You Are Psychic: Lifting The Veil on Sensitive Intuitive Awareness

You Are Psychic: Lifting The Veil on Sensitive Intuitive Awareness

When we hear the word psychic, it conjures up all kinds of mysterious images, including turbans, crystal balls, and gypsies in a caravan. Yes, there is real history behind these images, but I think it's time to take some of the mystery out of the mystical. The first step is to understand that everyone is born psychic, although most people are at a loss when it comes to understanding or using this remarkable ability. Let's examine the inherent qualities that we are each born with that make us psychic. Lightworkers or not, we are all born with some degree of these attributes, which have five main components:

  1. Sensitivity (an awareness of our five senses).
  2. Intuition (feelings of knowing without any concrete information).
  3. Awareness (cognition or alertness to our surroundings).
  4. Empathy (experiencing emotions or feelings that match another person's).
  5. Belief (the absolute knowing of things unseen).

There's really nothing mystical about these five attributes. It's easy to understand how we all have them and use them on a daily basis. Some of us use one or more of these components more than others and some of us have higher intensities of one component more than the others. But the bottom line is that these five components and their level of intensity are what make up our psychic abilities. Because we are each different, we each need to discover our own psychic strengths.

The Lightworker's Heightened Components

Being extremely sensitive creatures, Lightworkers have heightened intensities of all five components. While this is certainly a gift they bring to the world, it feels more like a curse to the unaware Lightworker. In fact, these five components in heightened intensities can bring much disruption to the Lightworker's personal life. It is like turning the volume all the way up on your headphones and trying to go about your day-to-day life with music constantly blasting in your ears. If you don't know where the volume control is, the overload can bring on meltdowns and cause great stress.

Being super-sensitive can create anxiety, and the powerful empathy a Lightworker experiences towards the collective consciousness can bring on severe depression. In addition, intuitive messages often come via physical symptoms (what we call gut instincts), which can create illnesses.

These heightened intensities can cause an avalanche of emotions and feelings that seemingly come out of nowhere. This is why is it so important for Lightworkers to understand what they are experiencing and learn how to handle it. It is only natural that a Lightworker would want to soothe this unpleasantness and search out a variety of methods to quell these feelings.

Some unaware Lightworkers may try to numb themselves with drugs and alcohol, some repeatedly get into destructive relationships, and others may turn their pain inward and try to harm themselves. Some Lightworkers totally shut down and withdraw from life altogether. But these choices create a vicious cycle.

Fulfilling Your Divine Mission...

You Are Psychic: Lifting The Veil on Sensitive Intuitive AwarenessIt is in Lightworkers' nature to be of service and to bring light to the world. When they are not fulfilling their divine mission, they experience even more feelings of worthlessness that just compound this unpleasant experience.

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When Lightworkers do not know how to use their heightened components, they feel lost. Although not all mental illnesses or conditions are a result of being an unaware Lightworker, many can indeed find relief with the realization of their true identity and purpose. Even though this is profoundly helpful, it doesn't mean a Lightworker's challenges are over. His or her place on Earth is not an easy space to inhabit.

Because Lightworkers tend to absorb the feelings of others around them, they may often feel excessively drained or exhausted. At times, Lightworkers may feel overwhelmed with the awesome task they have agreed to take on before they ever came to Earth. They take on the weight of humanity and then find it difficult to cast light in a world that is cloaked in darkness. Lightworkers who do not know how to manage heightened components may suffer:

  • Depression.
  • Anxiety.
  • Addictions.
  • Mood swings.
  • Sudden waves of sadness.
  • Psychosomatic illness.
  • Feelings of worthlessness.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Antisocial behavior.
  • Feelings of isolation.
  • Repeatedly getting into dysfunctional relationships.
  • Impulses to commit self-harm (such as cutting the flesh or pulling out hair).

Learning to Shield Yourself

To avoid as many of these challenges as possible, Lightworkers require ongoing cleansing and shielding. A woman named Marcy whom I met at a spiritual circle learned this the hard way. Marcy was a budding intuitive who was learning to develop her psychic abilities. Each week as the class began, we would open the circle with a meditation. I noticed many times Marcy would get up and leave the room in the middle of the meditation. When the teacher finally asked Marcy if she was all right, Marcy replied that she began to feel "uncomfortable" during the meditations and needed to stop.

During meditation, she was inadvertently opening up and absorbing energies that were not her own. Marcy never realized how sensitive she was and what the effects of opening up to receiving energies in a conscious way could feel like.

The teacher offered her some grounding techniques and Marcy agreed to give them a try and thanked her. We discussed ways to guard against this in the future, and just being aware of this helped her feel better. With some practice, she was able to separate and block energies that were outside her own energy field. (We will explore exactly how to do this in Chapter 5.)

I also suggested that the class facilitator cleanse and bless the room after each session because residual dark energy can affect sensitive individuals who come into such a space later on. It was an excellent learning experience for all of us!

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Lightworker: Understand Your Sacred Role as Healer, Guide, and Being of Light
by Sahvanna Arienta.

Lightworker by Sahvanna ArientaAre you a Lightworker? Lightworkers are shopkeepers, accountants, stay-at-home moms, musicians and artists, people you pass on the street, etc. Lightworker will change the way you view your life, your challenges, and your own place in the world. * Discover what your unique gifts are * Understand  how anxiety, depression, or addiction can be symptomatic of the Lightworker's highly acute nature * Recognize your sensitivities as extrasensory perceptions * Learn how to use these qualities as healing gifts. 

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