Synchronicities: The Invisible World Becoming Visible

Synchronicities: The Invisible World Becoming Visible

Everything speaks to us. There is a message inside everything we experience. It is in tune with what we need to learn. We often deny it, however, because we often misunderstand it, despite the message being clear.

The most curious and magical is that the message is always positive. The universe and our unconscious mind warn us, inform us or give us the means to act. Whether it concerns small things in everyday life or great plans, the process remains the same.

When You Are Ready to Hear, the Message is Already There

Here is an example that shows how we can be assisted (if we are attentive).

I was living in Toulouse. I used to go to Paris for two days each week, on Mondays and Tuesdays to see patients. Before catching the plane on Sunday evening I would prepare the family meals for two days. I was always in a hurry. One Sunday evening I parked my car in Toulouse Airport and had to run with my suitcase. I don't know why, but something forced me to turn round and I saw the warning lights of the car flashing. What a drag! I turned around and walked back, moaning to myself as usual. When I opened the door guess what I saw? My car park ticket on the ground next to the front of the car.

How wonderful! If I'd lost this ticket on my return I would have searched through all my bags in vain and wouldn't have been able to get out of the car park. All I could do was say "Thank you". I didn't know to whom, but whoever it was, it was a little sign that someone somewhere was looking after me.

The Invisible World is Sending Signals: Look, Listen, and Learn

After this, I began looking at the signs, the messages or "the synchronicities". When something that we think is unpleasant or terrible happens to us, if we take the trouble to step back a little, to observe and agree to go along with what is happening, we will become aware that everything in the universe is wonderfully orchestrated, in our best interests, even if it is not apparent to the naked eye.

Our first reaction is to be unhappy, upset or angry. But inside an experience there is a useful function or a learning experience (a secondary advantage). If we accept this process, the experience will lead us toward an improvement in our life, a profitable change, an essential encounter or a useful message.

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The invisible world around us constantly helps us and sends us signals. It is our responsibility to listen, recognize and accept them.

Synchronicity: Changing the Course of People's Life

Synchronicities: The Invisible World Becomes VisibleSynchronicity can change the course of someone's life. All you need to do is let yourself be guided and be trusting.

One day I was on the Paris to Marseille high speed train. I didn't like the seat I had been allocated so I decided to change. I went through a few carriages and saw a very sad looking young woman sitting alone, staring at her cat in its traveling cage. I sat down next to her and said hello. She told me she was an engineer. She'd been working on a project for several years that had worked out very well and she thought she would be made head of an operations department for this project.

Unfortunately, the company had chosen a man who was older than her to take over and manage the operations. She was disappointed, disillusioned, sickened and had been posted to some godforsaken foreign country for four years. She was on her way to Marseille to say goodbye to her family.

She was wondering whether to resign, get a job somewhere else and stay in France. So I told her all about synchronicities and replied that people around us don't act for or against us, but they are influenced and are merely tools of our own destiny. She should go to this country, wait and see what happens. Certainly something unexpected could happen in her life that would be much better than she'd imagined.

The Unconscious Mind Knows What Is Good for Us

A few years later I received an email from a woman saying: "We met in the Paris to Marseille train, I had my cat with me and now I'm back in France. I would very much like to see you again." We met for dinner.

She had gone off to her "godforsaken place" and had never stopped thinking about what I'd said. After one year of work and boredom, a small school opened and a young headmaster was sent from France. They fell madly in love and got married.

After three years it turned out that the older man who had been given the job she so dearly wanted wasn't at all suited to the post. Her Company had called her back and had appointed her head of department.

It was the right time for both of them to return to France. She had had to leave France to find the love of her life. What would have happened if she had resigned? Another life certainly, different, but our unconscious mind knows much better than us what is good or bad for us and knows our future.

What Is Extraordinary in this Situation?

Consider the messages from the unconscious and from life as being your friends. For any problem you encounter, any inconvenience or drama, ask yourself this one question: What is extraordinary about what is happening to me?

(You will rarely find the answer. You'll have to ask yourself the question in the conditional).

What would be extraordinary in that if I really wanted there to be something extraordinary?

The answer will come to you in subtle ways. Trust in this process and in your unconscious mind.

Your life can become what you would like it to become. You are never alone. Have a good life!

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