How To Create a Powerful and Meaningful Life Using Trust

Learn to Trust Yourself: Create a Powerful and Meaningful Life

Another big stumbling block along the path to shamanhood involves your ability to trust yourself and the process, even while undergoing experiences... [which] may not be pleasant, yet could be very necessary for your growth.

Becoming your own shaman requires lots of trust, but not blind faith. You have to trust your teachers while not giving away your power to them. You must trust that the trail you’re on will lead you to the mountaintop, yet you will have to slog through many a valley to get there.

Trust and Have Faith in Yourself

The path of the healer is not clear-cut; there are no memos to tell you what to do and no course laid out in stone to follow. There are simply hints and glimmers of what lies ahead, whispers in the night, a voice in the wind as it calls your name. So what you have to trust the most is you.

You need to have faith that you really are in contact with your invisible guides, even when you can’t see or hear them. You must be confident that what you see or feel in another person is really what needs to be healed, and then possess the belief in your ability to effect change on all levels of his or her being. You also have to give credence to the subtle messages that you receive about your own life.

Maintain Skepticism & Healthy Boundaries

Learn to Trust Yourself: Create a Powerful and Meaningful LifeYet it is equally important not to relinquish your skepticism and your rational mind. You still need to pay the rent or mortgage; take care of your body; and function in your role as parent, partner, or worker. You have to learn how to maintain boundaries so that you are not taking on the issues of others or expecting others to take care of yours. You must filter the messages you receive from beyond this plane to know whether they are indeed meant for your highest good.

In order to give up a lucrative law career so that I could go chasing sages and shamans around the world and learn from them, I had to have a compelling belief that I wasn’t crazy. I had to forget about what I looked like, what others thought about me. For example, I remember the year I received subtle signals to practice sounding. I would stand outside and gaze at the horizon as I made vocalizations for hours at a time, my voice changing from low to high, over and over again, and I was fortunate to not have neighbors close by. Not long afterward, I started using this technique as a way to initiate others into elevated levels of spirituality.

How Do You Learn to Trust Yourself?

So how do you learn to trust yourself, to rely on those messages you receive? You build confidence in your connection to Source based on past experience. Maybe you listened to your inner voice when it told you that it was time to move to another state — even though you loved where you were living — and it turned out to be a really good move. Or maybe you chose not to hear the inner prompting that said: Stay away from that person, and you realized later that you should have honored that feeling in your gut. Or perhaps you felt that you were visited by your grandmother who passed over many years ago, which was confirmed by someone who could see her clairvoyantly.

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Eventually, through such validations, you learn to rely on your inner promptings, especially when they come to you while you’re in a clear space — immediately after meditation, for example. Some people learn to trust the messages they receive in vivid dreams, while others pay attention to instincts.

Whatever your channel of communication with Source, your life will be more purposeful and meaningful, richer and fuller, when you come to trust yourself.

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Be Your Own Shaman: Heal Yourself and Others with 21st-Century Energy Medicine
by Deborah King.

This article was excerpted from the book: Be Your Own Shaman by Deborah King.In this uniquely informative work, you will learn both Eastern and Western concepts and techniques from the earliest recorded healing practices some 5,000 years ago all the way up to modern times with John of God in Brazil and King's own powerful cutting-edge approach. You'll find out how to protect yourself from psychic attack, and how to get beyond any limiting beliefs you may hold. Self-knowledge leading to self-mastery is the ultimate quest,

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