Embrace Life: Allow Your Creative Intuitive Power To Lead and Support You

Embrace Life: Allow Your Creative Intuitive Power To Lead and Support You

When we learn how to use every aspect of our lives, not just the happy, pleasant parts, we find purpose and meaning in everything we have ever experienced. In such moments of elevated awareness and understanding, we recognize the light hidden in the shadows, and we rise above the hurt, anger, and frustration that may have once dominated our world.

Moments of revelation turn us into an observer of the circum­stances in our life, and we shift our awareness to the “peace point,” as the source of our truest and deep­est power. Peace is the energetic starting point of, and primary source of, our intuition action. Without peace there can be no accurate communication with the higher mind. We discover our expanded potential to experience joy, appreciation, and grace regardless of where we might have come from and despite what life has given us so far. On this foundation our intuition stands.

At these precise moments fruition happens. The physical dy­namics and spiritual energies combine to give birth to a new life. All the creation that was hidden from view suddenly becomes visible in our physical reality. When we recognize this, we celebrate it, we honor it, and we experience joy. And so it should be.

Congratulate yourself for what you have created, even if it is only the tiniest of outcomes. We all start small. Acknowledge the supreme power intrinsic to you — within your DNA and within the creative supertechnology of every aspect of your mind — which has brought you to this moment.

The Ability To Generate A Specific Outcome by Virtue of Choice, Will & Empowered Focus

Your ability to generate a specific outcome by virtue of your choice, will, and empowered focus has elegantly carved you out of a vast, mediocre herd and propelled you into an adventure in creativ­ity and power that is unlikely to be matched by those who do not understand or follow the process.

The moment you made the commitment to follow this intui­tive path, you changed the trajectory of your life. You cannot know for sure how the remainder of it is meant to unfold, but I promise you that if you stay committed to the journey ahead, you will be rewarded with surprises, blessings, and discoveries that to your for­mer, limited mind would have seemed impossible or even magical. To the new and improved you, with your expanded point of view, these are now normal, everyday expectations.

Pursuing Every Dream or Desire with Power and Confidence

I invite you to promise yourself that, from this moment forward, you will pursue with power and confidence every dream or desire you have for the future, and that you will trust all the gifts at your disposal.

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When you master your creative intuitive power and allow it to lead and support you in life, you will never knock on the door of creation as a beggar. Instead you will enter as a king.

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. — JOSEPH CAMPBELL

Are you ready for what your life might be from now on? When I teach my workshops or do my coaching sessions, people often ask me, “What will I do when I achieve everything I set out to do?” I tell them, “Brace yourself,” because it takes great courage to accept the energetic responsibility of becoming the architect of your destiny.

Using Your Intuition To Create The Life That You Really Wish To Have

In order to use your intuition to create the life that you really wish to have, you may find that you must let go of certain things, relationships, and attitudes. More important still is the reality that using First Intelligence to assist you in creating success will require you to become someone greater than you have been. You will be required to become more of who you truly are.

If that were not a prerequisite, then you would already be living your desire. And if it were easy, everybody would be doing it. Fewer than 5 percent of the people who say they want to change for the bet­ter, or who say they want greater happiness, better health, or more joy, actually do what is required to achieve it. Only 5 percent! This is because change, no matter how awesome or beneficial it may be, isn’t always comfortable. And human beings are notorious creatures of habit.

Yet we have the capacity to create lives of amazing beauty, awesome potential, and limitless joy. I would like you to view your changes, and even some of the discomfort you may feel as you move ahead in your intuitive practice, as part of a grand adventure — the hero’s adventure, in which you finally become who you are meant to be.

Can you imagine what your new life might be like after success­fully completing your hero’s adventure and creating your chosen destiny? What do you hope to learn about yourself in order to make it an everyday part of who you are? What do you hope to bring to others? Are you really willing to live a new life in which things may never be the same again?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you are ready. It is your time. And so, if you haven’t already, I invite you to answer the call. Your destiny is waiting.

Discovering Who You Are Truly Meant To Be

Your decision to change your life and to cultivate the power to design your future began long before you and I ever crossed paths. Chances are pretty good that your desire to discover who you are truly meant to be, and to use this discovery to improve your life and the lives of others, has been on your mind for quite a while now. I am willing to bet that you received the call to create your own destiny a long time ago.

At this stage of your journey, you are ready to receive this work and discover the tools that will link you to your true creative power. When the student is ready, the teaching or the teacher does appear. I am so glad to have been an ally and an assistant on your intuitive adventure.

You now have, and always have had, access to the only tools you will ever need. When you make an empowered choice, align it with the power of your integrated mind and body, and allow the power of your intuitive wisdom to direct you, then, even if you do not arrive exactly where you expected to, you should consider your­self hugely successful just by virtue of the things you have learned and the power you have gained along the way.

Like the caterpillar that must completely alter itself in order to become a butterfly, you have made a commitment to no longer crawl through your life, but to fly instead.

I thank you for allowing me to be a small part of your adventure. I wish you ultimate joy, happiness, peace, and success as you con­tinue to reach beyond the old boundaries of limitation to look into the deepest reservoirs of your wisdom and inner certainty.

The word courage comes from the word coeur, which means “heart.” I invite you to use your heart well in every moment, because it will serve you and reward you in ways you may have only dreamed of. The road to one’s destiny is not random, nor is it fate. It is determined by choice — choice informed by wisdom, trust, and courage.

©2014 by Simone Wright. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission of the publisher,

New World Library, Novato, CA 94949. newworldlibrary.com.

Article Source

First Intelligence: Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition
by Simone Wright.

First Intelligence: Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition by Simone Wright.Each day, we are bombarded with data and opinions, and each day we must make choices that steer us toward our own best approach to life. And, according to Simone Wright, we often forget or don’t understand how to use the best tool available: our intuition, which is our “first intelligence” that can cut through the chatter to inherent wisdom. She explains that intuition is an innate and universal biological and energetic function that can be used like a human GPS system to guide us toward effective action and peak performance. Riveting examples and powerful exercises demonstrate how we can use this “sixth sense” as naturally as any, in all areas of our lives.

For more info or to purchase this book on Amazon. (Also available in a Kindle edition.)

About the Author

Simone Wright, author of: First IntelligenceSimone Wright, “the Evolutionary Mind Coach for Elite Performers and Visionary Leaders,” is the author of First Intelligence.  Simone is a highly respected intuitive consultant, award-winning entrepreneur, and globally collected artist. She teaches and consults internationally, working with clients ranging from elite athletes, law enforcement personnel, and health care providers to entertainers, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. She has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show and uses her intuitive skills to assist in police investigations, missing children cases, and corporate business strategies. Visit her online at http://www.simonewright.com

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