisdom and potential that you already have. Everything you need is inside you. All that’s left to do now is to open and allow space in your life for this expansive awareness to grow.

Sandy's Liberation

They were simple letters, forming words on a page that today carried meaning in a way they never had before. Similar to bubbles that rise to the top as water is about to boil – this loyal, hard-working employee stood up from her chair, walked into her boss’s office and told him exactly how she felt.

In that moment, Sandy allowed the steam that had been contained for 17 years to be released. How many people had been damaged by her boss’s words; disturbing, demeaning, demoralizing words that wreaked havoc in many people’s lives every time they were unleashed. It had to end – at least for her – and today was the day.

Sandy packed her things and walked out the door. “I knew that I would never let anyone speak to me in that way again! I don’t know why I let it go on for so long.”

There’s a false sense of security in believing that if we keep everything as it is, even if it’s uncomfortable, we will be safe. It’s an illusion. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If I just keep my head down and keep the status quo, nothing will ever hurt me. It’s the pinnacle of delusion. And so our deepest cries become smothered by our fears, and we get locked into living a life of hidden anguish, instead of the meaningful, joyous adventure that our life can be. Sandy was discovering a new kind of freedom, and from more than one prison on that fateful day.

Anything Is Possible... When You Believe It Is

Sandy was listening to her inner knowing. As she did, more and more messages arrived to show her, not how things would work out, but that with trust they always would. She was in the driver’s seat, creating from the inspiration that was guiding her toward an exciting new future.

Sandy’s expanded awareness seemed to have a profound effect on her husband’s life as well. John received a call from a former employee whose new company had become so successful he wanted to meet and discuss some creative opportunities.

John and Sandy spent their lives like so many good-hearted folks, raising a family and helping others whenever they could. They had their share of good times as well as struggles, but something had shifted, they’d become a magnet for good news, and it just kept coming.

Anytime they wanted guidance on what their next step would be, all they had to do was Make a Request to the universal field of intelligence that had already delivered numerous gifts. They remembered how to breathe through the challenges when they would arise, and trusted that new insight would always appear.

Without the clarity that we can participate in our future, it’s easy to become resigned and believe the power to change anything exists outside us, instead of within us.

Realize that you are divinely guided... And... Listen, Listen, Listen...

The Practice: Listening To The Messages

wisdom can be heard from that field of infinite
intelligence when we listen... just listen...

Many people feel frustrated that they don’t have answers to the important questions in their lives, that they just don’t get messages in any form. Just as science tell us that elephants have a way of communicating that resonates on sound levels humans can’t hear – could it be possible that we are also unable to see and hear what has been beyond our (vibrational) comprehension, and what our unconscious beliefs defined as real?

Is it possible the messages were always there only we didn’t have the capacity to see them or hear the broadcast? Maybe we just can’t see or hear clearly until we access the conscious awareness that releases these outdated belief boundaries.

Once your awareness expands, you are able to break through the societal concepts that have hindered our evolution, and begin exploring your innate genius. Similar to John and Sandy you will discover ways of listening that invite and bring this new form of communication into your daily life. The signs will be everywhere.

If you wait to hear a booming voice or see an illuminating vision – you could wait a long time. Then again, anything is possible, and this kind of experience has happened to many people. If you want to develop a course of action that directs your life from a place of purpose and love, learn to listen to the messages that are being sent your way.

Attuning to Your Inner Teacher

Reclaiming Your Innate Power by Connecting With Your Inner TeacherThis is not about becoming psychic, or telepathic, it’s about attuning to your inner teacher. Will you have the perfect answer to everything? You will, but that means trusting the journey, what works and what doesn’t and what you are meant to learn from both circumstances. You are here to discover and allow the unfolding of your life’s journey in the best way possible – and it will... moment-by-moment and day-by-day.

Messages come in many forms – often those that seem too simplistic are the ones that make the mundane of life so much fun. As you observe and confirm for yourself the synchronicities that now appear regularly, you will really enjoy the exquisite game that life has become.

The messages can appear in various forms:

  • A deep knowing from within.

  • When listening to a friend or a child, or someone speaking on TV or other media, and unexpectedly, a bell rings inside you.

  • An illness or injury that suddenly stops you in your tracks and forces you to look at your life in a whole new light.

  • Not getting what you thought you wanted – which is an invitation to recognize that even what you can’t see clearly now, could be guiding you to a better outcome than the one you thought was best – literally forcing you to look deeper.

  • Signs on billboards. (Really!! Yes, happens all the time.) Also, newspaper articles that catch your eye, a letter or an email arrives with information that seems to be specifically answering the question you were holding in your mind.

The Practice of Listening to the Messages:

The Simplicity of Stillness Practices that assist you in tuning in to informed insights are:

  • Contemplation & Journaling – Reflection brings forth new insights. Writing solidifies them. Clarity is revealed through your connection with the field of infinite intelligence where solutions await your inquiry and contemplation.

  • Stillness Sessions – Time spent in the purified Energy of peace opens a gateway of wisdom where signals arrive.

  • Making Requests – Much like a focused beam of light – requests invite messages to be revealed through many forms.

This Week’s Practice:

  • Choose one concern or question where you would like to receive a message.

  • Write it in your journal, leaving space to write the answers that appear in the week ahead.

  • Choose one of The Practices from above – and follow the guidelines.

  • Document the messages you received, and the inspired actions you took.

Remember to stay flexible. The journey you are on doesn’t have only one road to take, there are many, and often the road you didn’t want to take is one that will inspire others you’ll meet along the way. If it seems to be time to turn left or right – inquire again, and follow the next step given. This is about becoming more attuned to the many gifts we’ve been given, and the extraordinary gift you truly are.

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The Power of Peace in You: A Revolutionary Tool for Hope, Healing, & Happiness in the 21st Century by Marlise Karlin.

The Power of Peace in You: A Revolutionary Tool for Hope, Healing, & Happiness in the 21st Century
by Marlise Karlin.

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Marlise Karlin, author of: The Power of Peace in YouMarlise Karlin is a visionary pioneer, author, and humanitarian, recognized globally for igniting an Energy of peace that brings exceptional healing to the mind and body. Titled the "Inner Peace Expert" by, Marlise has been interviewed on NBC and Fox News, spoken at Cesar Milan Events to ignite an intention of peace, is a contributor to The Huffington Post and Malika Chopra's "You can't create lasting peace in the world, until you know it in your own heart." ~Marlise. Visit her website at

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